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The biggest and most expensive house in the world is a 105,000 square foot modern masterpiece in Bel Air created by developer and visionary Nile Niami. The property features a nightclub, fifty car garage, AMC style theatre, bowling alley, five swimming pools and sits on a plot of land at the top of Bel Air the size of a city block. Join us as we tour the world's biggest and most expensive house in this exclusive video.
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0:00 - Intro
1:45 - Sky Deck
2:38 - Upper Hallway
4:08 - Art Gallery
4:21 - Secondary Bedrooms
4:49 - Master Bedroom
5:22 - Ladies Bathroom
5:28 - Ladies Closet
6:49 - Man's Bathroom
7:30 - Man's Closet
8:10 - Master Bedroom Swimming Pool
8:55 - Master Bedroom 360 TV
10:38 - 50 Car Garage
11:22 - Shark Tank Wall
11:39 - Bedrooms
12:15 - East Hall Bar and Lounge
13:05 - Smart Home System
13:30 - Spa and Welness Center
13:45 - Beauty Salon
15:58 - Salt Water Pool
16:27 - Gym and Juice Bar
19:25 - Bowling Alley
19:49 - Golf Simulator
21:50 - Movie Theatre
25:31 - Guest House
27:10 - Tennis Court
28:45 - Staff Quarters
30:00 - Outro
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  • Ok, Indians have been claiming that one Ambani guy has the most expensive house in the world. It’s a multi storey building though owned by that guy who has been sucking the blood of poor Indians who cannot even afford to eat food. Apparently the owner pays off the government for lucrative contracts which is why he has Billions in earnings while people die of hunger each and everyday.

  • yeah this guy probably saw some kid play sims and thought he could replicate it IRL

  • I would love to have the guest house including the games area and nightclub, large movie theatre, and all the other SHIT,, the rest is JUNK😘

  • Main thought: Billionaires tend to be kinda practical and focused on their legacy aka working. This house wouldn't interest them in terms of the time you'd have to spend just hanging out for it to be remotely worth owning and operating and most billionaires would recognize it as a really bad financial decision and a money pit and there's nobody else who could afford it and almost nobody else who'd have the lifestyle/entourage/family size to make remotely decent use out of the place, to say nothing of its corporate lobby aesthetics. I do love the irony that the guest house actually is a reasonable, normal-ish size while still being plenty opulent/luxurious, whatever. If I lived here, I'd probably live in the guest house and only use the bowling alley and the movie theater in the basement. Speaking of.... I only watched this entire thing for the chance to check out the bowling alley. I do like the bowling alley. But I'm a bowling junkie. I love checking out custom home bowling alleys. It's fine. Nothing amazing, but pretty solid. 4-5 lanes is optimal in terms of orienting and not feeling squeezed. Anyway.... I do not care for the rest of the house. It's not disgusting to me like it is to a lot of others, but you really would need to have like 10 people living here with extremely active social lives, to say nothing of the staffing for the grounds. The kicker for me in terms of it being impractical was the salon, that looked like it had enough stations to do like 5 or 10 people's hair at once... like... how often would you need that, if ever? Like, the only people who could practically use this on a regular basis are people with a 20 person entourage and even then it's too much space, nobody would want to spend enough time using any one element of the house for it to be worth the expense of upkeep and to really feel like you're having a practical experience living here.

  • Osm h

  • Please, adopt me

  • There is a 1 acre usable land... You know what I'm gonna turn that into a custom made graveyard exclusive for the owner and staff .... With a view... 😁

  • Did they take out tinge bit when they showed the ex’s video??

  • He said the house will change the world? Wtf really? His wife was his soul mate and she would not shut up? I don't like her already. Omg his douchebag level is so high. At least he loves himself.

  • Lol the guest house is the best part of the whole thing

  • "This is just stupid" x(

  • This isnt a house. this is a fuckin mall

  • No basketball court? .... 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • It's way too big. "Everything is electric." So, much for so called green energy. Too bad if there's a rolling blackout, sorry u can't use the toilets and if all the doors are closed you'll be trapped in your house.

  • I mean the lounge and bowling area is dope ngl

  • How many people besides the staff will be living here?

  • now it is going to sell for less than 200 milly

  • the biggest waste of land and materials ever.....

  • You don’t walk on grass? Dude... you can barely even call yourself a man at this point

  • HOW CAN IT CHANGE THE WOOORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????

  • Nobody would really live in that “house” basically it’s for parties, business parties

  • This should be a hotel not a private home

  • Well it’s certainly not the most expensive house... Mukesh Ambani’s “The Antilia” is😁 But this one so much better👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  • "favorite part about this house is it's ability to change the world", that's my cue to leave.

  • This house is for extrovert person.

  • I was wondering since it’s California were there any precautions or specifications for earthquakes. I think I would want a skate park of some kind instead of tennis, but that’s just me. It’s beautiful. Love all the inside outside transitions. Wonder what he could do to make a modern tiny home.

  • I would have plant a little forest 🌳, instead of half of the house

  • you never need to leave the house

  • Eat The Rich

  • when someone comes and wants to visit you, you shall send them a map of the house before or they can litteraly be lost in the house for weeks.

  • Buys a house for 500 million dollars... The wifi doesn’t work.

  • The maintenance costs and taxes etc on this thing would set you back half a billion after a decade

  • He could make it work. Just do fancy weddings or parties or somesuch. Boxing matches whatever. I wish him well tho...this guys a character. People say dumb stuff all the time. I'm glad no one follows me around judging every dumb thing I say.

  • You better hope Jeff wants it 😂😂

  • When you start outperforming gta 5, you KNOW you made it!

  • That’s the saddest home gym

  • You know you made it when your barber lives with you!

  • This house must come with an itinerary

  • It would take 2 hours to fill that tub

  • Y can't we but this in gta

  • The mf guest house is all I want

  • To sum it up: 08:07

  • This is just showing me how the religions' gift "the heaven" is so boring , especially when it's forever

  • That goes to show you, money can't buy happiness in a relationship... but Nile, if we walk to end of the west hallway and down the stairs, in a temperature controlled room is where my heart is stored and rejuvenated

  • I wanna see the music video lol

  • Don't Worry.. the Aliens will come down and Buy it. 👽

  • If someone go and live there they won't be discovered at least for 5 days😂

  • It would be the most annoying thing to live there, for so many obvious reasons.

  • Pfsss... House... Thats a modern palace

  • So this would be 500k a month in taxes?:D

  • This is the type of house you can only buy in GTA V.

  • Looking at such mansion I just think of one thing . How to buy it?

  • Dzaaaam.... speechless.

  • Nice house buy the owner talk so much i think the interviewer is not even needed ...just bring the cameraman lol

  • Wouldnt be able to offer this guy money for this house, its priceless

  • “Let me show you something you’ve never seen before” ... okay.

  • Producer: “This is stupid!” Everyone: “Yes”

  • When you're playing Sims 4 and you get carried away on Build Mode 😂

  • Dude should've just built a hotel 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Actually the biggest house in the world is 3 times larger than this.

  • Why not ? 🏌️‍♂️

  • How rich is this guy? What he do for livinh? So unreal!!!

  • at 16:53 have a look at the window. So dirty! That would take me all DAY to clean just the one window!

  • For this amount of money, he didn't show us the Natural Disaster/Nuclear Attack bomb shelter! Where is that!?

  • I'm proud of him, this house is beautiful

  • What a waste 3000

  • Yeah, if i left my phone somewhere in that house, I’d just buy a new phone. There’s no way I’m finding it.

  • Candy room?

  • F

  • Much of those spaces will never be used. So wasteful.

  • Something does not "cost X" until it has been sold and bought for that price. Otherwise, did you know the shirt I'm wearing is the most expensive in the world? Designed it myself, costs 2 billion €.

  • Dude built like seven pools, a 50 car garage, and then stuck his future staff in 140 sq ft. rooms

  • Never in my life have I ever seen a person that boring and dumb. How can he talk so much but say nothing at the same time. This just had me think about Eminems lyrics "Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish" 🙄

  • I personally would enjoy living in the guest house more than the actual house. The actual house is straight up too big and kinda a disgrace.

  • He sounds like Rocky


  • "Everything is gigantic" In the words of shrek -"is he compensating for something?"

  • The guy sounds lonely, and I'm sure the size of the house only makes it worse. Hope he finds what he is looking for.

  • Like come on man. With everything else he built he could at least build individual apartments for each of the staff. (Never thought I would talk about building an apartment like it was nothing 😂)

  • I am waiting for Pewdiepie to watch and review this

  • i feel sick

  • It's a hotel.

  • POV :This is your new dream house

  • This guy is on so much coke bruh

  • 7:02 man be measuring his pp

  • I feel like I just watched a bunch of GTA characters walk through the biggest mansion in the game.

  • He brushed you off when you told about your car.

  • Yes, please lol 27:07

  • If one of your kids get lost you gotta report to the police

  • When robots will take over it would be really easy for them to understand why humanity lost....

  • All this house for one person? Wow what a waste he should atleast rent the rooms out

  • I like how he still calls his ex wife “his girl”

  • How does one become a staff member 👀

  • Imagine playing hide and seek in here

  • They can use this house for isolation centre

  • Thanks, I hate it.

  • Unbelievable waste of resources that should've been spent on anything else. Literally anything else.

  • As if you would?

  • 8:08 my thoughts exactly