Quick little update on my new hand 4/29/21

Publicerades den 29 apr 2021
Quick update on the progress of my new hand. forearm pieces are made, still working on mounting the electronics. I can finally pick things up with this one! super cool. still working on the logic gates of the program. having some difficulty with the gyro thresholds, but I'll get it eventually... if anybody's good at code and wants to take a look I'm open to it. hit me up in the comments section. thanks for watching! have a great day.

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  • No one will ever rob you.....not without them being tossed around.

  • Do they ever make anything like this with a small hydraulic pump and motor to run mini cylinders to create a very strong grip ? No chains ? less parts maybe ? In exchange you would have to have a power source to run a small fluid pump. Fanny pack battery pack...

    • @Ian Davis I’m looking forward to this !

    • Hydraulics and valves are heavy and inefficient for this kind of thing. I am working on a wind up hand that will generate just a pile of grip force.

  • “Now listen to me very carefully...”

  • Very beautiful

  • Dude this is most badass thing I have ever seen. Sweet job man.

  • I like what he's done I believe that he can create the first actual skeleton suit so people who are paralyzed can stand and actually walk

  • this is genuinely one of the coolest and most metal things around. man I wish I could say I created my own bloody hand from scratch

  • very nice

  • Looking great!

  • If this channel goes silent, we'll already know men in black hired him

  • The real iron man.

  • What happened to him anybody know?

  • Good luck getting through a airport with it

    • Haven't had a problem with it yet.

  • I thought he'd try it on the keyboard.

  • So when are you storming Arasaka tower?

  • end is wholesome :)

  • Now you just need to integrate Jarvis B)

  • I think its only a matter of time he's at iron man 3 level

  • This guy must floor the competition during Steampunk festivals.

  • What kind of climate do you live in? Do you think it would get uncomfortable at higher temperatures?

  • amazing

  • Это невероятно!!! Мужик ты очень круто🤝🤝🤝🤝

  • I'm impressed, that's prety awesome. Even more kudos to you for making it whilst missing a sizeable part of your left hand.

  • Jesus christ man , be careful rubbing one out while wearing that thing

  • Skynet is following your developments with great interest 👀

  • looks good

  • Put a Pipboy on it!

  • Holy shit. That's astounding

  • Amazing progress

  • irl gunslinger

  • Bad ass shit and the fact that you can work on it and modify it yourself is even that more bad ass

  • Aaaah wooow. That is just too neat man.😲👌🏼

  • maaaan its sooo awsome. For a moment a wish my hand was gone xDDD. jokes aside great work, much respect.

  • praise the omnisah

  • I will wait the day when this guy will be able to crush metal with his left hand.

  • Looks cool. Starting to look like automail from Full Metal Alchemist, Keep up the good work.

  • Nice

  • how do you finance yourself?

  • wild how naturally you seemed to pick up the bottle

  • why havent you mounted extendable knifeblades to it yet?

  • THIS IS SO METAL!!! Btw. Are planing to put on some "Fingernails" for the future when you fine manipulations are possible?

  • Pickle Rick 2.0. 💪

  • how well can you type with that (if at all)?

  • You re doing so much for the human kind. Thank you

  • Hiya! I can take a look at your code, and see if I can help you out. I'm a backend web designer (I make all the bits and pieces you don't see behind the scenes that make websites work) - and while that doesn't seem like it would apply to a prosthetic hand, a lot of code knowledge can be applied anywhere, not just in the field it was intended for. If you're interested, it'd probably be easiest just to message me here on SEnewss :)

  • You don’t happen to have the source code to the software on GitHub or similar? Would like to take a look at it if allowed...

  • A few years down the road... *Quick update guys* _I just added a death ray in my palm and also whenever I shout danger a light saber pops up from my hand_

  • add rubber pads to your fingertips for better grip

  • Cyberpunk 2077

  • Can you grip her when in bed is the question?

  • The algorithm never amazes me

  • Well, he's slowly becoming a T600

  • Nice automail

  • Its very hvy. Light weight not

  • "Thanks for watching. Have a great day" Can i just say, this man with his twenty second videos of knowledge and creation is the most worthwhile content on the internet.

  • Nice work keep it up 👍

  • Yeah but imagine getting punched by this thing

  • So cool

  • Thought: non-Newtonian fluid pads on the fingertips for improved grip but snappy tactile response when tapping things? Maybe better than just rubber/soft material pads?

  • Im curious, did you share anywhere the blueprint to making one or is it eligible for purchase? Just in case I ever get into an accident and find myself needing a hand.

    • @Ian Davis That is really cool. Obviously you don't need me saying this, but you Sir are dedicated to your craft and I respect that. I would consider myself or anyone else who could get a bespoke device made by you, should they need one, really lucky. Please continue with your work, it's amazing.

    • @Ian Davis thats awesome. This is so much more creative and seems much more practical than the prosthetics you usually see. I hope you keep up the good work, this is amazing.

    • i build bespoke devices for people every so often

  • When can we see it in market...??

  • Wow this looks so cool and steampunk

  • Not only is it functional, it looks insanely badass!

  • I wanted him to type so bad

  • i want to see u selling these hands to other people now

  • Damn, I would trade my actual fingers for those steal ones!

  • I'd love to see you and Everett Bradford collab on a project, just promise to use your powers for good

  • Meet the Engineer

  • “How about you watch your mouth”

  • I'm actually studying programming in college, and I'd love to see what sort of logic drives something like this.

  • This man is going to pioneer real life Automail limbs and I'm all for it

  • How did a guy with no hand make a hand 🧐

  • from the moment i understood the weakness of my flesh

  • At this point we're all waiting for him to weaponize that hand.. soo cool

  • Add something that would improve grip on the new hand

  • Do you want Iron Man? Because this is how we get Iron Man.

  • Man that's awesome

  • Wake the f up samurai, we have a city to burn

  • Bruh wtf

  • I almost wish I could have a terminator hand.

  • On the next update: *Bluetooth fingers with wireless 5G connection*

  • en la proxima update va a tener un lanzallamas esa mano xd

  • these are such epic builds!

  • I would recommend seeing if you can get custom 3d printed osseoanchored titanium transdermal inserts into your metacarpals to use as mounting point, will eliminate the need for straps. I don't believe the FDA has approved the procedure for use yet but you may be able to get approved under an experimental treatment clause. They have for above the knee implants from what I've read.

    • titanium pins inserted into the center of the metacarple bones used as mounting points for the device. they sometimes do it for legs. it goes one of two ways. really good until it doesn't, or they end up cutting the rest of the leg off. I looked into this but with my low bone density, it probably wouldn't be a great idea.

    • “osseoanchord titanium transdermal inserts” uhhhhhhhhhhhhh what

  • Dude I feel like if the police pull you over There gonna kill you Like some Edward scissorhands shit

  • Jesus dude that's cool as hell.

  • Wow that's looking really cyberpunk

  • I Love This Shit. THE FUTURE; IS NOW. 🤘👽👍 How many times has He been abducted by Aliens I wonder...

  • Groovy.

  • Tony Stark yessirr

  • I really wanna see this, but the full arm, I think that would be SICK

  • How do you make the fingers move on their own?

  • this hands word better than those bionic one that cost 100k and took 10 Harvard engineers 5 yers to develop

  • Johny Fucking Silverhand gotta be...

  • put a gun on it

  • Nice job man

  • awesome

  • Next goal is to play guitar with it.

  • This man is slowly turning into FGO Da Vinci