Food Theory: Grubhub Lore Exists and It's WEIRDER Than You Thought!

Publicerades den 1 apr 2021
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By now you have likely seen the meme of the hour, the Grubhub dancing commercial. Well, it got me thinking - or rather the familiar looks of the characters got me thinking. Theorists, I think Grubhub may have.. borrowed it's new dancing mascots. Get ready to open up a fresh delivery of Grubhub lore and find out how deep this theory goes!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • xD as I’m watching the about Libby I got the exact ad from grubhub

  • Of course it does

  • ”It can’t hurt you” or can it?

  • After the first 30 seconds of the video: What am I getting myself into?

  • Stef is grub hub man confirmed

  • Grubhub's got some explaining to do...

  • i got a grubhub ad during this and it was terrifying

  • the lesson of this episode is always listen to da dog

  • Nah this is food canon

  • Good april fools

  • This just proves that Matt can make anything dark

  • 15:29 "Milkshake Lady got to keep Goddard in the breakup" When tf did we get into a whole custody thing?!

  • i was drawing while watching this and when i heard "MATTHEW!" i was like "HUH?!"

  • Chicken sandwich guy clearly is AT LEAST mixed with some african american.

  • Why did I have to know this

  • Grubhub gets you deals on the foods you love

  • XD?

  • Isn’t there sadly an episode of Jimmy Neutron where they show their future selfs?

  • longest ad ive ever seen xD



  • Grubhub is clearly something I missed out on... and I'm glad for it.

  • Matt are you ok? Did someone hurt you?

  • I would see if grubhub would take in Nickelodeon so that they could in fact actually merge them together officially, that would be something to give a breath of fresh air

  • From roughly 9:50 to 10:10 he's playing WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon's theme music in the background.

  • 0:00-0:31 OK, Chicken Sandwich Guy, how did you get to our world and what did you do to Stephanie?

  • I really watched that lmao, good job Matt lol

  • I love that this implies jimmy didn't become a villain or a hero he isn't selling space doom cannons to the dod no he plays video games and eats tacos hes probably paying for with bitcoin he mined with a super computer lol live your best life jimmy

  • Dang stef was a dude

  • Fiom theory!

  • Half of me says "let it just be a prank" but the rest has fallen into the rabbit hole and wants a full out 18+ reboot, where Goddard gets an upgrade Jimmy creates Grubhub's delivery drone that failed and killed milkshake lady Sheen hates Jimmy who feels guilt and created a new matter transporter/antigravity device just like he's done before he has problems dumbing himself down building drones but easily creates more efficient technology


  • Best April's fools joke ever!

  • I honest to god want to know which one is crazier, this grub hub theory, or that time mat pat associated animal rights teams with pokemon

  • Jimmy

  • Gimmy?!?

  • What

  • in german sheen's name is max & for the longest time i thought that the name "sheen" was the english version of "max"

  • I got a doordash ad

  • This is going to be the next Sans is Ness

  • No lie that one girl hanging with the varsity jacket boys look like the girl Jimmy had a crush on

  • Wait if it is how come in a episode of jimmy neutron he went to the future and he looks different and he was married to Cindy in the cartoon?

  • I always thought grubhub just tried making the most anger inducing commercial possible so we would rage eat their food.

  • Matpat I thought it was the bite of 1983

  • After this vid SEnewss keeps recommending Jimmy neutron clips

  • i want more

  • Weird

  • *notices it was posted on April first* Oh... Happy April Fools

  • Who else got an Uber Eats ad

  • This is the new Sans is Ness

  • Grub Hub seems to have a pretty interesting world done up.

  • I only have one question with this. What about the episode "The tomorrow boys"? In that episode, the adult characters look nothing like the the taco guy and others. The argument that that episode took place before or after the grubhub com. ERA wouldn't work either because there was no possible way that the dumpster diving adult sheen could go to or from the single dad, round and having a darker skin tone, sandwich guy.

  • Is this why I keep getting Jimmy neutron videos recommended to me-

  • The bite of grub

  • Bruh this hits different at 4:30am

  • I have the same headset as jimmy grubhub man

  • Stop.

  • I still don’t know if this is an April fools joke

  • So this is what Diet Coke withdrawals does to someone.

  • Come on for frick sake mat pat

  • This is the most retarded thing I've ever heard of and I love it.

  • the beginning has me wheezing-🤣

  • ...How in the world did you guys even connect all these dots?

  • I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if the animators were Jimmy Neutron fans and put these things in as intentional easter eggs...Though...I doubt they expected someone to look into all this

  • When he was talking about Taco Guy I had a Taco commercial

  • *scratches eyes* WTF did i just watched

  • This doesn't make sense, how can the milkshake lady and boogie guy married if the boogie guy has caramel-ish skin but the milkshake lady has blond skin???

  • cash nasty destroyed that laptop

  • Game theory idea: Would the mobs of Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons be able to defeat the world of Fortnite.

  • Why am I convinced

  • Hey Mat, lots of people go in for the the older the wine the better but a lot say the opposite, which is true?

  • This is just as absurd and outlandish as the infamous "Sans is Ness" theory, but at least it was released on April Fools' Day so it's slightly forgivable. Still, don't like how MatPat is taking this seriously despite the simple answer that these are just artistic commercials for food delivery.

  • yeah

  • This entire theory made me nostalgic, kiddy and happy all over🥰, I love it❤️

  • I feel like Grub hub has to release a McSpanky's fast food chain now Anyone else agree?

  • Why

  • Taco gout eats taco and turns in to young version then says why did the lore here on over and I’m ganna eat more tacos

  • too much of a stretch. MatPat, on literally every single "just a theory" was Moré than plausible to me. I don't believe this theory. There is not enough evidence.

  • Not the sequel I was waiting for, but I guess this is good enough.. Billy and Mandy next?

  • omg steph is grub hub ceo confirmed

  • Sheen was on a different planet with no way home theory busted

  • This, this is the quality content that I come to the internet for.


  • I loved it, but Taco Guy is identified as Steve in one of their commercials.

  • Matpat Chill this is not a film theory

  • Wow

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  • If this is true.....

  • @0:00 this is scary of the start

  • Jimmys mom

  • Weirdest, yet true sentences in this video: “It was the giant grub hub bag that killed Milkshake Lady” “The entire Jimmy Neutron cast is in the grub hub universe!” “Sidewalk Ginger is Carl Wheezer.”

  • This one might be stupid rhymes with Kool-Aid man went up against king DDD from a Nintendo game that I’ve never played before

  • “Brown haired” Uhhhh? “Brown eyed” Wait.... “Overweight” Wait no! “Foreign exchange student” OH GOD NO “BOLBI STROGANOVSKI” I could not stop laughing for like 20 minutes after that no cap

  • 2020 grub hub delivery* 2021 🤔 INTENSE thinking music

  • why mat, why

  • OMG I mean look at the way that man punched that computer

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  • 3:45 literally triggered my gag reflex

  • If I a was a little kid I would never go to sleep agsin

  • 9