Publicerades den 18 nov 2020
Today we add fish to the 2,000G aquarium!
first part:
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  • Great tank.

  • 5:46 made me laugh quite a bit

  • I can't wait to see them all grow

  • 5:45: "You picked the wrong tank, fools!"

  • What frozen food can I feed other than bloodworms?

    • You could feed shrimp 🦐 and many others my fish really like shrimp though.

  • I hope you know you have inspired me to get back into the hobbie

  • I would just love to see a huge school of rummy nose tetras

  • I want Joe to build me a fishtank. Not for me to keep fish in, but for me to be the fish in

  • CORYS!!!!!

  • I haven’t watched in a while, I’m glad I bumped back in to the channel😂

  • That cory tank is awesome. I bet they will breed and throw eggs up on the glass soon.

  • Only just got back in the hobby from at least a year ago and came to watch joey we’re is the Arawane

  • What happen to his araonaas????

    • He lost a bunch of them to jumping, fighting, other issues. He ended up moving and rehoming the survivors and starting fresh about 10 months ago.

    • Init bro i havent watched in like a year and now hes got rid of em

  • love this tank

  • Can you shout me out

  • Like the shimmer/glimmer and also small fish in a big tank

  • I love that tree stump!!

  • You should adjust the waterfall so the water flows gently down the rocks instead. Then you get allmost no noice, so you can have it on permanently

  • Gorgeous. The fish are nice too.

  • I haven’t watched joey’s channel after I started my internship. Last time I saw in this tank was stingrays and arowanas. What happened? Did they die or he just moved it in a different tank?

    • from what ive gathered they were jumping and fighting really bad so the survivors were rehomed. they're definitely difficult fish to keep lol my betas used to stress me over jumping

    • @Brennan Smith awww that’s too bad! thanks for answering my question☺️

    • Some of the arowana died

  • I bet you can pull off the kermit the frog voice.

  • You should make your fish talk More often

  • 2000g....kuhli loaches?

  • The view inside the aquarium is awesome!

  • when you go for quantity and not quality... ugly tank bro

    • Yep :( looks pretty bad with those small bland fish.

  • Bad ass bro .

  • Were any corydoras eaten?

  • Group of Hoplo catfish or a big group pictus catfish would be cool

  • Hey joey , can u make a vid on how to keep a new arowana?

  • Is blood worms good for fish

  • Like you took my advise with the waterfall and background noise and shaky camera. Things looking alot better

  • Imagine if he wanted to move it to the left a little

  • You have transformed this tank into something amazing. I think this is the best I have seen it in a long time. Nothing against the big fish you had in it, but the large tank with the smaller fish makes it look like more of a professional or public type of aquarium.

  • Well this is looking pretty well stocked now, good effort.

  • I would love to see the faces of the people who are clicking on this video and seeing this channel for the first time. Immediately met with a 2,000g tank lmao.

  • your channel name should be the king of fish

  • What is a fresh water dip for salt water fish?

  • I love Cory Doras

  • I think it's more of a pond than a fish tank

  • Clown loaches are needed in that tank

  • NICE!! Thank you Uncle Joey

  • Hi Joey, loved your video!!! is the medication reef safe with acropora?

  • How do you clean your tank?

    • AJ Haus As a driver under the water

  • Now put an Arowana or two and lets see if they survive

  • Nice vid don’t use Gods name in vain

  • You the man joey.

  • Dude that’s such a awesome tank

  • Havent seen the tank for a while looks awesome! Love the big tank with schools of small fish and the decor is right on . I think thats the only way i would get fish again ,a big tank with small fish or a pond .

  • 5:45 is so funny

  • I find it awesome and kind how you give fish like this AAAALL this SPACE! It feels like giving them an entire backyard. That's awesome :D

  • Guess some people don’t like the s in Corydoras....

  • You should do a video about the best cleanup crew!

  • I bet if u would lay a waterproof camera (or go pro) lens up on the bottom of the tank while u do a feeding like that, it would look crazy cool! Just an idea! 😊🐠🐟🐬🐋🐠🐟🐬🐋🐠🐟🐬🐋🐠🐟🐬🐋

  • havent watched for about a year. wheres the stingrays gone?

  • wow cool tank! just starting my videos this month

  • A oscar or two

  • How about adding some this fish Denison's barb, Miss Kerala, red-line torpedo barb, or roseline shark all the same fish but different names they are called great schooling fish best kept in higher numbers for your tank 50 + would be great as they are colorful, active and good for a large community tank but remain about 4 or less. Bit more in price but worth it as the are a colorful fish.

    • I'd be concerned with adding small barbs to an aquarium with Archerfish. Denison barbs do get a bit bigger than other smaller barbs but they start out small and would have to be grown out. They're also endangered and don't breed well in captivity.

  • Hey Great Video 👍👍What Do U feed Your Corydoras?? Where Can I Buy That New Fish Meds As Im Here in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 & Finding It Hard 2 Find & Get Any Decent Fish Meds & Need /Want this Stuff . Thanks 😊 & MucH ✊✊✊✌️✌️👍👍❤️❤️😊

  • This tank needs some oddballs like some 6 ropefish (also would love the same foods and do not get big enough to eat the corys). They are an awesome fish to have in groups because they love to hangout together “cuddling” and once they’re comfortable in a tank theyll swim all about all over the tank looking like little snakes! Also, with the amount that the cichlids tend to hide in their corners when it’s not feeding time, the middle portion of this huge tank is left rather empty and it would really be quite a sight to get a large school of some medium sized middle-tank fish like congo tetras for their beautiful fins or maybe boesemani or red irian rainbows for their splash of color to really fill the water column with beauty and activity while the other fish chill off to sides most of day

    • I would definitely not put ropefish in an open topped tank. They're notorious escape artists. They also might try to eat the cories.

  • Hey joey,i love your videos,hope u raise rummy nose tetras one day

  • Looks great coming along nicely!

  • This video was so funny the part when u added the serums the other fish came out like "HEY HEY YA STAY OVER THERE OK"

  • tank looks great. I much prefer this scape and fish variety over stingrays and arowanas which tbh is far beyond most of us enthusiasts reach

  • Great looking tank! Really interesting with the variety of fish you’re adding... idk, maybe another 40-50 corys to get some great schooling action and a few more exotic plecos would be nice.. I’m thinking maybe a dozen electric blue acara would be cool too

  • Okay now that looks insane.. I gotta admit

  • What cory is that?

  • Rays Tank in Northglenn, Colorado sells some pretty cool exotic fish bro! You should check them out

  • The tank as it is right now, is your best ever !! Best fish combination, best scape ! absolutely fantastic 👏

  • you should get Earth eater cichlids they are a very timid a beutiful cichlid that I think will look AMAZING and they come from the same area all those fish come from. Just a thought.

  • Havent watched the channel for a couple months and I come back to a 2,000 gallon geez

    • Oh

    • You been gone way longer than a couple months then..he’s had this for a good while

  • Oh Canada, why do you do that? So you can buy as much cannabis as you want but a fish med, thats is a no no no? No way!

  • Joey this tank is so interesting now. Yeah it was cool with the big fish, and rays, but now it really draws you in. It's only going to get better with time too. Great job bud.

  • I would die for those Corydora.

  • I love how keeping fish like this is not really keeping them as domesticated pets and instead keeping them in simulated wilderness. For example the round goldfish bowl, that is a pet, it’s not healthy and goldfish mare greatly under estimated as they are carp fish, but these fish are more used to humans sure but they really aren’t pets and that such a good thing

  • i love it, prefect fish

  • Fresh water 2 easy lazy ass... I'm not impressed stay off my radiator

  • but Joey i can get melafix and ich meds still here in Ontario never had a problem getting aquarium meds

  • I would sit in there

  • Is it just me or others also think that, that Asian arowana deserves the new 2000gallon

  • I love how this is shaping out. This is way more interesting than having a few big do-nothing predators in there.

  • The tank is looking awesome! I could look at it for hours

  • You should get Pipa pipa toads

  • Incredibly impressive tank sir, really relaxing and beautiful

  • Super mooie aquarium wou dat ik die ruimte daarvoor had bedankt voor je video was weer erg interessant.

  • My pleco ate all my corydora. As soon as he got a taste for them it was over. 😥

  • Get a GoPro and put it in the tank that would be very cool

  • yea those corys arnt doing to do well, at all bad enviroment

    • @Captain D Cap I get what ur saying but this is a massive tank and they seem to be going alright... that's a minor issue tbh id be more concerned if they stopped eating and seemed really stressed.. three little guys seem happy

    • The waterflow seems a little high for them to me. I recall them preferring still pockets of water, of which this tank probably has none.

    • @Shelby Parks because he said so lmao

    • Why?

  • Would love to see a school of something colourful, in this tank

  • I need one of these to make my goldfish happier! They’re big chonkers. I can’t imagine the cost though.


  • Love it 😍 I have 8 corys, 2 each of 4 different types in my community tank, I love watching them, at feeding time, second only to my loaches. Clown or yo-yo loaches in this tank would be amazing!!

  • Don't u think 5 or 6 white angels fish will make the tanks look much better.....?

  • I hope my fish didn’t see this tank 😔

  • Joey if you are seeing this then just know that I have been a fan of this channel for over 5 years. I was in Bangladesh and now I am in Toronto. Please give me a tour of your aquariums. 😂

  • Yayyyyy love the corys!!!! Tank is so awesome! 💜

  • I've got cory Dora and they breed like mad but I'm getting more as they have died off from my tank having a ick outbreak so I'm getting like 10 more

  • It looks amazing Joey

  • Can u please keep discus, and maybe breed them again?

  • For my part that tank looks so much better now. Smaller/more fish also a win. Keep em coming, it can take it.

  • Get some pictus catfish