Every Masked Singer Reveal (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3)

Publicerades den 28 maj 2020
The Masked Singer has captivated America, and it isn’t hard to see why. The elaborate costumes, the performances, and the big mystery behind the identities of its celebrity competitors have America invested and committed to finding out who each contestant really is. With that said, here are all the reveals from Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.
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  • nick cannon ceo i knew it

  • I found out who Rhino was and I screamed ou BaRRy zITo!!!!!

  • No one: Nick Cannon: I knew it

  • The host kept saying "i knew" it. Stop it!!!!

  • ken is always jumping up in he air with his hands on his cheeks🤡

  • " i knew it!" LOL

  • I’m surprised I got T-pain right-

  • nobody: litterly no one: nick cannon: I knew it👀🤣🤣🤣

  • Who the hell are these people

  • Get Brendon Urie on this show

  • I watched this video and completely forgot that Ninja was on this

  • Blacks performing but no Black Judge..I stopped watching this madness. Nick is no real Black..

    • Fucking hell does everything have to be about race? It's a show about Big furries singing, it doesn't matter whether your black, white or fucking purple

  • I'm annoyed how over the top fake the audience is

  • My favorite is:poodle,unicorn,bear,swan,t-rex,miss monster,kitty and queen bee

  • My favorite is:unicorn,swan,t-rex,miss monster,lion,queen bee,kitty and night angel

  • 6:03 - I KNEW IT! 6:38 - I KNEW IT! 7:23 - I KNEW IT! 7:43 - I KNEW IT! 8:55 - I KNEW IT! 9:23 - I KNEW IT! 11:01 - I KNEW IT! (not Cannon) 15:50 - I KNEW IT! 18:55 - I KNEW IT! okay, let's do something useful now!

  • The amount of times Nick Cannon said "I knew it" is ridiculous 😂

  • How the hell did politicians and athletes beat out Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick? What a terrible season that was

  • My favorite is:unicorn,t-rex,poodle,lion and alien

  • Ridiculous , audience always soooo amazed when masks are off and yet at least half of those “famous “ singers are as famous as my grandfather’s left foot , stupid.

  • Wtf are these people?

  • Desperate for shows

  • AYO victor olidipo goes to my church!

  • Everyone: OMG ITS.. Me:Who the hell is that

  • Tori Jackson looks more like Micheal Jackson then Micheal Jackson

  • Why do aly the girls sound like Mike Cyrus 😂😂

  • Nick Canon stop f***n lying bro eveytime,every reveal yuh be "I knew it" c'mon that cheap

  • I can't watch this show. I ga e it another shot by clicking on video. This show is for kids but I see grown adults in the seats watching. It's like trying watch Barney. 😂

  • So they think people are gonna keep watching because they bring on 3 icons and 3 contestants that can actually sing? The only one I was impressed with was T-pain.


  • Is there a more obvious display of insincere pageantry out there? How fraudulent does "reality TV" need to be for people to escape from its grasp?

  • nick knows everyone man

  • 9:10 tho... 10:53 7:44 19:38

  • WTF is the gronk doping there

  • Who tf are these people dude😂

  • lil Wayne looked so happy

  • It's Wayne Brady bitch

  • Daughtry should have won over Wayne Brady easily

  • Take a shot everytime Nick says "I knew it!!!"

  • Every mask singer taking their mask off. Nick: I KNEW IT I KNEW IT.

  • Nick: I knew it!!🗣

  • When she guessed Jessie J or Ariana Grande I almost spit out my drink. They have two of the most recognizable and insanely beautiful voices lol wtf are you smoking

  • T Pain was the best of them all!


  • Nick Canon: I knew it The judges: I had no clue Everyone else: Who the fk is this person

  • Would love to see Billy Porter and Stevie J. On here

  • My god the cringe Germany: polite clap UK: eeehhhh Us:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My god the cringe

  • I only know ONE person PER SEASON

  • How is Oladipo that good at singing

  • I know no one exept ninja that also becoz he came once in dream smp i dont know anyone else i dont know the judges i dont know the audience i dont even know the show exist thats what exept americans can say..😅😂

    • Also one judge is literally saying everyone one of them that i knewwwwwww Ksstdgwdusjrbdeuepwnw🤪

  • Nick Canon always knew it.

  • Niespocinke..huopak.immny

  • I only knew who raven symone was-

  • The mask singer is the next "dancing with the Stars" washed up celebrities

  • I didn't know half these people

  • nobody: Nick: I KNEW IT

  • They had two cheetah girls lol

  • If I have to hear one more “ I KNEW IT” from Nick Cannon. You ain’t know shit bro

  • Rob grownkowski was the most fking obvious. Dude just spoke caveman the whole time he was singing

  • Why did the black widow have to go so fast 😭

  • Why is the host saying "i knew it" in every reveal😒

  • For all the people in the comments saying you don’t know who these people are. They literally explain who they are like TF what else do you want !

  • Nick keeps saying I KNEW IT !!!! ... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Um, hm ok.

  • Duddeee! I thought this show was for Celebs people didn't know could sing?! Why are absolute legends like Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, and Chaka Khan on this show?! They're absolutely phenomenal singers!

    • There trying to have variety

  • I love how Nick says after every reveal “ I knew it”...

  • How many times did nick cannon said I knew it

  • Half these folks are legit superstars who don't really need this gig. The other half are obscure "celebrities" who are trying to be relevant, or kickstart a long dead career.

  • Kandi ; Because House wives. Dr Drew; Because he went on Wendy. The rest of it I will have to Google It or never mind. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • T- Pain was obvious, but dude is very talented

  • I am bad at this show because I barley know any famous people I know then the people who get unmasked I forget them

  • I want someone to have the guts to sing their own song.

    • They did!!! Check out this clip from Masked Singer UK senewss.info/slow/iLjVfamVbNHIbdQ/video

  • The crowd has no idea who half these people are 🤣🤣

  • Nick cannon need to be at the judges seat cuz damn this man always saying “I knew it” like c’mon now

  • Tpain is forever one of my favorite singers. His rapping and hip hop was my nostalgic childhood but his singing brings me to tears

  • Wack azz show

  • I only recognized 3 of all these people

  • i knew it..😂

  • Yo the audience are all paid actors. They make me feel stupid for not knowing these some these "celebrities"😁😁😁

  • Did Nick really know all of them, "I knew it"

  • I remember these seasons like they were yesterday...

  • Колит. Ди

  • 14:55 "is that Tina Fey?" There's your winner lol

  • that s why the oscars are so not liked anymore , rich people patting there backs and its so bad i want end my self after watching this BS

  • cringe fest lol

  • Didn't know any of these people! Haha

  • Я итц Рашен Хелоу маза фака

  • Yasss 4 Kandi Being The 1st Female Winner


  • The only people I knew were jojo siwa and Ninja 👁👄👁

  • The fact that half of the comments I've seen say ' I don't even know who that is' just goes to show how young you are. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • This is probably one of the stupidest shows EVER.

  • We get it okay. Ya'll don't have to keep on saying you don't know half of these people. We f*cking get it.

  • Soooooo fake I hate it

  • Nick in all reveal - I knew it lol

  • T-pain was surprisng LOL

  • Come on I can’t stand hearing Nick say I knew it every fucking time

  • I love all the planted audience members that act so shocked and excited when they reveal some person that maybe 1% of people might recognize

  • Butterfly:prestations of michell williams was so lit🔥🔥🔥