It's Not Sand You're Hitting It's Hard Rock - Ep. 246 RAN Sailing

Publicerades den 9 apr 2021
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Malin, Johan & Vera


  • Great views, but what a remote place to live with only sixty people. What fun to get around the island on that moped.

  • I notice that many of the houses are the same color. Is that a requirement or is that just the standard available building materials? looks neat but must be boring at times with everything the same color.

  • 👍😎

  • You know if a company wanted to be guaranteed a huge share of the children's life vest market they could institute for a fee An exchange program on children's life best they out grow them fast then you pay the fee and trade yours in for the next size up tell their old enough to hot out grow them

  • That is a prime docking spot I'd be there a little bit

  • I would replace the bottles as they come empty that way you never run out and it wont cost any less in the long run but it wont hurt so much when it's time to pay for them

  • You can change out your gas bottles here in the states but you can also take your bottles empty or not to the truck rental place u haul or any camper supply store and they sell propane by the lb they put your tanks on a scale and fill to capacity and charge you the deference

  • When I use to spend weekends and holidays out on the water, when I was on land I felt as if the land was moving, or if I were sitting I would feel as if I were swaying, does this seem to happen to your little one? Or does this happen to you? As you all spend all your time on the water and just a few hours off.

  • Keep the reggae back ground music - love it 😊

  • Montana boy here. In 1970 I was invited by a Swedish family to visit them on an island where they took summer vacations on the west coast of Sweden. For the previous year the daughter, my age, had been an exchange student to Montana State University where I was a student. We befriended each other. I was thrilled to see you stopped at the same island I visited those many years ago...Karingon! The long pier that you moored to was there in 1970. The towns-people whom we befriended during our stay walked along keeping pace with the ferry we took as we left the island performed a tradition for us...they cascaded off the end of the pier as our wee ferry left the harbor. This seemed to be a long standing tradition...someone (staying on the island) who was saying goodby to a dear loved one (on the ferry) would be so engrossed in the farewell that they would not see the end of the pier and fall off the end by accident. What fun.

  • Can not wait to see you guy,s knocking down coca nuts out of the trees

  • Georgous sail guy,s thank you for taking a old sea dog along

  • We love your adventures,...everyday something new to share. Thank you for taking us along. Safe travels.

  • So delightful to watch little Vera grow up and you guys sail this magic part of Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Nijntje is everywhere Grts from belgium

  • I've got to say I started following you-all because of your locations and you work so well together but I think that darn cutie Vera has all my attention! Enjoy that precious gift because they grow up so fast. Looking forward to warmer climates with the whole family..

  • What sort of heating do you have aboard Ran 2 ? It always looks so warm and cosy.

  • No helmets i guess.

  • Vira is growing up so fast I mist a just a few episodes and I feel like I mist months. What a wonderful location to wait for weather.

  • If you ask me what brings a serious smile to my face is seeing Vera in here beanie with ears!

  • Amazing places. So beautiful.

  • What if you painted your house blue in between all those red and white island houses? Would you be outcast?

    • I don’t think you’re allowed. There’s probably a “code” you have to follow when painting your house. 😊

  • Through a narrow channel under sail (time 3:51 and 11:35) takes polished nautical SKILL. Cool feeling, alertness... ohhh, yes! Windwalker has sailed plenty without an engine in confined waters, the rockiest in Lake Winnipesauke (New Hampshire, USA). Nice to see RAN II glide through a tight channel under sail! Epic. Hope Vera's endearing smile warms every marina RAN II docks in. Blessings, S/V Windwalker

  • Loving these escapes to some very picturesque Swedish locations. Your videos are so relaxing and welcome during our restricted movements in the UK.

  • Lovely episode. I have been meaning to ask, do you know how do the residents of the archipelago islands get fresh water? How did they in the 16th century? It does not look like there is enough fresh water capture and digging wells in rock sounds hard.

    • @BoelM Resmatk must have rained a lot to support 600 people!

    • In the old day they collected rain water in a system of basins

  • Den vesten er bra vår datter har hatt den frem til hun nå blir 7 år og hun har å lære å feste seg i livllinen på dekket.

  • Another great film, but what impresses this ex-sailor most is the way the boat seems to handle now with all of your modifications and improvements. It looks as though it is so much more easy to sail and control, I believe in large part to your very talented sail maker. What beautiful shapes he has made to generate that amazing power! Congratulations on making that already beautiful boat, into an even better boat more suited to your needs. The world is now your more comfortable oyster, and Vera will be at the helm before you know it. Thanks for sharing.

  • It would be very interesting to hear a little about demographics, economics etc about some of these islands you visit.

  • I realy like your videos very much, however , they could be even better if you could annotate the places you go to. Could be difficult to pic up the names. Keep up the good work and have a safe journey

  • Swedish Islands are the best!

  • Loving the hog machine shopping trolley 😂👍

  • Thanks for posting and sharing. So nice to see your family, travels, and hear you all.

  • All those beautiful prosperous villages...what do you suppose they do to earn their living?

    • Born and raised in Grundsund. Back in the days it was a small fishing village. Two of Sweden’s most reputable all-weather garments (Didrikssons and Grundén’s) actually both started here about 100 years ago. One manufacturer on each side of the harbor. 😀 My grandpa was based in Grundsund with his old time 3 masted cargo ship which actually was moored just meters from where Ran II moored in Grundsund in this clip. Nowadays Grundsund is a popular summer resort and offers one of the most popular guest harbors and restaurants in Bohuslän. Some of the ”all year habitants” work on the island and some commutes for work in the near by cities of Uddevalla, Lysekil etc. But best of all, there is still fishermen arriving with fresh cooked shrimps every Thursday during summer. If you go there, don’t miss out on that treat and also catch the sunset over the archipelago while enjoying a superb meal on the north east harbor entrance. Restaurant: Pelles Rökeri. Enjoy! 👍

  • You guys are the best sailing people on Y-Tube. Vera is a little sweetheart. I always wanted to sail like you but now I am too old. I am in my late 70's. I am from Ontario, Canada. Lots of love.

  • @ 5.00 min Vera buys RanIII while Malin is talking to camera...

  • After traveling with you on your fabulous journey, I'm so relaxed - I think about a nap. Thanks for all the work it takes to have us join your beautiful craft and family. You have the best sailing Vlog on SEnewss.

  • Trist för er att ni är fast i Sverige, men för mig som är Bohusläning i exil (fast i Skottland) är det fantastiskt att se era filmer från mina hemmavatten!

  • I’m glad you didn’t actually hit any hard rock as the title implies. I hit rock once and it’s a horrible experience

  • Hey Hey! Can you tell me the correct name for the moped you used....I would love to know the manufacturer’s name to look them up! Thanks for the wonderful very interesting to see all the archipelago islands.....

    • Google the Swedish word “flakmoped”

  • Wow...your villages are sooo lovely! Fun to watch Cheers

  • Kul att följa! Vi seglade samma sträcka tidigare i veckan. Göteborg - Bovallstrand, förbi alla fina öar!

  • Don’t worry there is no English word for that motorcycle with that carrier on the front. These things do not exist in England.

  • Awsome !! Born and raised in Grundsund

  • I can tell from especially Johan's voice he's really relaxed ATM. Nice

  • Only Johan can make a tricycle moped look hardcore 👍

  • Another lovely episode. Thank you .... ! 💯✅

  • Never mind the chandlery did not have stock, great excuse for a ride out.😉 Did I hear right - you are trusting someone else to service your auxiliary engine?😳⛵️

  • always 👍

  • We have white heather here at our house. Also purple too

  • Another interesting episode. You are the best ambassadors Sweden could have. Vera is getting so big and beautiful and is so happy. This boat was a great choice, every bit as good and safe as the ones at the boat show but at a fraction of the cost. I cant wait till you head to the Caribbean and meet up with other boating families so Vera has play mates. Stay safe.

  • Seeing Vera with a book, just shows what a sailor she will be!

  • Such an amazing family to watch. You truly love the life your living on the boat especially Johan.

  • You 3 are good for the soul...

  • I am really getting old, your baby is now walking and it seams like yesterday she was born. I love her smiling eyes. I know, but stay safe over there. Love from Oz.

  • What a beautiful Country!

  • Awesome music!

  • Che bello, complimenti per tutto.

  • Wow those gas prices are pretty hefty. Here in Canada swapping gas bottles costs about 20$ CDN and a refill for a 20 lbs of gas is as low as 10$. Also I was wondering if you know how the people on those islands your visiting, were heating and cooking in the early days. Since there are no trees ans no peat on the island they must have had to bring some type of fuel from the mainland.

  • God that is expensive to swap gas bottles. We in Australia moved to swapping bottles being more common than filling about twenty years ago. But it’s only about $25 for a large bottle which is a 9kg.

  • I have sailed quite a bit around the N/E end of the Mediterranean a couple of things strike me The rapid falloff of depth from a shore but most of all in ancient habitats Religious Buildings on entrance/exits to town harbours It seams to me There is a common connection to us all Stay Safe Thankyou for sharing

  • Love the Music Jamaican Reggae

  • Very cool! We have a house in Fiskebäckskil in case you want to stop by for a few days in another kind of house. Just let me know :) (Don't live there year around so you'd have it for yourself ofc) Det är på Östersidan för att vara exakt, båtplats finns också :)

  • not only heer ther are winter stil , olso in sverige i see , no lets get spring , please,,

  • i'm curious, does Vera pick up english as well, considering you speak it around her?

  • Love the moped

  • You loked darn cool on that moped, Johan. And you rode it like a boss! ;) ... Ride on! 🏍

  • Vera suggested you show your fancy power winches in action whenever you employ them on dock approaches. She just messaged me!

  • Love the carbon fiber accents on your indicators.. lovely family sir.

  • Please let us know on your next video where the people living on these islands get there water.

  • As always, thank you foe letting us live a little through your eyes! I am ready to visit Sweden after watching all your videos and also doing some genealogy and finding out that I have Swedish ancestry on both sides of the family just 2 generations back! And so does my wife! What a small, wonderful, connected world we all live in.

  • Beautiful country!

  • As always, well done...steady she goes...

  • I love how you are giving her so many great memories to cherish!

  • 4 months $70 is cheap lol

  • Very beautiful country. Vera is so cute💕

  • Hey you Three, very nice Video, well done as always. During the summer we intend to head over to Sweden. Maybe we can meet each other somewhere there. Many Greetings the SUVI Crew. :)

    • Hi guys! Thanks! 😊 Yes we really should try to meet up this summer. Maybe we meet you on the way south! 😊 Hope all is well! Cheers

  • Very nice, you always have such excellent music.

  • Such a peaceful episode. Can't wait to see you in the trades. ✨⛵️🌊🏝👙🌞✨

  • Sometimes you give a good feel of the wind working on the sails!

  • Hi guys. It’s been some time since we met you back in San Francisco. We’ve been cruising Mexico and the Pacific North west. We don’t always have cell coverage. But its great seeing your videos and the baby is getting so big. Thanks for sharing. Jean

  • Love the new(?) reggae intro!!!!!

  • Thank you for the video folks.

  • Great video, great cinematography!

  • Another wonderful video!

  • thanks for the videos, they have such a calming effect, an inspiration.

  • How difficult would it be to visit these islands without your own boat?

    • There are a lot of ferries in this area.

  • Each village and island is cuter than the previous.

  • Thank you RAN for 246.

  • Another informative, relaxing, quality video. I am enjoying your country with you. Thanks for sharing such nice content. Peace

  • Great episode, thanks for sharing some more of your beautiful country. And Vera of course.

  • Heather. The flower of Scotland....and my Lady's name. Thanks for the video. I always look forward to them.

  • Hi favourite Swedes. I love those little hops from one island to the next one and as Johan said driving so close to the rocks is really special.

  • 13:35 - I bet that moped ride was cccccold!

  • another lovely show!

  • What an awesome family. I enjoy your videos. God bless you on your adventures.

  • I see Vera has already got the “swipe” action for your iPhone 😘😜

  • Lovely video, Malin I love your editing and photography

  • I tune in to see VERA, Im 73 hope I live long enough to see her in her pre teen years

  • Käringön in spring and sommer is amazing love the slow easy going there 👍

  • Beautiful places, really good video. all beautiful, thank you. Vera is the best.