World of Warcraft (2020): BFA Ending Cutscenes [Alliance & Horde] - 8.3 Visions of N'zoth

Publicerades den 25 mar 2020
WoW BFA: Blood War Epilogue Cutscenes [Alliance & Horde]. In 8.3, following the defeat of N'zoth and end of the Fourth War, the Alliance & Horde sign a peace treaty. Tyrande objects wanting Sylvanas to pay with blood. Lor'themar and Thrall create a council instead of electing a Warchief.
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Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!
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  • Illidan's laugh was all of us at the end of the expansion

    • @Josiah Ronin i am trying it out right now. Looks great so far :)

    • Dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it

    • @Ethr Sag He just has to sit there DPSing Sargeras to keep him at 1% health forever so he can't stand up again!

    • Next expac after Shadowlands is Tyrande going to the Seat of the Pantheon to break Illidan out, then they team up to go ham on the Horde and get retribution. She also leaves Malfurion and starts dating Illidan. This is definitely true

    • @Ethr Sag He is the only true champion because he's the only one who has truly sacrificed everything to save Azeroth, his "soul", body, family and friends and his peaceful future while living under the hateful eye of his people :c He's the ultimate... *EDGY* Champion

  • damnnn Tyrande is pissed. She has a good reason tho

  • wait I stopped playing since legion. since when does wrathion get my knife?


  • N'yalotha. The old gods city, couldn't be explored and destroyed in less than 5 seconds. Ty Blizz for such an awful expansion.

  • Tyrande be like "party's over"

  • I hate what they’ve done to Thrall, he use to be awesome. Family man Thrall sux.

  • What's the music at the end there?

  • This is seriously how nzoth is defeated? How fuckin lame.

  • I actually haven't played WoW retail since 2015, but I started back in 2011. I can't believe N'zoth is dead lmfao, never thought I'd see the day

  • I wonder if Blizzard has the self awareness to be ashamed of this. WoW lore has become a bad joke, it is like bad fanfic these days. VERY bad fanfic.

  • whats the music at the end? dont see it in the description

  • They should have just had Thrall's mouth stay closed

  • when I stopped playing not by my choice, the alliance started most of the wars with the horde up until Garrosh Hellscream that is. I stopped playing after that so I don't know if it ever evened out, but I did play both sides so I saw the point of view of both sides and I saw that most of the times the alliance didn't look before the leaped, the alliance would often jump to conclusions and just attack.

  • A time of peace you say? ...It won't never does.

  • They've made billions of dollars off WoW and they still can't animate people talking right

  • Are we really gonna ignore the fact that mr big boss champion clearly has some old god's eye.. on his head? The old gods, who are known to corrupt and brain wash beings far mightier than orcs?

  • I would like to self these elves used in something. This game continues to lose it's touch but these female elf models are great.

  • Wait wtf there is no war chief?????????? Wow.

  • As what somebody else said but it's true. malfurion and tyrande go on a bloodthirsty killing spree it's for the greater good but when illidan does it it's bad

  • Bfa and Legion turned the Horde into a bunch of simps

  • Please the Musicname at the End? :/

  • "ThErE iS nO nEeD fOr A wArChIeF iN a TiMe Of PeAcE!" Next Expansion: World of Peacecraft - Shadowlands.

  • Shaw: there is someone id like to get to know better... Me who has read shadows rising: oh hon hon hon

  • Mathias want some Fairwind booty.

  • Am I the only one that just couldn't bother but notice how the mouth syncing and body movements looked badly done on some of the models especially for the horde characters?

  • Damn Tyrande, get over yourself. Being a bitch about some dead nameless Night Elves.

  • Where is Maiev?

  • I'm tired of Magni, hope he's not around for Shadowlands

  • wow is really going pussy soy beta mode ffs

  • How did we get from endings like legion and lich king to this shit Another fucking warchief finding quest Another fucking alliance peace but beware horde will attack And the most underwhelming fucking final boring fight And a mobile game fucking trash final speech

  • I've been playing FFXIV for the last 6 months, after being w/o computer for almost a year. Now that I have my PC back, I came here to see the end of BFA since I left on Nazjatar. I had completely forgotten the mouth flapping of the in-game cinematics. It felt completely mood killing. Not to mention it looks awful. And you would think Actiblizzard had enough resources to put decent lipsync there.... I don't like to make comparisons between games, but man... FFXIV is WAY better than WoW in regards of in-game cinematics and character animation. I know FFXIV is more cinematic, but even it's most basic cut-scenes are more convincing than this.

  • big bang kame hame ha! Xd

  • I just love Lor'themar and his loyalty and thick headed beeing, finally he gets the atention he deserves - and the model :D

  • so like we just gonna forget the giant fuck you sword in the world? Also, 'youre a child of Azeroth' like half the fucking races are Aliens what even is that shit

  • Thrall's a little bitch

  • The lore sux

  • Hurricane needs to be hired fast, these end game credits suck it hard.

  • And everyone that helped you kill Nzoth, dont get Shiiiiit. . .

  • Alliance: T he war is over! The armistice is finally signed! Undead rogue in stranglethorn: aRE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT!

    • Gonna be 20 in game years with that Rogue in denial that the war is over believing he's one of the few left fighting.

  • I wonder if Shaw was always gay, or if his character has been sacrificed for diversity.

  • Bitch Thrall could have: Avoided genocide, civil war, faction wars, clamities, revenge killings etc etc etc. But NOOOOOOOOO, he no want to be da big bad warchief...The Blizz writers are so lazy, it feels like GOT S8.

  • Horde: working towards Peace and progress. Alliance: Old hatreds, generalizations of ones actions to apply to everyone, racism and division.

    • Or rather: Horde: sweeping genocide under a rug, same leaders that allowed that still in power, murderous “loyalists” still all over the Orgrimmar and left off the hook, no attempts at reparations or withdrawing from occupied territories, pretending that all their sins suddenly forgiven. Alliance: Anduin: forcing unfair and demeaning “peace” treaty down everybody’s throat, refusing to restore justice, spitting on all the soldiers and civilians who died in this war and dishonouring their sacrifice, abusing his allies and selling them out to appease the horde for a brief period of fake “peace”. Tyrande: Wants her land back and her people avenged and protected.

  • What are those lips moving ? Is this garrys mode or something or just wow cinematic ?Im sorry im not player just watchin some wow videos but i never see animations like this one in wow cutscenes

  • What's the name of the song in the end of the video?

  • I've never been a raider so never get these things, so I'm no hero and will have to collect the bear butts.

  • Is it just me or does the whole Nzoth defeat look just like when the ring was destoyed and Sauron defeated in LotR

  • Oh boy am I glad the war is over! It certainly will hold forever now! Like we were led to believe for the past 20 expansions! Im sure this one is it!

  • :

  • How about ya'll start investing in proper speaking and facial animations? 'Cause this is garbage.

  • jackfrags

  • i have played every BFA quest i could find, thousands of hours in game, never found these cutscenes (horde forming the council, armistice talks for alliance), why do they make their lore so awkward to find. what quests are these? how do i do them and see them in game? i cant even find info on wowhead!

    • I think the blond blood elf gave me the quest in orgimar. After beating the war campaign

  • 4:12

  • so when will anduin come out as bi and in a poly relationship with wathion and bolvars daughter ?

  • Tyrande, sweetie, you do realize that Sylvannis is no longer apart of the Horde, right?

    • doesn't matter, she is not the only one with blood on her hands... you can't give an aggressor everything he wants every time and then let him off with a small 'i am sorry' thats not what peace or apeasement means... thats just loosing... and couraging everyone else to do the same to you again and again... everyone who followed her with a free will is as guilty as she is... i mean she just ordered it, but many, many other did the crimes... such things can't be done with one scapegoat, everyone has to stand in for his actions and responsibilities

  • “I’ll sign no treaty unless it is written in the banshee’s blood!” I mean....yeah, that sounds good to everyone, right? We can do that.

    • Its more of “When its true then we talk.” Kind of situation since no matter the intention horde has yet to show any action.

  • The alliance bias is still heavy with blizzard. Might rename this game into world of alliancecraft.

  • whats wrong with their mouths looks like speaking hurts them

  • 2020, and this is the worst facial animation that i've seen in over a decade. Who was the imbecile that matched facial expressions to the dialog?

  • Who need the game when you got SEnewss.

  • Man, All the Bloodelf ladies sure do love them some Humans dont they. Sylvanas and Nathanos. Vareesa and Rhonin. Allerria and Tyralion. And now possibly Shaw and Valeera To be fair, The blood elf men are pretty girly to look at so i'm not surpriced.

    • @Immagonko No i dont, i dont really care To be honest. But seeing them indirectly confess to each other is hard to explain off as 'a coincident'. But please, Enlighten me i'd like to hear what is actually between the two. Because to me they seem like collogues whos got a bit of puppy love for each other.

    • lol you don't even realise how wrong you are about Shaw and Valeera

  • Love how the horde are actually the ones wanting peace and the alliance are the ones still wanting to continue the blood shed

    • @tenchimuyofreak90 what a load of bullcrap. 1) No Alliance was no “raaaacist”, never was never will be. It is a sham which horde uses because they want an easy copout and refuse to admit that they commit warcrimes and genocides and then dont do shit to atone for that. 2) Forsaken betrayed humans first and Turande fucken begged Sira and Delaryn to come back and THEY refused and turned hostile. 3) Two villages and one was allowed a full evacuation before attack. 4) Horde failed as an institution TWICE already and followed an insane leader to a genocidal war - simply changing government will not help them. In general i find attitude you have disgusting. You are a charlatan, a fraud and a bad advocate of monsters who live to slaughter and pillage - take a look at Brennadam for example, and refuse to take ANY responsibility. If horde truly changed they should have done real actions - like leaving Ashenvale or paying reparations for a genocide or giving sylvanas loyalists over to the Alliance. As long as they dont they are disgusting war criminals and deserve to perish.

    • @VladTutushkin I play both sides by the way, the wow creators purposely make both factions do bad things so the factions aren't the good or bad faction , there's a lot of things both sides have done. both sides are trying to hunt Sylvanas down for her actions , the horde went along with it because she is warchief that's why they are doing away with it for a council so this wont happen again the horde will be united and the alliance will be splintered so if the certain races were to try something now the alliance would be at a severe disadvantage. and again the alliance along with sylvanas slaughtered hundreds in lorderon at the siege of undercity as well as brill and the entire are in response to the burning of teldrassil that's why both factions lost a capital city so yeah the alliance already did that. not to mention the alliance as a whole abandoning their own who had been raised even though they couldn't have any say in it, multiple causes of that. and it was multiple tauren villages that alliance attacked , the alliance have been against all races that weren't human like till burning crusade. Tyrande will likely turn away the risen night elf rangers that the horde saved and are teaching how to live.

    • @tenchimuyofreak90 most of horde peaders followed her after the Teldrassil and kept following until the very end of BfA when she herself fucked up and spilled the truth when she got mad. Also Stonespire Tribe was ONE village and tauren long since avenged it and killed pretty much every Alliance officer related to the event. Plus it was done by dwarves specifically and because they wanted Titan relics that were there. When Alliance does to the horde an atrocity on a level of Teldrassil and humiliates one of its races, genociding it then we talk. When we keep slaughtering you until the very end but then say “Oh, we were tricked!” And shrug and get away with everything then we talk.

    • @VladTutushkin like the alliance wiping out multiple peaceful tauren villages simply because they were taurens pre cata era , thats one example both sides have slaughtered innocent people. They purposely had both sided lose a capital city with tons of people dead, sylvanas has been a problem to both sides. They purposely make both factions not black and white. There has been repeated times the two factions have tried at peace. Like during legion when the alliance decided to seek revenge because the horde didnt stay and die when going after guldan. Which caused most of this. And none of the horde leaders approved of what sylvanas did to the night elf capital.

    • @tenchimuyofreak90 she didnt just “destroyed the tree” she committed a genocide of a race, only not eliminating them all thanks to portals. She also repeatedly blighted, raised and ruined neutral and Alliance settlements throughout history. Horde was fully complicit with her and her actions until the very and and even now horde is teeming with her loyalists. Faction as a whole is guilty, and Alliance misdeeds dosent even come close to what she and the horde did.

  • Hold her heart with pride... until you get a green neckpiece while questing in the next expansion, then you can just stick it in your bank or whatever.

  • magni: 'champion! yae did it! azeroth is saved!' azeroth: *still bleeding azerite literally everywhere and has a sword sticking out of it so high that it warps the literal skybox; but sure, saved, yeah*

  • Demacracy now, for the hordes

  • Man these animations are soo bad.. I mean, look at Baines face while he speaks. This all is just.. building up on so much and .. is like someone is playing with their legacy. Better no video than such a bad one. There are so many players that make much better animations than Blizzard. To see this everytime makes me so damn sad about what they did to the game that was a big part of my life. And how they drag it into the dirt further and further. How could I take this game seriously.. on so many levels it's not possible anymore since Legion. And I really can't listen to this "champion" or "commander" or "hero" nonsense anymore. Don't call me that. It would be better you just said what you have to say, but don't always call me the same like.. nobody in this world would. Just say everything without addressing me.

  • this shit sucked

  • So basically the horde is anarcocapitalist now, time to leave alliance I guess.

  • I always knew focused azerite beam was too op

  • The fall of N’zoth reminds me of LOTR

  • So.... basically a lord of the rings ending. Sweet. Fuck the eye and his towers

  • Whats The name of soundtrack at The end?

  • Starting to look like Tyrande will become the next Sylvanas. *Good.*

    • If that means she will be killing and humiliating horde for three expansions (lets not forget that Sylvanas became a Sue all the way back in Cata) and doing whatever she wants without any responsibility ... then yeah, lets her become Sylvanas.

  • the ending xD

  • Man how do people even get invested in wow lore anymore? the writing is worse than GoT season 8

  • Inshnu'Alah, for Teldrasil, vengeance will be ours, we will avenge the thousands burned by sylvanas.The elven fury is to come.Cant beleive Horde let an undead banshee to be warchief, what were they thinking?Now my heart only beats night song.

  • what... the fuck are up with their mouths...

  • these cutscenes are trash

  • Love Illidan's sneer at the end.

  • Wait... thats it? I hoped I was just missing a quest or something that showed a very conclusion to the expansion like what we got in Legion after killing Argus... Why not a quest to enter the chamber of heart and then a cinematic where we infuse all the azerite we've collected in our necks since 8.0, and infuse it down into the planet to heal all the open wounds and shit, and perhaps disintegrate the giant sword in Silithus, and therefore our necks become OP as fuck like our weapons did in Legion, and it just keeps leveling up every hour or something until pre-patch day

    • Yeah I was wondering when the necklaces would get destroyed

  • Tyrandes right tho... we just get no justice? Oh nooo the hordes leader left all is forgiven I guess.. fuck no, everyone who participated in that massacre is guilty and needs to be punished. We need Nuremburg trials. Its easy for Anduin to forgive and forget since it wasnt stormwind that was burned to the ground and humans that were slaughtered.

  • Best part about this "ending" vid @7:04 ... maybe the Kaldori will start smashing some face .... so funny a character like Tyrande would listen to what, a 20 year old boy-king? Meh what do I care, this game ended like 10 years ago for me but it's fun to check in to see how bad it continues to get :)

  • I'm agree with Illidan at the end : A green orc born on Draenor can't be a "champion of azeroth" and her power can't beeing his power ... Its just a BIG JOKE ! I'm ok if it a troll or a tauren, a blood elf ... But a green orc WTF ! BfA is a very very very twisted expansion set ! Lore just passed in anus for big diarhea !

    • Aren't the playable orcs born on azeroth?dranei too? I think canon wise the only character that wouldn't make sense would be lightforged. Maghar join during bfa not before it.

  • why do their mouths move so much

  • Why... they're always.... making pauses...

  • The irony that the 'Alliance' is no longer in a state of alliance, and the horde are as united as ever *without* a warchief

    • No one likes Sylvanas


    • You don't choose your sexuality

  • Alliance is like a democracy that is nice and shiny on the outside, but dirty and rotten on the inside. Death to the Alliance !

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  • What.. a Shitshow.. ^^

  • 4:19 Arya vs the Night King in season 8.

  • So make belves get no jewelry or tattoos or scars, but lorthmar has both earrings and scars???

  • I am good with a Third Faction. I have a Night Elf character and I am all good with leaving the Alliance.

    • @MudRogue agreed. Fuck the king and his cucked politics.

  • Gary's Mod animation

  • Their lips movement is so weird

  • I love how the champion is just standing n between Shaw and Valeera like "I have mastered the art of standing still, that I am invisible to the naked eye"

    • While eating Zarg nuts XD

  • R.I.P. my beautiful Warchiefs, Sylvanas the Last Warchief was my Queen and now we don’t even have a Warchief 😢 (F democracy in a game! Why isn’t a Warchief needed when Alliance has a King, seems dumb but sure)

    • @Stanley Ho because technically Anduin is not a sovereign of Alliance. He commands a force donated by each faction and directs war effort but he cant rule or command other Kingdoms and nations of the Alliance. Also, your “queen” fed your own comrades to the Maw, its a betrayal of all horde.

  • Illidan laughing at us for actually sticking through with this garbage for so long. Don't worry guys it was just a filler expansion.

  • The alliance and hord getting this close has to be the biggest bullshit in WoW so far

  • Stromwind burned like almost 5 times in like the last 100 years. So ya u have only yourself to blame for ur angry taking in that warrior's rage. You a priestess knew the cost more then anyone.

    • @tut28Angel it burned once, if we talking a total destruction and not just damages that were repaired later. Plus its Anduin’s fault - he sent night elven army to Silithus in his retarded plan.