Cody and Noel Do: Horses

Publicerades den 31 mar 2021
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Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking (pt. 2)


  • this physically hurt to watch

  • Hol up the titles sus af

  • saying they've turned into horse men has the same vibes as spongebob and patrick thinking they turned into men with seaweed mustaches

  • It's not cody and noel its the horrible trainer and in my opinion noel was more balanced then the "trainer"

  • Cody and Noel: Horse Play

  • I love that the top comment is a non-horse rider who cannot see that they are mentally *killing* the horses. I do not blame them or Cody ko or Noels though.

  • it's the pelhams on the lowest ring for me :/

  • The girl dont know how to ride she kicked the horse in the flenk as hard as sje could like wtf. She is so hard handed like wtf you are holdeng bacl and kicking and that says go amd stop at the same time.

  • guys pls. Next time, get a person who knows horses next time. you got totally tricked by that woman on how to handle horses. That is bad horsemanship. But ty for showing that to the rest of us :)

  • Horsin' Around.

  • so cody and noel decided to take up the thats cringe pony play thing-

  • I like how Cody is a third wheel in the beginning 😂

  • I came from our lord and savior Raleigh

  • Cody looked like lord farquaad from shrek

  • I’ve only ridden a horse like 3 times but to my knowledge I only had to tap them on the side with a bit of pressures? Please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you have to tap them that hard

  • wow she’s one of the worst instructors ever omg. she looks like she’s never taken a lesson at all

  • I feel so bad for those horses that “trainer” does not know how to ride and she I so abuseiv to the horses and has such a hard hand gosh

  • This was SO hard to watch. From them joking about people dying from riding to this terrible instructor and them being taught so improperly and airing it to millions of people like a “joke.” 😅

  • This is just not right

  • 90% of the comments are about animal abuse

  • “I’m not gonna do that” ndhsja good

  • I thought you were going to dress up as horses and do those competitions where people galop and whinnie, the ones Cody reacted to 🤣

  • Juan premium

  • Omg that bit is so harsh and she is yanking on the reins

  • Can’t believe she’s a riding instructor.... what in the fuck did I just watch. This is literally how NOT to ride a horse. Not hating on Cody and Noel cause they don’t know any better but shit.

  • please stop that riding instructor

  • noel saying good girl i- I can't breathe

  • Don't get me wrong, sometimes you may have to be tough with a horse, if they're oversized for you or something like that, but christ man you should never be this fucking rough with a horse.

  • Doesn’t look like hobby horsing to me..

  • Ive ridden horses 3 times, no training, and somehow im a better rider than her, fucken abuser

  • Just gonna add to the other comments this „Instructor“ is not doing anything right!!! The way she is „riding“ her horse is a nightmare for anyone who has undergone professional training. Where did you find this scammer? This is not how you ride or guide a horse :(.

  • that title kinda odd man lmao

  • Really horrible, not the video (you guys are really fine) but the chicken instructor, im so sorry fot the horses.

  • Im absolutely do not know jackshit about horse riding and im not defending the girl but i just have a genuine question. Is it possible that the girl asked noel and cody to kick as hard as they could because she was used to teaching kids and kids dont usually have that much strength?

  • this is literally the worst trainer i have ever seen. she clearly was not taught good horsemanship and should not me passing her “methods” onto other people. completely not cody and noels fault this girl just doesn’t know what she’s doing

  • this is literally the worst trainer i have ever seen. she clearly was not taught good horsemanship and should not me passing her “methods” onto other people. completely not cody and noels fault this girl just doesn’t know what she’s doing

  • First. Dont ride with a halter and a bit if your gonna do that ride with a trail bridle. Second. Dont kick them as hard as you can just squeeze or lightly kick. Then dont pull your reins back to back up. Simply lean back a little squeeze and no pressure on your reins. Bad trainers these days💀

  • That saddle on Noels horse looked horrible it’s way to small for it that’s right tells me she has no idea what’s she’s doing

  • Watching her on the horse is so uncomfortable. They could not have found a worse instructor. 😖

  • She actually made it drift

  • wait they're fucking horses?

  • Cody and Noel do Horses Might not be the best phrasing

  • I'm an equestrian, and that trainer is so stupid and knows nothing...... NEVER PULL A HORSES FACE LIKE THAT. Like bro your hands should be down by the saddle, and that's not even the worst thing she did. Like OH MY GOD DONT GET ME STARTED WITH HOW SMALL THAT TACK IS ON THE HORSE.😵

  • No hate to you guys because you don't know any better, but damn this is painful to watch. What an abusive "instructor". Those horses were saints for sure

  • "tarantino's foot farm is just down the way" completely floored me

  • It not your guy’s fault just want to inform that the lady that’s instructing you guys is pretty horrible. She seems to not know what she is doing and is abusing the horse right in front of y’all. It’s just her teaching methods were not good at all.

  • Country boyyyy I love youuuu w h e g h

  • Pony play

  • Poor horses.

  • Southern bois everywhere are cringing hard. 😂 Look at how far back they're holding the reigns, lol.

  • Pony play

  • Lmao she cant even ride. Go watch a video and see how gently people do it. She's just hurting the horse. Horses are Wayyyyy more senstive that us so go to a proper trainer she legit sucks.

  • This instructor is literally the worst I’ve probably ever seen💀

  • Cody's hair looks majestic

  • now that was a legendary add read


  • who else feels like her story of her falling down a ravine is cap

  • i don’t claim to know a bunch about training horses but i’ve actually been to riding lessons and my family owns a farm with horses so i’ve literally been riding horses my entire life and mostly bareback, and this girl is crazy. she does not know how to treat horses and is an awful teacher, so i hope no one actually tries to use what she “taught” in this video

  • Was "hot" the only requirement for teaching? Because she is WILDLY bad at this and maybe shouldn't even own horses if 'kicking them as as hard as you can' is a lesson. So bad.... so, so bad.

  • As a person who works with horses, this “trainer” it’s literally trash. Her riding skills are literally nothing, I feel so bad for these horses that they have to be treated like this. It is disgraceful.

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a horse. Just trust me. My mom almost forgot her helmet one time but was reminded and that same day her horse bolted and she tried to stop by doing a sharp turn but she was flung off and smacked into the electric fence. Also you NEVER kick your horse this lady is a bad instructor imagine being kicked in your stomach.

  • She’s trying to act cute and tough but she’s abusive and out of line.

  • Awful “trainer” all the stuff y’all “learned” is completely wrong and awfully executed. If that girl was in my facility she would be kicked out. It’s a shame because a real riding facility would actually properly teach y’all and it’s fun.

  • This girl really pisses me off

  • Cody looks like my mom

  • Did they seriously mount with the horses TIED to the trailer?!?! JFC! I mean, this whole “lesson” (I use that term very loosely) is a train wreck. But that is incredibly dangerous. And I’m sorry, there are horses out there that will kick you even if they know your there. I have a hard time believing she had show horses. The super I’ll fitting tack is a big clue. And I get that she is simplifying the commands for the guys. But safety here is a giant issue. Those helmets don’t fit probably either.

  • They really should redo this with a legit instructor :/

  • Love you guys but next time go somewhere else because this instructor is sooooo bad (from equestrian point of view).

  • yay

  • Honestly this girl is a terrible trainer. I would really like to see them redo this with an actual instructor

  • I feel like im the only one in the comments that isn’t a horse expert.

  • i'm sorry i love cody and noel but i've been riding my whole life, and as an equestrian, it's clear as day that the trainer is awful, innit. like seriously. you DON'T need to "kick as hard as you can" to make the poor creature go fast; even if they just see the whip from the corner of their eye, they'll start to speed up, WITHOUT needing to be hit at all. this is proper animal abuse, and she clearly does NOT know what she's doing.

  • The instructor is straight up abusing the horses. It's a miracle that the horse didn't just throw her of the way she treated it.

  • SEnewss thinks I'm male when I watch your videos and I get the weirdest ads.

  • It is not pay to ride a good that way.the horses were not NOT HAPPY.I'M NOT HAPPY and some one could've been hu YANKING ON THE REINS KICKING OUT LIKE A MANIAC .just stop,okay stop

  • as someone who’s never ridden a horse, even i can tell this is abuse. it doesn’t take much to educate yourself, and i’d think if you’re gonna teach others to ride, you should’ve learned that by now.

    • just from watching RaleighLink14s video and reading the comments on this i already feel like i have more common sense than the “instructor” in this 💀

  • I have had horrible instructors but this woman here tops my "worst riding 'instructor' " list

  • i was so excited about this video, but i'm so disappointed by the trainer. she is absolutely horrible to the horses, and cause she's been taught that way she doesn't know any better so even if she reads these comments she's not gonna get it. horrible, i hope cody and noel don't take tips from her or think that this is how horses are actually treated. this is absolutely ANIMAL ABUSE, horrible to watch. they should have researched the place beforehand, but also they don't know horses so how could they know what theire seeing is wrong. just horrible to watch, she absolutely shouldn't work with horses

  • I was so excited to watch this but it’s really disappointing to see how shitty this girl treats her horses

  • Guys, quit accusing her of lying about nationals! I’m sure she went... an observer 🙄

  • As an equestrian the ‘trainer’ is horrible! Those poor horses the tack doesn’t even fit them!

  • Terrible instructor. Has anyone seen the 2 reaction videos from Raleigh and think like a horse? This instructor is clearly abusing the horse and doesn't know what she's doing.

  • The way she yanked on the girth is a prime example on how horses get scared of the girth

  • OK I thought Cody's long hair didn't look great but finally seeing it without a cap on it has changed my mind completely

  • You dont need to pull a horses head up from eating!

  • This "trainer" sucks she cant even balance herself in her saddle and I dont believe for one minute that she ever show jumped!

  • Nice video

  • Don’t be shy, what’s the riding instructors name???

  • I feel absolutely TERRIBLE for these horses. This is the worst trainer I’ve ever be using such a hard bit and yanking the reins around like a fucking idiot...those poor horses’ mouths must be so messed up

  • Mfs were just bouncin on them horses😂

  • This woman is not a real instructor. I have never seen an equestrian pull horse reins that way. Also, i’m surprised the horse didn’t buck her off when she kicked its flank like that. The horses are honestly probably so used to be treated badly that they just take it. I wish the guys had gone to a riding stable for a real lesson instead of this bullshit.

  • "Kick as hard as you can" If my instructor caught me kicking like that I'd be dead. She'd beat me with a whip. I'd never do that to my baby anyway. You can see how much pain that poor horse is in too it's so sad. Those are beautiful animals and she is putting them in so much pain. Especially in Tom Thumb bits.

  • living for the horse girls DRAGGING the trainer through the mud in these comments

  • You what?

  • disappointed that this wasn’t pony play

  • cool how they got lauren southern to show them around the ranch

  • Let's not even talk about her adjusting the girth....that gave me a heart attack.

  • That instructor is not an instructor. I don't know what she is but definitely not that. I would say nothing that comes out of her mouth is normal nor good for horses. I ride very day and never have i ever kicked a horse as hard as I can. It is not teaching them anything except putting them in pain for no reason. Very sad that people that don't know anything about horses get lessons by her and think that is normal.

  • cody's legs are so short he can't kick the horse lmao

  • Props to cody for facing his fears 😂