I Pushed The Ripsaw Tank To The Edge Of It’s Limits!

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
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  • Literally one of these sitting out front of the military barracks near me.

  • Your editor must have learned how to mix sound from Hollywood. Voices are at -10 to -20db levels and awful music is at 0db. Great videos other than that. Keep it up!

  • Heap off useless ugly vehicles... hopefully you’ll grow up one day.

  • You're comparing ripsaw to a bobcat skid steer the two couldn't be more different a skid steer motor runs a hydraulic pump the hydraulic pump runs everything there's no drive shaft going from the motor to the wheels and in a skid steer the lovers and a skid steer go down to hydraulic actuators push fluid one way or the other way which turns Wheels one way or the other way even joystick control opens hydraulic actuator valves that move hydraulic fluid one way or another way ripsaw has a drive shaft that goes through the transmission into a gearbox which is hydrostatic like a lawn mower. I think that you would definitely explain to the audience that you're not a mechanical engineer even though you claim to be one or act like one

  • Dude we get it anybody who knows anything about ripsaw probably seen well I personally have seen how and how tech build ripsaw as well as GI Joe retaliation yeah the rock got to drive that and the m134 minigun mounted to the top of it that was cool. But everybody that's been close to that has never revealed one thing I know how the track and suspension work I know how the transmission works I can build the motor with my eyes closed I can build the frame with my eyes closed where do we get the track what does the track come off of what piece of equipment what company makes that track that is the hardest part to get because how and how tech never said where they got the track from what type of piece of equipment did it come off of it's too big to be a bobcat it's too big to be a bobcat excavator it's not wide enough to be a John Deere tractor track. So what is the part number if you had to order a new track because you broke it anybody who wants to build rips off from scratch needs to know that

  • MAGA

  • Right

  • Yooo ❤

  • Mount a Mawdeuce on the back and the Army be going crazy.

  • thank you so much for that video, now i need one.

  • hahahahahaha

  • Prevent getting car jacked my ass. Thats for the zombie apocalypse that is coming.

  • willing to bet they move to florida soon

  • Don’t ever take the camera again wtf 😳

  • Damn hmmm I choose all of them lol

  • Another vehicle for the wish list!

  • I was sold when you said flamethrower, yes ill take 2 please.😁

  • Dude that looks like a frickin blast!!! Wish I was y’all.

  • Looks like something you would see in a GI Joe cartoon.

  • That is so fun I want to go

  • Come on mate @HeavyDSparks. Have you ever been to South Africa or the Middle East? It is not that dangerous for the people to have these type of armoured vehicles. Cash-in-transit cars are armoured but the people on the street dont drive armoured vehicles. Its not a war zone as you think it might be.

  • 👉🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👈🏻

  • That collection is sick!

  • That ripsaw is badass

  • Everyone of them

  • I wanted to see more of the Brabus G Wagon. Pretty sure only 10 exist

  • New sub today. I'd just love to come play with your toys for a day. What a great life

  • As long as there is a duremax in the truck then i want it

  • I would really like to get your buddies email and web site thank you awesome stuff!!!

  • Yes because we can all afford a half million dollar tank some of us can't even afford $300,000 house

  • I take the ripsaw

  • I have to go with the tank.

  • Stop with the over editing. Stop making movies. You're on SEnewss. Be real you cringy fk.

  • I could watch this video 1000x over just wow!

  • Badass no doubt but more of a review than pushing it to its limit..

  • Boner City

  • I choose ripsaw all day

  • And the armored Homer

  • All of the cars

  • 👍👍👍

  • How does this guy own all these things.

  • so mainly we are looking at a Heavy D doing research on how to build his own Ripsaw.... Right?

  • .. from Italy, can have something of you ?!!?...😉

  • the random "msgs"/ adds / "sponsers" sections are fucking hularious!!

  • I remember when the Howe brothers first introduced the Ripsaw it had a blown 427 GM BB in it and I remember thinking it was insane then! Its obviously been much more refined now but it looks equally capable as it used to be, crazy brilliant machine!

  • I wonder what this guy do for a living. He seemed to be living the life of all the billionaires combined. 😀 Atleast imho

  • Wow🙉

  • So.... the first task is to save the black communities that BLM is actively destroying, drive these through town, saving the black community from BLM's destruction.

  • Definitely between the rip saw or the 6x6

  • That is a cool vehicle but god I hate video in which they do the actual things 10% of the video

  • I pick the rip saw👍👍

  • I choose the armored one or the tank

  • I miss the Howe&HoweTech show on TV

  • I freaking need this

  • Im from south africa!!

  • Idk im a loyal guy but if someone let me drive that thing i may just disappear

  • Not having one is not a option.

  • Just randomly stumbled across this video today, subscribed, this is dopedope 💯👍

  • Take it out to Moab and do some of the trails, that would be cool

  • I want to see all his vehicle collection

  • This is easily the best youtube channel ever

  • "I have got to get me one of these"

  • If I had a chance to drive the ripsaw ,you wouldn't be able to get me out of it .I seen this toy on Fast and the Furious and I fell in love with this bad ass tank then I was wondering how to put a jet engine on this amazing hot rod of tanks ! You guys are so lucky to get to do this cool stuff. Have fun at what you are doing

  • The least you could do was offer to clean it, instead of bailing out 👍🤠

  • Howe&Howe

  • Nice Tim and Eric clip!!

  • Y’all are crazy and cool at the same time! lol 😂 I love your videos guys!

  • Please please please fix your audio popping sound issue!!!

  • I want one but I can't afford it

  • Ripsaw

  • So cool. A tank that throws roost!!

  • Why did I just find this channel? I wish I would’ve found it a long time ago.

  • Made in mAine? Am I right?

  • You should get one custom built for the cabin trips

  • That thing is sick

  • You guys are hard workers... I damn sure hope you grabbed the steam Jenny and cleaned them back up for him

  • Damn dude... I got that in GTA :P

  • ever since I saw the ripsaw on howe & howe tech (senewss.infofeatured) being built ive wanted one so bad, you are one lucky duck. You gotta check out the riptide, its an amphibious version of the ripsaw.

  • Well that's good though because you shouldn't spin 360s on track machines. Just rips the tracks up.

  • Yellow H1, my choice.

  • It was nice of them to double the price of the ripsaw after it became popular, seems like a respectable company...

  • Let's see protesters lie down in front of this thing coming

  • Now I will never be financially stable.

  • Id take the Hummer 6x6

  • that hayeu moto kah bro, lam pap ma keuh

  • Emissions aren't the ripsaws best quality ! That's one smokey beast

  • South Africa?? Hahahaha... Dude.. You need to travel more.. Haha... Only the Chinese have their cars armoured and the cash transit vans are armoured... The rest of us drive shit buckets a bb gun could shoot through the rust panels.. Hahaha

  • Ride this vehicle to pick up my date... It would be awesome!

  • WOOOOOOOOOW THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOW !!!!!!!!!

  • this would be a dream. this is on my list of sh*t to do in life

  • You have cool friends

  • Can I get this in a 6.7 Cummins trim. Not a fan of powercroak or duracraps. However I would prefer the Duramax over the Powerstroke if I had to choose.

  • Ripsaw

  • I'm thinking I'd have to have the "RIPSAW"!!!! HECK YEAH, then head over to a few people who suck get on their front lawn and GETTER DONE!!!!

  • I see you have found the halls of freedom and bald eagles

  • That things fkn wicked man

  • it sounds like a mini leopard 2 mbt

  • ²⁴Now to Him who has the power to keep you from stumbling, and to stand you in the presence of his glory blameless and exulting, ²⁵to the only God our savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, to him be glory, majesty, dominion and power, in all ages before, and now, and into all the ages to come. Amen.

  • I want to ride in it