Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • Haha, he walked off air, and cancelled himself... 🤣😂🤣

  • Piers, seriously, everyone gets that you don't like Meghan, but you kept going down on her!!!!! You got called out by your colleague! I loved watching you, problem is, you could give it, but you couldn't take it.


  • piers morgan has stood up to his decision and rightly so. piers morgan for P.M

  • I am on the side of Piers.

  • 1:50 wait wasn't this lying sack of white privilege, the same lying sack of white privilege that for over the course of two weeks led a futile attempt on twitter to get Trevor Noah fired by the Daily show for a joke he told in Australia 12 years ago?

  • People don't like straight talk anymore. Piers makes sense.

  • It's not free speech, it's about a man who's used his own agenda to attack Harry and Megan, it's called trolling, this man cannot come to term's to the fact she didn't want to know him, the good news he'll never get over it.

  • Today in which pile of trash is the worst...

  • there's noise in the studio, what's the noise? fix it

  • Shut up

  • I do t trust either of these two

  • He is a liar. He is a fool. He is a shameful racist bully.

  • Morgan is being disingenuous here. It was the manner in which he dismissed absolutely everything that was said that got him into hot water and rightly so.


  • He likes hearing his own voice

  • Piers went from being liberal to being anything but liberal almost overnight.

  • There's a SEnewss channel analyzing why she thinks Meghan is a narcissist taking advantage of Harry.

  • When the left cancels the left the only place they can speak is with the right. Oh the irony.

  • That's Right - Piers Morgan was FIRED. And Also Fox is being SUED for Billions for DEFAMATION. What is a MAGA SLOB to do for their disinformation?

  • Repub party is full of pedo's!!!!!

  • Markle 2024!!!!

  • The way he reacted is a not appropriate!

  • B I N G O !!!! crockodill tears what you can call this power people

  • Storyline notwithstanding, Piers is a slimy wriggleworm. He was a bully on his show, when his opinion was popular, and wouldn't allow his guests to speak when their view didn't align with his. Yet now he plays the victim when the powers-that-be call him on his annoyance. Why he's even given the time of day is beyond me. He deserves no better than to be cast to the bowels of irrelevance, like any other disingenuous newsmaker.

  • "The fake Duchess from Los Angeles" Lollll!!

  • he didn't get cancelled. he quit!

  • If Megan got that tosspot of British mainstream TV and onto fruitcake TV sci-fi programs like this. Then at least one of the royals has done a great service for the UK. Three hoorahs for Megan. Hoorah hoorah hoorah.

  • Left has gone insane .

  • Of course piers is a racist Haha hes on tucker Carlson's show being defended by tucker

  • Trump 2024 - Tucker 2028 - Crowder 2036.

  • Remember when Alex Jones lit this fool up

  • Piers crying because he got rejected, waaaaaaaah!

  • Tucker should be off the air for hiss racist rants

  • Piers gets cancelled....then realises what BEING CANCELLED REALLY MEANS....

  • Mr. Morgan has never been a journalist. He's a liberal activist that is pissed he got eaten by his own political activist. Funny as H311!😂

  • At least Piers Morgan is right about this thing. Usually he's a crackpot

  • Piers took the side of the people who want to ban sporting rifles in the US, when he had his own talk show on CNN during prime time. So they eat their own. Gee that's really too bad. ;-)

  • We all watched him walk off like a man baby. Come on 🙄

  • I have a lot of new respect for Morgan. It has been verified that she lied in the interview on several important issues. She lied to try to smear the Royal Family. This whole thing paints a very clear and very ugly picture of this broad. There are also a number of small lies in this interview.

  • I thought English royalty found out in the 1930s what marrying an American divorcee could lead too. 2 for 2 for failure.

  • Yes truth is the only thing we have

  • 4:00. I don't like the phrase "your/my truth" because truth isn't subjective. Perspective is subjective though, and in so many areas of social life, competing perspectives are at play. Especially when it comes to politics and social life, "truth" is sometimes not as apparent as one may think - the most ignorant of society are those who think truth is always plain and simple. I much prefer the phrase "your/my perspective" - it's much closer to what "your/my truth" is hinting at, but it avoids the cringey undertones.

  • Piers Morgan was strifling free speech for years, glad he finaly got to taste his own medicine.

  • Markle getting Morgan sacked is a member of the Royal family interfering in the daily affairs of British citizens. This hasnt happened as far as I am aware since the time of Queen Victoria. If the Royal family want to play that game, the UK should get rid of them.

  • For the first time ever. I like Piers Morgan

  • Editor at Large at Daily Mail - giving it large. English The Next Generation. Muck raking not leaf raking. The Daily Mail. I am still laughing at attempts to justify Morgan's behaviour - try facts dear Pughe Morgan - try facts - but am not unaware at what can actually be faked nowadays. Deep Throat Deep Fakes and the phrase we all gotta know our limitations in this odd world. But it is almost manic now. Sad.

  • Pierce, honestly, you helped create this victim/cancel culture....now you're mad about it.

  • Who is Megan don’t heard about her before she marries Harry. This is insane, I don’t really believe this social climber and destroying family relationships. Good luck to Harry.

  • Well it was not only u that slammed Markle, there were papers ,magazines the media and piers copped it all I'm with Morgan Megan's full of lies and she got caught out in her naracisst interview. What's going to happen is Megan is in America and Sheryl kick Oprah to the curb because Sheryl want her crown

  • It's a little easier to stand by principles when you have a net worth of 20 million dollars.

  • I truly believe that Markle is the devil in sheep’s clothing

  • It not free speech, its a free market. His employer was tired of his BS. He is still allowed to spew it, as we can clearly see. Stop pretending consequences are oppression.

  • wiser...too late

  • Everybody should be entitled to be able to say their views. He clearly isn't sexist or racist for disagreeing with what Megan is saying. Saying that disagreeing with someone is racist...is racist.

  • He helped to build the movement towards cancel culture. Oh how the left comes around for everyone that doesn’t blindly follow their cult.

  • Good for you. We shouldn't believe what society wants us certain people to believe. The far left have become like what they protests against. Now they insult and discriminate against us who don't believe in what they believe.

  • My opinion of Meghan, is not a racist one, but its definitely her character! She has been proven a liar, so I wouldn't be apologising either! People like her who pull the racist card whenever, are actually pitiful to listen to, she, like so many others detest the colour of their own skin & have a major chip on their shoulder! Dont they get there isn't a white person alive who hasn't got mixed blood? But we aren't walking around, screaming racist every time someone, wants to snarl at us! I have never liked Meghan, and from word go you could tell she wanted to be kingpin & wear the trousers in the relationship. Like I said, fine if they didn't want to stay in Britain & be a part of Royalty. I don't blame them, & good on them for getting out! But to then do an interview with Oprah like they did, was a total shocker, was wrong on so many levels & was just straight out nasty. Talk about a spoilt brat? Meghan wanted to be front & centre in all the photo's & the Royal new's etc & that didn't happen, she thought she could pull all the Royal strings but that didn't happen either, so she stomped her feet, threw obscenities around & at the Queen too "allegedly"? That didn't work so she pulled the racist card that one always works! Unbelievable!

  • wonder if this puts a light bulb on in his head with respect to his position on guns ... ... .... of course not why suspect that a gov and socie that could demand your opinion be right{what they want} or your fired u c it is a big leap to think that gov\society could possibly do something outlandish.....simply perposterous!!!!

  • Free speech is a thing of the past. Ask any democrat

  • I'm not sure how people don't see through the mob-like behavior here and don't come down solidly on Piers' and Sharon's side. Not liking or believing a person of color is not automatically racist. It would be racist if he coddled MM and was afraid to speak his mind because he believed criticizing a person of color was always wrong. That's such a condescending position. Who are those who want to deflect criticism simply by pointing to their ethnicity? That is not egalitarian or respectful. It's much more respectful to honestly criticize people for their actions and to not care about their ethnicity.

  • Piers... you keep thrashing Meghan even long before Oprah interview .It seems you dislike Meghan. Why. Is it because of her opportunity which as a racial she got in the land .🙂

  • Didn't he walk off the set and quit live on air

  • Journalists ....Are suppose to report fact !! Not blarr on hateful crap that was opinion not fact. Journalists are now all about ratings not about thruth.

  • This is the hypocrisy that is going to ruin our democracy.

  • I never thought I'd say this but... Thanks for telling the truth and not apologizing for it Mr. Morgan.

  • They make a nice couple.

  • Says the man who helped create the woke monster

  • Just like the snake that swallows it’s tail

  • Meghan is a child and Harry is a weak, woke child.

  • No one believes her Piers, she needs to find a way of justifying the intense dislike that the firm has towards her. It's easy to call racist, so she doesn't have to acknowledge that she is a spoilt brat.


  • So Piers Morgan quits his job because he can't stop bagging a woman who went on one date with him and didn't call him back. Then walked of stage because someone called him out on his unhealthy reaction to anything Megan. Then is going around the world on a victim tour because he cancelled himself but blames the woke crowd for him quitting his job?... so he is both a hero and a victim? This man is impressive in his grifting

  • hate unities, just like love but ... hatefully

  • Piers challenged the rights of Americans (2A and free speech) for years.... He’s just getting what the deserves. Maybe he’ll realize how important personal rights are to be protected.

  • What to know what "Your Truth" means? Watch Overlord DVD"s latest video.

  • Every time someone is forced to apologize for their opinion or the way they feel , said persons are completely eliminating the chance for dialogue between the two parties involved. This censorship and “ agree with us or else” is leading us straight towards an authoritarian society. Everything we once stood for is going to pot and Americans nowadays are so sensitive offended by things they can’t even explain! It’s pathetic and very sad.

  • Where’s Alex Jones hahaha

  • I thought he quit?

  • What he said is so correct

  • Morgan was forced off the air? I thought he walked off.

  • So is cancellation when someone choose to leave their own show? I feel the work cancellation is losing all meaning. If I quit my own show, I was not cancelled. I cancelled myself.

  • Piers Morgan suck it up. She didn’t want you so that’s the end of it. Quit crying and move on, it doesn’t matter if she was looking for someon higher up or not. She just wasn’t into you. End of it.

  • I’m a liberal and I don’t believe Meghan Markle for a minute. I think she decided after the wedding she was homesick and started her plan to be “bullied” to go back home to California.

  • You go Piers...you are speaking the Truth 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Piers is a liberal who got mugged.

  • Welcome to he sane, It sucks that it took the world to go this far before you realized it.

  • I keep respecting CHINA for not opening their market, infrastructure and social baselines to the infested western biased left mega techs .. keep it up CHINA ...you will never regret it

  • Karen with a vocabulary and accent

  • I like both these guys, and agree with Piers Morgan on his strong stand on not giving in to those who demand apologies for everything they don’t like. It is the madness of woke culture and pc craziness.

  • The dear hockey preliminarily wave because tuba suddenly wave over a true seaplane. automatic, clever comparison

  • They were done using you for a puppet liberal crybaby

  • I miss piers Morgan on this morning Britain, he was the only one I could have absolute trust in what he was saying. It's not the same for me now. I agreed with so much of his views on things. What a farcical of a show it is when you cannot voice your concerns and opinions truthfully, so that is what we are getting controlled narrative. No thankyou.

  • I cry for Piers... Lol. Who cares about him. Of course the royal family is part of an elite group which provides very little.

  • two idiots talking to each other

  • Maybe now Morgan will start seeing what many of us have been saying for 20 plus years. The worlds done went insane

  • Piers Morgan isn’t the leftist that a lot of Americans think. He earned that reputation when he had a show on CNN and often talk about Americans need to ban assault rifles. But on most issues he’s actually quite right wing conservative. He even used to defend Donald Trump. Unfortunately in America if you have even a whiff of liberalism in you, even if it’s only on one topic like gun control then you’re immediately labelled a clueless commie. It’s a shame Americans have to try so hard to immediately lump everybody into their little box

  • These guys remind of characters in South Park. Maybe it’s their muppet faces or no lips but you can still hear them talk.

  • I have total respect for piers. He didn't bow down to the ridiculous pressure of going against a narrative he doesn't agree with. And neither do I Come to that. I don't believe a word that comes out of Megan's mouth, she just wants everything her way and HER say. And I'm no racist my family is the most multi cultural family you can have, there's South African, Italian, Indian and Irish and we all love and respect each other, infact we don't even think about different races until things like this are highlighted. Megan markle as got a chip on her shoulder and she's also a narcissist. It's either Megan's way or its the highway. Exactly what's happened to piers. Main stream media is bogus it's narrative is controlled if you want the real news go to social media and social media not going with the controlled narrative. Free speech, we spout it out enough but we don't have it. CLEARLY.