Blizzards and Burritos: Camp & Cook In My Truck

Publicerades den 3 apr 2021
nothing quite like hot burritos in a freezing cold forest
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  • This dude needs a fifth wheel lol

  • Should invest in a winch and a high clearance bumper.

  • I like your content by the way I'm from Indonesian

  • What happened to Hannah?

  • 2:47

  • Brother nice video you buy extra shoes use for only snow and out side ..

  • Toilet 🤔🤔🤔

  • Plz

  • Make some Mexican tacos

  • You are one of my favorite SEnewssrs out here. I just moved back from Colorado two months ago and wish I could travel around the states like you are doing but...yeah! However, your channel brings me up every week. 🌝

  • This is not camping 🏕 this called stuck in a truck

  • You out in the snow like that and no one's around to save you, have a shovel to dig yourself out.

  • Hate to tell you but that’s not a blizzard

  • The food always look so good 😍 but Jesus loves all repent for your sins ❤️🙏🏾

  • I struggle to find the motivation to cook one meal a day 😂

  • You look like Luke Skywalker wtf

  • I feel like having a SEnewss Channel is almost Essential for you truck dwellers. You basically dont need to think, what Are you going to film. You JUST pick up the camera And live your life.

  • Ez milyen terepjáró more?

  • Mav where do you go when you have to upload your videos and need net service if you're out in the middle of nowhere a lot of times? Love the videos BTW.

  • How does this guy have all these views? Camera is all over the place. Chaotic. Can't watch without getting motion sickness

  • how do you poop during a blizzard?

  • Boy u look sick ! Tc cre man

  • dude it rimes i made it rime burritoblizzard

  • It's impossible for 2 feet of snow to fall in 2 hours

  • I love watch him cook.. It's awesome 👌👏😎.

  • Welcome to my five star truck

  • 2:48 what has he been doing for a few hours


  • @uncle roger

  • I absolutely love your attitude, and the videos are so relaxing to watch. Thanks for sharing such amazing adventures. Definitely a new subscriber 🌹

  • truck life = hunch back

  • Been here since before 100k, mavs channel has gone OFF

  • Just found your channel a few weeks ago and im hooked! I love the videos! How do you decide where to go next? Im curious what state you will go next? And the food you make looks so good ! Great video :)

  • Your a idol to many...💯

  • It looks like a forest from a fantasy movie lol

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  • amazing meal !!!

  • Good living 👍👍👍

  • I'm so grateful for these episodes. They are positive and entertaining and Mav you are respectful and caring and knowledgeable. Thank you

  • All Right Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

  • Need to get ya a grill guard that is winch capable and throw a apex winch on it.

  • Damn walking barefoot in the 🌨️❄️👀🥶

  • Digging those Fjallravens!

  • U are so cute 🙄

  • what do you do for a shower?

  • 5:12 lag

  • หนาวมากมั้ยพี่

  • The most handsome lad ever with one of the nicest feet and toes my Disney prince Mav

  • Hey justin bieber

  • Well done! I love snow camping! 🍻

  • Look at Mav man. So inspirational

  • That's how my uncle died

  • I love this 😆

  • Amazing, this guy is literally amazing

  • Adam Urfa dürüm yaptı la

  • What a legend

  • Where did you buy those pants

  • I'm definitely making truck burritos today

  • that time lapse of the snow at 8:11 is fire

  • in this video you only find, he got in the truck and he got off the truck.

  • Don’t have cell service blogging whole time!! Out no where buddy is right there save me!! Way get reviews buddy

  • We just like cooking barbeque here in the Philippines cause of heat and you just freezing out there🧊.

  • You give me Alex Mccandless vibez

  • Next time add some oil and the salt while ur cooking the rice and thank me later

  • Three feet of snow huh, that would make you about 16' tall

  • Great set up, but may I suggest you create hatch doors under your bed to access your slide out pantry drawers?

  • Well it’s official Mav, I’ve acquired a topper for my truck I own tons of camping gear and I’m doing stealth camping this summer.. you have been an inspiration for me and I enjoy your videos. Be safe out there and keep the good times rolling.

  • Not sure what vehicle you use, but there is a gentleman by the name of Luke who does the outdoor gear channel or something like that??! He could help you on how to set up your truck more efficiently.

  • Always wash the rice and use the finger method for perfect water-to-rice ratio.

  • 11:15 The Forbidden ✨ C U M S O C K ✨

  • This is one the best episode, living like this, is my fantasy

  • are you going through a break up bro ? bc you're doing just the right thing to dealing with a break up take time out and find yourself and just be alone for bit not jumping into someone else

  • You got almost everything you need except a rest room

  • Watching this. Think I'll make a chicken burrito for breakfast. Canned chicken, quinoa,beans. Chili powder garlic lime chili seasoning tomatoes etc....


  • That hand pump. I found your channel today and have been binging all day. I'm a stay at home mom so I'm getting my adventure fix thru you😊

  • It’s not a burrito if you put rice in it

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  • at the beginning you can see a yellow hole right outside the truck

  • Pennywise 😁

  • 💕

  • And ur 😍☺️

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Greeting 🇮🇩

  • I'm sure this was already brought up but, why are the traction boards not in front of the tire? watch from 9:29

  • Lol

  • Hey Mav, what happened to your girlfriend? i liked the chemistry y'all had

  • u need A gf

  • You do a great job. Love your content. Ford should be sending you a new truck.

  • next time take some plastic bags to wrap your feet in before going out or higher boots

  • 3:54PM

  • Will u ever do a video with Apbassin again?

  • As someone who enjoys insane winter truck camping you need to learn the value of airing down. I have the same tires as you so and can push through waist high snow in my truck. Hope you can take it to heart and not think I'm telling you "you don't know how to drive in it" keep on trucking Mav! Stay safe!

  • i think that one burner pot is called jet boil

  • Please tell me someone saw that piss hole at the very beginning😂

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  • All ur videos involve snow. Me: never seen snow irl

  • I’d be scared to get stuck in the snow or lost cuz of not seeing the road in the middle of the Rocky Mountains

    • Omg my heart dropped when you got stuck ahhh

  • Me vibing here and have never seen snow before