How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the biggest name in luxury cars globally, and for countless buyers around the world, it is a car brand to aspire to own. The German automaker has a reputation for superb build quality, excellent engineering, and the bragging rights that its founder Carl Benz invented the first production automobile.
Today, Mercedes-Benz faces a new class of challenges as Tesla has become the aspirational brand for younger consumers. There is a slew of other EV hopefuls vying for the next generation’s aspirational vehicle’s mantle. Automakers have had to sink billions into new technologies and contend with a new crop of competitors in the critical Chinese market and around the world.
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How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image


  • I thought this article is going to be how ugly and look-alike of BMW have they become.

  • Because their cars became too heavy and therefore fuel inefficient, in 1991 Mercedes gave up to built their cars from the best parts possible. Today, a Mercedes built in 80s quality would weight as much as an Abrams tank due to all the aditional features, modern cars have or they would cost millions each due to extreme weight saving meassures. On the one hand it`s sad that this pure quality doesn`t exist anymore, on the other hand they had no choice. They made the right decission at the right time. If it was the right decission to sell their 20% stocks from Tesla in 2010 when Tesla was still worthless? Obviously not. Severe mistake.

  • Don't know how I ended up here but this video title is typical of CNBC

  • The opinions of CNBC = No prestige

  • Let’s be honest electric cars are an uninspiring driving experience.

  • Lambo is not Italian, its Spanish.

  • Or "how the US's view of Mercedes is finally catching up to the rest of the world, where they are just taxis".

  • Hahaha FKN idiots now EQS is out and looks a lot better than Tesla lol should of done your research

  • Stop inventing things and pushing non sense narratives, Mercedes is not loosing anything, specially not their prestige as a luxury brand.

  • Lol Mercedes well built?....... sheeesh than Toyota must be perfection

  • It Mercedes-Benz and the rest ...... take it or leave it

  • successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

    • @FRANCISEK KLEMEN wow, you know him too? I even thought I'm the only he has helped walk through the fears and falls of forex trading.

    • He helped me recover all that I lost trying to trade for my self.

    • So don't be scared of giving any one a try.

    • @Desmond Paul But of a truth they are scammers but real brokers are out there too waiting for investors.

    • @James Boden People are scared of investing because of high rate of scammers on the market.

  • ahh asphalt 8 memories

  • Good advert for MB in the end!

  • Marc is doing well, they have invested a lot into the design , tech equipment, and ride quality and is the leading luxury auto brand in Asia. Misleading documentaries like this create confusion among buyers and hurts reputation of the brand.

  • Click bait

  • Electric cars are stupid

  • How CNBC uses “clickbait” and false titles. Make a video about this I’ll look forward to it

  • My friends just lamented that he always fork out nearly on monthly basis for his Merc's repairs. After 15 years of owning various Merc and the amount of money burned for maintenance and repairs, he had enough.

  • MERCEDES= Mercy Me. AUDI= Are You Dumb or Idiot. BMW = Be More Wary. Fact check. Buy a Lexus or Acura , the best as it gets. Do your research people.

    • Mercedes, BMW and Audi are all way better than outdated and boring Lexus and Acura.

  • So Tesla is inspirational to young buyers, hmm maybe in the states but not in Europe or anywhere else in the world, American cars just don't sell out-side of America, Fact. Give me a million dollars and a choice of Merc or Tesla, and I would buy a Merc then Jaguar, Tesla would be way down the list.

  • Because they are just half a car. Only the front end looks nice. The ass is just ignored.

  • It's not there drivers, its a DRIVER. Lewis Hamilton, is the seven time champion.

  • For me Mercedes has lost a lot i had 3 Mercedes i can't forgive how they quickly corroded . I did expect better quality for money

  • I’ll save you some time. They’re junk.

    • how are they junk? Mercedes (and BMW) make the best luxury cars out there

  • Fake news

  • Totally misleading: Merc Sports Coupe was back in 2000 and it didn't discontinued in EU. Also 274.9k vs 275k doesn't seem that catastrophic

  • Maybe a video about the rising prestige and scarcity of the Kia Telluride, or even the Range Rover’s rising prestige among well off millennials would’ve been a better video? This video was kind of “eh”...

  • The title was written by a Genesis owner. Sorry azz clickbait

  • Mercedes is the boss in the car world. Asking me why ? Keep looking you will never find the quality of AMG!

  • Mercedes stopped being Mercedes when they abandoned their old-fashioned solid build quality values and started putting all these wizz-bang gimmicks in their cars. A Merc used to be a car for life but when they started putting lcd displays behind speedometers and other pointless crap that's liable to break after 5 years they lost their way. The W123 always has and always will be the greatest car ever made. They lost their way when they started copying BMW and Audi in the race to make things that impress but don't last... A merc should be like an anvil - a solid chunk of metal that does its job reliably and indefinitely!

  • How cnbc losing its satellite rates ?

  • Didn’t know CNBC does comedy

  • Mercedes-Benz rear design are the same for all series.. what's happening Mercedes-Benz?

  • Better worry about your country Prestige Image, Cause it's been going down hill.

  • Ah yes the car for the fake rich

  • When you have computer chips to control the Dome Lights in a car. That's a big problem and Lexus/Toyota are more reliable

  • So sad. Make Mercedes-Benz Great Again.

    • they are great, look at the interiors from the E class, S class and EQS

  • With gasoline and diesel cars Mercedes has been the king for decades. But when it comes to electric cars Mercedes (and Germans overall) are in a tight spot. We'll see.

  • The GLE is hardly in the same segment as the RX and has never been similar to the Q5.

  • Had a very bad experience with Mercedes Benz India. Currently the matter is under consumer court. I will never buy any car from this brand in future.

  • Tesla killed them

  • They shouldn’t of never made those cheap Mercedes and bmw cars because they ain’t selling, they tried to compete with Toyota and Honda and failed.

  • OOOGGGAAAA booga

  • Mercedes is grandpa's brand.

  • Tbh its kinds true eith GLB and CLA merc pushing into the larger consumer base area with affordable vehicles will for sure lose its "premium image" which most consumers look for in that segment

  • One day TATA will buy Benz...brand

  • “Sales Sales sales we really don’t do research at all” CNBC

  • Though i can't afford one, i rely it more than my heart.

  • I learned nothing

  • Buy Genesis. It's better overall value

  • doyles drive their cars

  • For 30 yrs, I owned 2 cars in my household in any given time. 1 7-seater and 1 Mercedes C, E, S..ML, I had to keep a Mercedes for party and golf club. SInce 2017, I have 1 7-seater and a Tesla model S.

  • CNBC: How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image Real World: Daimler stock price has risen by 35% since Jan 1, earnings are up by 3% compared to 2020, EQS presentation is a sensation.

  • I don't at all agree with your "provocative" title. Granted, it does attract interest but is simply premature. MB oozes prestige and will continue to do so. Your theme seems almost ageist. If younger folks see MB as an old fool's car, they are mistaken and have questionable taste.

  • This narrator has an interesting delivery in the way he pauses and emphasizes.

  • This is how America operates - first you fabricate a 'story' - e.g. China/Russia/Canada is the root of all evil. Then ALL American news media 'report' on said story to brainwash their less educated population (just under 50% apparently), after a while America bully other countries to join them to criticise 'the enemy'; America deploy its usual 'my enemy should be your enemy too' diplomacy to pressure others to join them, lapdog countries like Australia and UK join in immediately. Watch how Mr. Nelson Mandela tells the American bully media to fxxk off on SEnewss:-

  • Mercedes is cool but i hate some deteles like the steering wheel design

  • Talk to Scotty Kilmer on his SEnewss channel on the Mercedes problems.

    • Scotty only likes cheap and boring cars. Not worth talking to him about good cars

  • Wow Say nothing about Lexus Say nothing about Lexus

  • Mercedes Benz is just a shiny unreliable mess.

    • how are they a mess? Look at the interiors and engineering behind the new E class, S class, EQS

  • Lexus is more reliable and less expensive to maintain/maintenance give us reliability & less repairs.

    • when it comes to performance, handling, tech, luxury features, styling then Mercedes def beats Lexus.

  • How did Dieselgate cost Daimler anything? Dieselgate was a VW mistake. Different companies.

  • Mercedes is still owning....don’t worry about them, worry about yourself CNBC!

  • Mercedes Benz lost prestige with the previous gens of CLA-A Class and C class in 2012-2015 and next generations more than made up for those. So isn't this video at least 6 years too late?

  • I saw a 2021 Mercedes with a steering wheel lock on it - what does that say about the technology in a Mercedes if you need a low tech device to stop it being stolen, it will have all the safety devices in so the thief will not hurt themselves and sue you.

  • As a Mercedes owner and mechanic since 1972, I lament their slide and that of their dealers. The deal with Chrysler was a big mistake.

  • "Los-ing" is an understatement.

  • Is it only me that cringes every time this commentator pronounces Daimler as Dimeler? Maybe it's pronounced that way in the US but everyone I know (in the UK) pronounces it as it's written. Seriously this video seems to be sponsored by Tesla. Having owned and enjoyed owning a CLK 3.2 AMG and was the longest I ever kept a vehicle (8 years) I paid off the loan in 2 years and even using the authorised dealers for servicing was one of the lowest cost cars to maintain. Before this, I had a Lexus, in terms of prestige most people thought it was a Toyota and no perceived prestige (in the UK) had problems always and the running cost were greater, even the fuel consumption was much higher. Had a friend also who swapped from a Mercedes to a Lexus and regretted it for the same reasons.

  • MERCEDES BENZ EQS has entered the chatroom.

  • Who researched for this content? Who approved this without industry expert's consultance? Do they even know how F1 works or how much influence Mercedes has on it?

  • the name already predicted its destiny

  • The “affordable” Mercedes car is where they began to fall off.

  • If CNBC did this, then imagine what the hillbillys at FOX do lmao

  • Mercedes, The Best or Nothing is going to stay the same!

  • Today’s Mercedes-Benz cars are nowhere near as good as those in the 80’s. I’ve been to Mercedes show rooms in recent years and they really lack luxury. The interiors look plasticky and the systems controls are not intuitive. The graphs are difficult to read. I’ve also read about reliability issues. All that together has put me off buying one despite having a very positive opinion of the brand.

  • I recently just started investing in bitcoin when I learnt it was $60000 through the help of AUTOMATE and just an hour ago I got a profit of $9000 into my wallet

  • 😂😬

  • Nice video.

  • It's also a long history with Nazi Germany.

  • In south Africa there are everywhere and are known to be very unreliable with very poor build quality.

  • Not a single word or sentence in this video confirms the title 😒

  • Clearly they isn't you have a problem with your statics. See how they are doing in F1 and their cars stands still as one of the best.

  • It is becoming garbage

  • Liberal media plugging electric cars.

  • The new adage is, "If you can't afford a new (insert Mercedes, BMW, or Audi), you certainly can't afford a used (insert Mercedes, BMW, or Audi). Tesla is starting to lose its allure too. Try finding parts for a Tesla. All of these cars seem to have problems with electric actuators that are used for door handles and trunk lids. The best engineering is taking things away until there is just the simplest device to get the job done. No thank you exotic cars, I can open a door with a simple latch mechanism all by myself. I will stay with low end Toyotas that are reliable and go 400K miles. Did you ever notice that really rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been driving low prestige cars for decades? They have other things do do will their money besides spend it on cars. Another example is Bill Clinton using a cheap plastic watch rather than wearing a Rolex.

  • Uhhh... is this just a wishful thought from CNBC??

  • I work there and it’s bad

  • Mercedes is garbage. You can a cheap 30k benz fall apart junk. But at least you can say you have a benz.

  • Nice click bait

  • Mercedes is sure losing it's build quality(interior) but i'm not sure about it's prestige image.

  • German made car are garbage today as they make poorly made cars, low quality, cheap parts. If they have half a brain 🧠 they should follow Toyota who make great quality vehicles that will last forever. German made vehicles in the past where great but today over priced garbage 🗑. Very poor quality, constantly breaking down, over priced parts, garbage 🗑, too busy cutting cost so CEO can get richer.

    • Toyota? The company that makes the Corolla and Camry? The Germans are at least 5 years ahead of any Japanese brand. German cars aren’t overpriced. They are expensive but you get the best of performance, handling, tech, luxury features, styling etc.

  • The people that lease or buy a Tesla don't know a good car if it ran over them. The Tesla is purely a image car from a car company with the worst build quality on the market. The only advantage electric cars offer is maintenance costs, until batteries fail. Electric cars are only 2 percent of US sales. It will take a drastic reduction in charge time, charge range, charge Infrastructure and battery life to make electric powered vehicles take over the market. Electrical production can't handle a huge surge in demand unless solar and wind power take giant strides as well. Someday, but we aren't there yet.

  • Always amazes me that the brand still has fans given the spotty reliability, insane parts pricing and a consistently poor dealership experience based on the two three-star money pits that I have owned.

    • @Kristiāns Ozoliņš I do love German car performance as well, especially BMW and VW but it really isn’t luxury if you get stranded on the side of the road or need to leave your car at the dealership for days while parts are ordered or be told that the noise you are hearing is “normal” - these have happened to me too often with the Germans.

    • because reliability isn’t the only thing that matters. What about performance, handling, tech, luxury features, styling? Mercrdes (and BMW) makes the best luxury cars out there

  • So they just take the depreciation hits head on all the time? I guess it works if they have money to waste constantly.

  • "Endless moneypits"

    • @Kristiāns Ozoliņš yeah, if you drive 10.000 miles in 6 years, I agree. Lol.

    • @Hardcore GYM well, they are reliable for the first 6 years or so. And even after that if you maintain them well then they are reliable but most people lease luxury cars anyway so long term reliability doesn’t really matter

    • @Kristiāns Ozoliņš before they fall apart, yeah, I agree.

    • They’re better than Lexus and Acura combined.

  • No it is true in many ways. Mercedes Uses Renault, Peugeot And Citroen Engines in many if their lower models. Imagine paying for a mercedes and it's not even a mercedes under the bonnet

  • Reason they don't want to bring electric cars to U.S is because Americans are too Broke to buy one lol

  • This is an embarrassingly poor video. Better title: "How NBC is losing its prestige."

  • It’s losing anything. What are you talking about