President Obama is Scared of Sasha and Roasts Donald Trump

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
President Obama talks about his new book “A Promised Land,” selling more books on the first day than Michelle did, being scared of Sasha and Michelle, the alias his daughters came up with for him, the struggle of being a good father and husband while also being a good President, being on the cover of InStyle Magazine, sinking a three pointer while campaigning with Joe Biden, calling the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, getting Trump out of the White House, Joe Biden becoming President, resurrecting the Pandemic Task Force disbanded by Donald Trump, getting the Affordable Care Act passed, the work that still needs to be done, the best night of his Presidency, the Bin Laden raid, Donald Trump’s birther theory, and he surprises a totally unsuspecting fan.
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  • GOD will turn the light off on this lost cause morons

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  • America's Mandela... amazing human. You guys should have ask ,no begged him to stay on as president for ever....

  • ❤️❤️

  • You know one's a great president when he receives love, respect and admire from global citizens.

  • One hell of a guy........ he’ll go down in history as one of the best

  • So wtf?....a former Commander in Chief establishes that accomplishment with Saturday Night Live "slapstick?" Humor?...asking a former President on to your show and you talk about sausage.

  • Even though I don't live in America, I still like him more than Trump. President Obama is truly an awesome person and a hell good of a diplomat. Whereas Trump on the other hand ( you understand )

  • But where is michael though? 🤔

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  • I'm not gonna come out here and start talking smack about Trump and awaken the vultures, but even if you like trump, Obama was just awesome. He just felt like a normal everyday person who also happened to be a great president.

  • The Librarian and Botnist at the Library of Aexander...The Huntington Library..they is more of Lordship the Kingdom is for a Majority the Mayor at the City Hall Pasadena the Grand Daddy of them all Whoa Nelly

  • Mr. Swag himself 💞

  • Love and miss you President Obama

  • I want my money back

  • that's how democrats lure people , they have a fake churlish smiles on their faces . always liars

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  • So cute

  • Eloquent, very intelligent, funny and not once had to play the air-accordion to make a point... Miss this guy and now thrilled President Biden has moved into the White House. These are real Presidents!

  • Haaaah! We all know there is going to be a big puddle on that chair, when that woman gets up... she was too adorable.

  • Hi from temple hills md!! That ending was so sweet ♥️♥️

  • I miss Barack Obama 😪

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  • Why did you leave us with him?!? Haha

  • I love this man, what a person of angelical spirit. Sorry, Joyce got me crying.

  • 🤮🤮

  • How can America go from the coolest president to TINY HANDS



  • as a non Trumpie republican. I didn't like his policies but he's a fantastic man with great character. I kind of miss him.

  • Best President of my lifetime and I am 81. Just think what he could have done had the GOP not obstructed everything they could. His book should be required reading for all US adults.

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  • Trump could have been just as cool as Obama. He had the hip hop community long before Obama step on the scene.

  • I'm scared of my daughter too. Have been since bringing her home 27 years ago. Now I have a granddaughter to scare the shut out of me now.

  • I love the Affordable Care Act, by whatever name you call it. Yes, a "starter home": a really good one to work with.

  • Two questions, darn, predjudiced, media people: Why don't you show us any adorable pictures of former President Trump with children? and Why don't you read former President Obama's caustic Tweets?

    • I've seen some pictures of Donald Trump with Ivanka. They were not so much adorable as they made me exclaim 'Dear God' and throw up in my mouth.

  • I'm not an American, but I miss Obama

    • I’m American and I don’t he doubled are national debt and sent all are jobs overseas.

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  • Agree

  • My opinion is you Jimmy and Obama if your still alive, should watch your back.

  • When China finally gets smart and blows up America with weapons paid for by America (Obama and Biden), no one will care about how many books he sold.

    • Trump 2024!

    • @Joseph Beans Just like the Democrats when Trump was president, I won't let the bitterness go.

    • Let the bitterness go.

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  • What a great man! I may not have always approved of some of his policies but he's such a personable, intelligent, kind person. Wish he could run again yet Biden is just as awesome! And they're close buds, so that is reassuring. God Bless America and God Bless President Obama and our now President Biden! ❤🇺🇸🙏

  • im not aN amERICAN...but I loved this humble..funny,,GOD BLESS U SIR

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  • I hope you’re immortal, Mr President! Best of wishes from Romania! I personally love the kind of human you are!

  • As a french person I'm so proud of my country France for having social security for such a long time ! Everybody can be cured freely ( foreigner , poor , homeless ) . I wish you the same American people !


  • when u noticed im philipines:🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 just searching who is obama...

  • That picture on the nightstand behind President Obama looks like the cover from 50 first dates. Lol.

  • Lost all respect for him over his handling of the Flynt, Michigan water debacle

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  • You can't you won't and unfortunately we never will. Potus Obama is the goat✌️💙

  • Trash pres, trash show, trash everything!!!! Obama like guys!!

  • I’m President Obama’s biggest supporter. Yes an educated President who can make jokes about himself and show empathy.

    • Obama, the president that bombed 7 countries 26,000 times in one year (2016) completely destabilizing South Africa and the. Middle East. And trump who brought our troops home rebuilt the military and created peace in the Middle East with the Abraham accord. Also took us out of the Iran nuclear deal. Trump was bette for a America because Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. His health care plan was destroying our economy.

  • bruh i wish i would live under a democracy

  • That was so heart warming!!!!!!

  • President Obama, you are a gentleman, a scholar and the archetype of the US Presidency. I send your way my prayers and admiration. God bless you always.

  • He represents the good in the USA. He gives me faith in the humanity in the American people.

  • Greatest president of all time.

  • I feel so honored that I was alive during his presidency. He will go down as one of the best presidents we've ever had.

    • @HairGod Zito Seek help. Seriously. You're delusional. You need professional help.

    • Look up how many bombs he dropped in 2016, he completely destabilized the Middle East and South Africa. 26,000 boms on 7 countries. Trump brought peace through strength.

  • I'm crying I miss my President and family The Obama's

  • What an assole

  • Barry Soetoro

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  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • President Obama is a good and honorable man. I miss his decency.

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  • I love Obama!

  • This man asked the former president of the USA if he had sex with his wife in the night he ordered the Osama hit!!!!! The hell hahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yobama

  • What a crok hes the biggest criminal out there. Bunch of looser dems brain washed lol!!!

    • @Vic Lee Obama? The guy who dropped 26,000 bombs on countries in one year. (2016) Look it up. He completely destabilized South Africa and the Middle East. Trump brought a peace deal with the Abraham acourd. . Trump was slandered. Obama got his tracks covered.

    • He is not, you're just mad that he was 1000x the President and 1,000,000x the man Trump could ever hope to pretend to be.

  • For all you that have insurance of some kind and they call it Obama Bless America

  • what’s the issue republicans have with health care?

    • Obamacare was destroying our economy. It wasn’t sustainable.

  • The fcking apprentice guy, screwing playboy bunnies questioning the president's birthday certificate. The fcking nerve!!!

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  • I hate Jimmy 20:56

  • Gets Cajun trout?!

  • Obama is a winner.

  • I'm just watching and smiling. Such a good man

  • Black and white rain

  • No put Alixil bliss in da bag

  • Obama Obama Obama yo mama

  • Obama

  • trump's book explaining how he makes decision while is he president would consist of one page, "i feel like it"

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  • Any one else think jimmy would be an amazing president

  • I cried at he end!


  • Thank you Obama for how you handled illegal immigration. Don't know what I mean look it up!

  • Joyce is too cute.

  • The fact that this man chose Joe Biden as his vice-president gives me hope that theres a bright future ahead for America

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  • I really love the introduction question. It is true.

  • I’m listening to his book right now and it is so interesting and insightful to what was going on in the country at that time. He was one of the best presidents this country has ever had! His caring for the people is so obvious in his book!

  • I adore the Obama family! They’re so amazing

  • Democrats are disingenuous idiots. Trump will win his trial. The few Republicans claiming to vote against Trump are going against their own constituents. They're idiots too...MAGA 2024, we'll see you in 4 years!!!