We're going to hell for these jokes... (Warzone)

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
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A call of duty warzone funny moments video but the moments send us to hell.
Gamers in the vid
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  • McNasty: I'm having fun playing the game TheDoo: gets fucking sniped

  • Ok so TheDooo I have a question if you ever dooo a face revel could you go on Americas got talent.

  • 3:10 did she just try to hammer a screw into the wall??!

  • hilarious!

  • stasis is a god sense in pve and i love it but in pvp i just dont play outside of friendly private matches where we all just fuck around

  • metal poster??? im in

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • funniest vid I've seen in a minute. hope snowflakes don't get butthurt over these jokes. love your content man!

  • Congrats on 5 Million Dooo! You deserve it man!

  • facecam FACECAMM


  • I'm from Brazil and i love all your videos!!!

  • “Marshmallow comes out with a kfc bucket on his head” Buckethead: am I a joke to you?!

  • Doo you gotta play kiss me more next omegle vid

  • could you do a video showing your guitars? it would b cool to know how many do you have

  • Does anyone know how he edits his videos? And which program he uses?

  • Please please play how to fly by sticky fingers

  • Please please play cyclone by sticky fingers

  • song at 3:58 ??

  • Definition of waste of talent.

  • just noticed the cornhub intro in the background of the outro music

  • McRocklin is a great guitar player too. You should do a video with him.

  • These guys are like the same as vanossgaming and them

  • Congrats on 5 mil dooo

  • Special Ed sheeran


  • That deku displate

  • E

  • The girl in the afk ad ugly af

  • We need an origin story from the dooo

  • I mean we might be there already seems like most the world is on fire

  • This is amazing, i feel like a kid again. Thank you TheDooo

  • Man I always cry of laughter on these videos

  • Dooo, can you do an acoustic version of ascend?

  • I have just realised that this man has over 5 mil subs but still uses a twin bed and lives with his mother. Its awesome

  • thank you displate and thank you theDooo

  • YOOO, wall reveal.

  • thedooo : were going to hall for these jokes me: like you werent going there be for ?

  • Believe in Jesus Christ

  • That DEKU one tho 👌

  • You guys should try and play Warthunder, might be fun as well for you guys.

  • What's the arab guy channels name?

  • Some one needs to do an edit of the grizzy glizzy and its the scene in civil war where zemo is reading the trigger words to bucky. But instead the words are grizzy glizzy and grizzys head on bucky

  • The first 30 seconds of this is cursed

  • Herman li wants a guitar lesson

  • Alright, you got me, I got a Displate

  • i know what u look like ;)

  • YOOOOO 5 Million Sub!!

  • 4:07 that would be buckethead

  • The doo plz can you plz do this it is a song request can you plz play 115! Song from black ops 1 easter egg in Kino I love to hear this

  • Jesus christ is coming repent choose him today,he loves you.

  • Kinda feeling mcnasty towards the end of the vid there

  • Didn’t he have 2 million subs like 2 months ago now he has 5 Oh no Its another dream

  • Dooo when are you gonna stream again

  • You joke but use to work for TSA and there are 100% actual people like that.

  • Man, god really doesn't like dooo

  • So. The advert that plays is for COD Warzone which plays thunderstruck.... Bro, they fucking you already in the current life let alone the afterwards.

  • Bro why do u have a sponsore in every video?!

  • IK you won't see this Doo but you need to do some polyphia in one of your omegle vids. 44oz would be sick one to throw in there.

  • Can you do a setup tour because i have an electric guitar too and i don’t know how to plug it into my pc

  • When the fuck are u going to do a face revial do one

  • Can't wait to see the reasoning for ppl trying to cancel you 😂

  • Hey dooo, how’s is it going with the Foreskin records - She’s probably a dude, why not make a remake of it? ;D

  • Hi

  • Hahaha! The timing when you said Hey *****! and U got downed lol

  • Van you give me a guitar idol fan from Philippines❤️


  • there's only one thing I want in life and that's to hear Dooo play a Naruto opening

  • i hate to see yall be parents XD

  • 4:04 makes a joke about marshmello with kfc bucket but dude...what about bucket head

  • Imagine him and his friends and have swaggersouls and his friends do a vid together of these types of jokes that would be epic

  • congrats on 5 mil.

  • I’m 87% sure thedooo is James “Jim” Root with a voice changer

  • You should do a video playing songs that people comment. I’ll go first. Play this means war by avenged sevenfold pleaseee

  • Who else stoked about the 5 mil special?

  • I actually spent about an hour on Displate 😅😅

  • I've been kinda bummed not seeing many videos uploaded as of lately (recently)

  • GG ON THE 5 mill!!! Let’s go dooo

  • Hey man! Can you post a video of you playing the outro solo to November Rain?

  • Loving the way more regular videos :))

  • Dooo won’t go to hell cuz he served the lords chicken

  • 5 mil let’s fucking gooooo!!! Congratulations Doo ,knew from 400k you’d be at the top!!

  • I always can turn to these vids to make me fall over laughing holy crap.

  • ههههههه

  • These are the only videos I can get a headache from laughing too hard, like I never wheeze until I watch these video's 😂

  • I havent seen these many uploads within a month

  • Doo you were absolutely crushing it this video with those one-liners man

  • Play hotline bling

  • It must be a coincidence considering my displate was hung over my bed and it fell and hit my head

  • How much money do i have to drop to get a few beers with yall? 😂

  • Why did I think it would be okay to watch this at work in the break room 😅

  • Congrats on 5mill subs Dooo nicely done.

  • If doo were a nascar driver he'd be sponsored by just express vpn or displate

  • 666k views... How fitting.


  • You can go for the queen Tommy innt is already growing to her

  • Forgive me Doooo, for I have sinned. I've been watching your videos for a while now and only just now realized I wasn't subscribed

  • well I guess im going to hell

  • Videos like these make me miss Raccoon Eggs :(

  • Sometimes I put your videos on to listen to them just cause they’re funny.....and then I thought, you ever think of starting a podcast with the bois????