Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! 😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were tasked with picking their England squads for Euro 2020 and clashed over several selections during a fascinating discussion.
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  • Sancho, Dier, Greenwood also Bellingham instead of Philips? Lingard missing out. Or Henderson, A-A, Stones, Maguire, Shaw, Rice, Foden, Grealish, Sancho, Kane, Rashford. Pickford, Walker, Dier, Mings, Chilwell, Henderson, Mount, Bellingham, Sterling, Greenwood, Lingard. Pope, W-P, C-L. Standby; Johnstone, Coady, Saka, Maddison, Alli, Barnes, Ings.

  • Harry Maguire is the shittiest Man Utd player and shittiest England player. Neville has always been obsessed about Maguire, for what ever reason.

  • Gary nevile making sky sports awesome

  • Carra's deluded to think Croatia isn't among the very best and deserve due consideration.

  • Trent was a disgrace against Real

  • Two screeching boring sky company bellends

  • Trent is a liability

  • Jamie Carragher - Picks 9 defenders, including 3 right-backs. Argument 'We must be pragmatic'. Also Jamie Carragher - 'WhY mUsT tHeY hAvE mOrE oF tHe BaLl?'

  • Gary is mustard at speaking sense. Best pundit about. Footy boffin!

  • who is this kevin de bryne who plays right back?

  • Carragher just tries to score points rather than think about the argument

  • I would get on my knees and beg Jamie Vardy

    • “And lost every time the same way” “Ive been with you a lot of the time” Lovely lovely stuff Gnev

  • Is it me, or is Jamie Carragher a little bit too cheeky these days?

  • So Reece James out...are they kidding 🤣

    • What about mount, rice, and foden in a mid 3 with mount and rice cm and foden as cam with mount doing mount things going forward and back?

  • Carragher thinks way to highly of the players that we have

  • Carragher is an absolute pineapple 🍍

  • Total bullshit

  • Carragher the blue ha ha ha ha 😂

  • Such long in depth discussions about who the best players are and what our best team will be. England have no chance of winning the euros lmao. I know we like to hope but surely noone really thinks that our team is anywhere near good enough to win anything. I'd be surprised if I ever see England win a major tournament

  • Lingard?

  • where is Reece James i know im a chelsea fan but it has to be him or trent surely


  • Best team we've had since the Bobby Charlton days, including 'the golden generation', wish Wan Bissaka didn't quit but it is what it is

  • Bamford for kane ez

  • First of all how is Greenwood a better Finnisher than rashford? And second where the hell js bamford ?

  • “And lost every time the same way” “Ive been with you a lot of the time” Lovely lovely stuff Gnev

  • Garys won? United united united ! 😴😴😴

  • These pundits think they know all abt modern football yh they may be stars at their clubs but sometimes their choices really p*ss u off sometimes waffling on TV How tf could you leave Sancho out🤦

  • I turned off when Neville started talking rubbish about Maguire

  • I really hope England fans, Southgate and the FA aren’t that deluded that they feel they can go to the Euros with out Sancho

  • Jamie:"are the players in the Croatian team even that good for us to say they'll be dominating the ball against us?" Modric, Kovacic, Orsic: "Hold our beers"

    • brozovic....orsic wont play

  • Sancho isn’t here this is criminal

  • Gary and Jamie are old school, not afraid to hurt each others feelings, they can take anything on the chin like men, both give professional opinions based on experience, then shake each others hands afterwards.

  • Who's here after TAA score a worldie in the 91st minute, silencing all the haters?! Turning doubters into believers..

    • This guy is the worst England manager

  • Sorry, but in my opinion carragher is nothing but an ill mannered gobshite!

  • I would personally try keane and stones

  • Since When’s did McGuire become a must have cb?

  • To provide people who don't seem to get the Maguire-Kane thing with another example: Under Luis Enrique, Barca's best three players were MSN. Yet, particularly in the second season, I'd say losing Sergio Busquets would have been a far bigger blow than losing one of the trio. The best player isn't necessarily always the most irreplaceable player

  • James Maddison a great midfielder

  • But it's hard to pick strikers now a days

  • Vardy left cause your manager left him on the bench :)

  • Jadon sancho if he was English

  • Gary’s getting mixed up with Maguires price tag rather than how good he actually is

  • Who’s here after TAA won the Aston Villa game? 😋

  • Gary 'England can't dominate the ball' Neville. Vs Croatia 55% of the ball twice in the Nations League Vs Belgium 55% of the ball in the Nations League.

  • Gomez at the back

  • Magurie !!😂😂😂 some people will never stop being delusional. That's why England wont win a trophy anytime in the coming decades

  • I really hate that Gomez is injured it would be him and stones

  • This guy is the worst England manager

  • Ward prowse Coady Ings

  • Sancho 100% in my England team even if he is injured 😂🤣

  • Konsa. could be a good backup for maguire

  • I think konsa could be class personally

  • do these 2 dudes hate each other

  • Portugal will win Euro this year (Cr7,jota,felix,pepe,bernado silva,dias,fernandes...)

  • The stormy arithmetic preferably juggle because whiskey erroneously attach near a well-groomed spike. illegal, sloppy mother

  • Why is Jamie being so rude???

  • Jude Bellingham,Sancho and Saka has to be there and Tomori deserves a shout btw Nick Pope is soo underrated

    • What about adding Ben Godfrey to the squad. First hes better all round than Shaw and can play right across the back 4

  • Carragher over neville 😂

  • Classic PL bias. If Sancho played in England, he'd make every pundit and critic's starting XI without a moment's thought.

  • Croatia 😂😂

    • Mandzukicc.....and england are hurt

  • Loved to see carra going mad at garry for picking TAA ahead of tripier after criticized TAA😂😂

  • Stuck in two minds between whether to embrace how good Foden/Grealish/Mount are and play two of them in the midfield or be safe and only play one

  • I love good football talk

  • Even as a Scotland fan, England have a scary amount of ability in that squad

  • Greenwood over Saka 😂😂😂😂

  • Nick pope slept on. Should be number 1.

  • Walker over Maguire any formation any day any team. The fridge is expendable. I dont know whats Neville on about

  • Nobody has sancho what happened with English people u guys crazy

  • Who would like to talk rubbish about Trent after today’s game ayy?

  • Mount and Foden have to play.

  • I know that Michail Antonio has declared for Jamaica, but the fact that he has never been called up for England and he didn't even seem to be on their radar is just bonkers to me. He's such an effective attacker, his non penalty expected goals plus assisted per 90 is third in the premier league behind Kevin DeBruyne and Harry Kane. Not to mention his ability to hold onto the ball and relieve pressure is exceptional. If they would have capped Michail Antonio and brought him to the euros you would've had a phenomenal backup to Harry Kane or even play them together which would probably be a pretty deadly combo.

  • where's lingardhino?

  • What about adding Ben Godfrey to the squad. First hes better all round than Shaw and can play right across the back 4

  • shocking how no one talks about wan bissaka

  • Neville talking waffle about Dean henderson

  • Reece james shits on all these right backs -strongest -best crosser par trent -best positioning -barely makes mistakes -has the most accurate passes/successful crosses -has the best end product -is the best in the air -is the most balanced

  • Very entertaining

  • So since this debate Trent has had a shocker against Real Madrid and has scored a quality last minute winner vs Villa having had good match. Carragher seemed to think the performance vs Villa showed why he should be in the squad saying “are you watching Gary Neville” in commentary (or something like that). This is so ironic because it just proves Gary’s point entirely. When it comes down to the important matches England won’t be playing Villa level teams/players they’ll be playing Madrid level teams/players. So sure he can be in the squad in the summer for the group games but by no means should he be playing in the tough matches (which will be most) Also still have no idea how both have completely ignored Sancho and Maddison

  • Did he just say Greenwood is a better finisher than DCL? I'm not even an Everton fan

  • Maguire is a shambles stones and Walker come on mannnnnnnn

  • Why is Caragher still in a job?

  • Maguire more important than kane? Wth is Gary smoking 😳

  • Sancho has a combined play time with England of 4 full 90 mins altogether scoring 3 times and assisting 4 he also plays on the right were all the rest play left 😀 these two are getting annoying now 🙄

  • Gary neville making it abundantly clear he's a left wing ❄, why bring politics into football.

  • No Saka Sancho?

  • Trent over James? Heads gone

  • Blah blah blah we can all laugh at England when they fail again.... cossetted under achievers

  • Henderson starts over Phillips all day if he is fit. Phillips a good player, but did not look like he was top level international standard yet. Gary’s Man U bias is hilarious, foden, sancho and Grealish all start ahead of Rashford for England IMO.

    • Danny Ings should definitely have had a mention too

  • Let's have Jamie and Gary do a pay per view boxing match!!

  • "A" nonsense...

  • Jamie hasn’t got a clue, Gary’s team could actually do well.

  • This many views sky are going to encourage this stuff from now on...

  • TRENT HAS to be in the 23 as 1 of 2 right backs !!!

  • TRENT WILL HATE this !!!,but i’m a LIVERPOOL fan 1st and England fan 2nd,don’t get me wrong i would think Semis with good performances and results would be acceptable 👍,but i’m concerned about the POOL!!!

  • anyone that under football knows nevs talking genuine facts when talking about maguire

  • straight off the bat neville HARRY MAGUIRE would be the biggest loss LOL😄,one he’s not that good !,rose tinted 2019 world cup glasses,two for me that’s not how we play under Gareth!,i think a Tyrone Mings Comes in and fills maguires place pretty much solid !!

  • Square pegs in round holes a spade is a spade we do this time after time going into these tournaments full of hope deluding ourselves and yet the elephant in the room gets the better of us every time!! The continual myth that every 2 years a group of "young talented English players" are going to out compete and overhaul the usual suspects who always seem to have at least 2 technically astute players at their disposal whilst our so called technical players are going to out possession them for 90 mins is absurd. Now maybe this time it will be different this time Gareth will pick the right players for the given match and thwart the opposition maybe the players will finally realize what representing the 3 Lions really means maybe?

  • Whos here after TAAs goal against Villa?

  • Who’s here after TAA struck that rocket 🚀 against Villa Front of Gareth southgate😎