Texas, Mississippi Lift Mask Mandates; GOP Silent on Amazon Union Push: A Closer Look

Publicerades den 3 mar 2021
Seth takes a closer look at Texas and Mississippi lifting their COVID-19 restrictions and Republicans staying silent on the drive to unionize Amazon workers.
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Texas, Mississippi Lift Mask Mandates; GOP Silent on Amazon Union Push: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • I live in Florida so I am already barbecuing at my neighbors you talking phallus.

  • I doubt corona will ever go away entirely it’s just another shitty thing that will exist

  • British amazon works are paid more than American amazon worker.....

  • They haven't banned Mr. Potato Head! That's utter nonsense!! Cos how come Don Jnr is still on TV, on Faux News, then!! LOL!!

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  • Thanks you ah states.

  • Your jab at vegans is rich given that eating animals causes pandemics, not to mention your own brother is vegan. WTF.

  • FEDEX is much worse than that. Every 6 seconds and 3 1/2 hours without a break

  • dein deutsch ist so gut wie meins. Scheisse

  • WHODATHUNKIT? A mail order business on line, on the net. It takes money to automate mail order and Amazon did that. The top of the Retail Industry! Got it all organized. Gotta' love the age of automation, so many possibilities.

  • Hey I have an idea that would really make Ocean Master rock - Ocean Cleanup Master

  • Good God Republicans complain a lot.

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  • when Seth says we love u i believe him more than if my momma was to ever say it. no lie Late night 1, mom im still waiting. ha!

  • Lift the mask mandate! Its a permanent way to reduce republicans!

  • If you dont feel protected wearing facemasks and or having the vaccine then why should the rest of us follow your crazy rules?

  • America, land of repugnants, oh sorry i meant republicans

  • Please wear your mask ok take care of each other 💕😷💕💕

  • 🤣🤣🤣💞

  • And cases are going down

  • In my country we have an government app that shows wether you are immune, contagious or safe and you have to show everywhere (establishment and or otherwise) you go, do Americans have that? Or is it just a guessing game ?

  • Yes it’s good when a vegan eats slaughtered flesh. So funny. Got talent?

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  • Arizona is lifting their "mandate" too but no one wore them anyways 😐 it was a requirement in most places. Grocery stores, pharmacies etc. I was pissed by people not caring. Now it's gotten worst. Thanks GOP

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  • I only get my news from Seth Meyers. His the best 😊

  • Wake up ! Covid is the flu ! That’s not Biden ! Amazing how many sleepers we have in this country

  • It’s the broader implications and you know it. It’s book burning. Seth meters is a straight up communist.

  • Dude. Freedom. It’s crazy and scary that any measures were taken in the manner they were. U mean the tax credit that led to a booming economy and lifting many in the lower end up? That tax credit?

  • Can I just point out how awesomely silly humor is after Trump?

  • "Klippenbügel" nice one

  • HI Seth. Thank you and staff for the pleasant distraction.

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  • Port of Call sounds genuinely fun, ngl.

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  • HEY PEOPLE... IM SO MAD CAUSE YOU BAPTIZE SPANIH FLU SPANISH FLU YOU ARE RACIST AGAINT SPANIARDS 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤣

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  • Ted Cruz lying through his teeth about Democrats and their view on labor unions comes as no surprise - what else can You expect from someone with only two braincells that are constantly fighting each other...?

  • If you all wan't a break from politics and Covid, watch Discgolf with comment from Uli and Big Jerm - its so relaxing 😎

  • Klippenbügel is German for Cliffhanger - sure 😂

  • Just lol @ anyone that thinks a mask has any effect on viral transmission. I guess people clearly do not understand basic physics

    • So what random post on facebook that you never fact checked did you get your lesson and expertise in physics from?

  • I have begun the development of “Ocean Master”. Who’s with me?

  • '"An epidural to get through a manicure" - lol!

  • Isn't tiring to inform the people that they are being lied to, yet the people still believe the liars? It's the mindset and their hearts that's being turned because the people "want/desire" to be turned. Question of what is the answer should not be the primary focus; it should be WHO will provide the answer.

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  • And what are these Republicans going to do? They're not representing the working person. I mean, they can't handle raising the minimum wage.

    • Paying people less money "incentivises" people to work harder and become wealthy. So its actually like a pay rise. Its for their own good. Sarcasm

  • Tell Indiana to get rid of Right to Work

  • His Pacino is sounding more and more like Foghorn Leghorn.

  • We have to make the decision between working and paying our bills and putting ourselves and everyone we live with at risk. If it was just to save businesses they wouldn’t have lifted the mask mandate, this is about politicization. They would see millions more die just to stick it to Biden that’s how much they hate him.

    • Trump succeeded in making wearing a mask a Dem vs Rep battle. Its morally abhorrent that he did that. But he paid the price. it cost him the election.

  • Sweat shop? Check out the factories overseas buddy.

  • Wow, nice... any power yet, drinkable water? Texas, a third world own by the GOP!

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  • Amazon can make a union but they are all going to be replaced by robots in like 5 years so I really don't see the point

  • Worlds happened months ago, boomer.

  • As a person living in a modern developed industrial nation in central europe with general healthcare including dental and vision and more, general pension, paid time of regulated by law, paid leave regulated by law, wages regulated by law and contracts, reading the "anti union poster" is laugh out loud funny! Everything "special" in the US is like THE MOST basic over here.

    • So you are happy to live under communism then? I want to pay for my healthcare. I would rather die than have free healthcare as its socialism and socialism is evil!

  • Y

  • Klippenbügel 🤣🤣🤣 my German soul died 🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m impressed you are a scientist, when you were wrong every other time regarding lockdowns. And you know what? Texans are wearing masks and you are no judge on small business. Those who will suffer are those in NY who continue to obey false science. I wear a mask because I should and realize it is MY best interest, but a 20 yo healthy person has no reason to. The delta is free will. As in the foundation of our constitution. But then you hate that too.

    • Don't you no that science is one big long list of corrected mistakes. In the end they usually get it right . The general public always asks questions when the answers are not known yet but the public is on a need to no now mode. So a lot of times they give in and try to make an educated guess and often times they are wrong ..People forget they are human and making mistakes is part of our human behavior. But in the end often times they get it right and sometimes they never know what is unknowable

  • Is this what our politics has come to, scary.

  • Klippenhuegel, ah well, close enough 😆

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  • They should swap out that bad republican governor for the really good democratic one from New York right?

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  • They need to cancel the GOP.

    • you mean what the GOP has become. One thing that Trump did that was successful was show the American people just how bad and hypocritical and cowardly republican politicians can be. All they did was cower to Trump as he was dismantling our democracy. It was very sad that a 150 republicans stood to over turn our election that is not there's its the people's . We cam so close to losing our democracy . If they were successful the republican majority's in the states trump lost would decided who is our leader not the people. And that's the only thing that sets us a part of a dictatorship. Its amazing if you stop and think about it. They all should be removed from office for treason and attempt at treason is no different than treason it self

  • I'm having barbeques every weekend right now and I live in CA. Don't need permission fyi... Joe can go Blow!

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  • To quote my favorite comic . . . . "YOU CANT FIX STUPID" , and he's a Texan.

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  • "Cliffhanger" is German for cliffhanger.

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  • A lot of people here hating on Texas but guess what, a lot of West Coast people ( states controlled by Democrats) have moved to Texas because of the insane cost of living. And btw, we have a federal government run by Democrats who aren't boosting minimum wage and lied about the amount for COVID relief checks. As a born and bred Texan, I'd like to say kiss my ass Seth Meyers and all you normie dickwads

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  • I was never in panic, I never believed in the Coronafake. At home my family and I never used a mask even it was a mandate of the Governor. We will be always without panic.

  • Amazon trying to do anti union propaganda is one of the most pitiful things I have heard in a while. 😅

  • Governor Abbott has lost his mind. How sad Texas and Mississippi and other states are putting people in needless danger and also contributing to the perpetuation of the spread of the coronavirus, and the coronavirus mutant variants.

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  • I didn't think Ocean Master could get any better, but the Port of Call expansion pack blew my mind!

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  • Putting messages in the restroom might not be the most effective way to reach the workers since they have to piss in a bottle....

  • I'm not going to take it either advice from a talk show host that I don't even know who is this guy

  • Lame devil's think everything is a joke

  • was never that great in math but ... USA has little less than 350 million in population.1 billion is = 1000 times a million. So we each citizen could @ least get $1million and there is some left out of the billion... But this bill is talking about TRILLIONS and we citizens are getting only a little over than 1thousand dollars. Now 1 trillion is = 1000 x billions TO WHOM ARE ALL THIS TRILLIONS GOING??? Brainless humans 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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  • Does this hack realize what a smug political troll he is?

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  • I have a question for the United States. "WHY?" 4/5 of what i hear about them just disappoints me. I expected them to not screw up even more.

  • Ted Cruz exaggerating is so disgusting.

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  • This show is too predictable..and I am a leftie

  • This is painfully unfunny

    • I scrolled through trying to determine if it’s supposed to be funny. I think in general it’s supposed to be funny to people with no sense of humor. I think. TBD.

  • Then stop shopping at Amazon ffs.! Everyone who shops at Amazon are a part of the problem.

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  • These people are idiots

  • We should just start giving everybody money to survive........lol

  • I know that no one will say it but many are thinking it. The Republican senators want anyone who is black brown yellow or red to get the virus also even poor white people. It's beyond what normal people want to believe but it's obvious.


  • Oh...Google: Taiwan Covid Then explain all this to yourself. Classic!!!!

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