Things Are Going So Well for Biden, Trump Says Someone Else Must Be Running the Country

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
President Joe Biden announced that by April 19th every adult in the country will be eligible to get the vaccine, we continue to learn new things about the virus and our behavior every day, Caitlyn Jenner might be running for Governor of California, Jimmy makes his entry into the Department of Health and Human Services “Mask Innovation Challenge,” Colorado is auctioning off marijuana-themed license plates, Baylor beat the fictional school known as Gonzaga in the NCAA Championship, the Rangers had a full stadium for their home opener, Trump can’t give Biden credit, and Ken Burns stops by to introduce his new documentary.
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  • i'll buy one! Send me the link! xl black

  • Need a plate 420 😂😂😂

  • When Trump was in office. Putin ran our country.

  • Ken Burns was so funny.

  • Things are going "great for Biden?" What the hell are you on?

  • It is someone else, LOL. It isn't Trump.

  • Trump. The best president in history!

  • I love the faux documentary on Ken Burns new haircut. Perfect.

  • Defund Harris/Biden - pass it on.

  • Things are going so well because trump isn't president

  • Shakespeare said this centuries ago in Hamlet and it's still true today and always will be true... "there is no good or bad but thinking makes it so?" This could be the greatest time in human history or also the worst, depending on how you want to look at everything. Actually no this is not the worst time in human history! How about the world wars? The civil war? Bubonic plague? The Spanish flu epidemic aka H1N1??? The holocaust??? See my point? So actually can everybody stop whining and arguing, please??? 😂😂😂 Let's all lighten up, seriously! And um... sorry Mr. President Trump, is that the distinct odor of sour grapes I smell? Was the election rigged??? Or did enough people just not like Donnie enough to vote for him this time??? Hmmm... God knows. In time all will be revealed. Either way let's all calm down and keep our heads on straight. All of life keeps going in a circle. Everything comes around again and again. Think about it! 😉 Right?? Right???

  • Could he be just listening to his cabinet? The group of experts with which presidents are supposed to surround themselves, and *LISTEN* to them. Or is it that a Border Collie could run the country better than 45? Problem is, tummy rubs would be against the emoluments clause.

  • These people are delusional asf and deserve whatever happens to them🙄

  • The Ken Burns bit had me rolling on the floor

  • Nice shirt keep it the same and but à hoodybon it too

  • Yes, Donut Stump, someone else is running the country. Someone competent. Someone dedicated. Someone who doesn't take or make up baloney. Someone who is not you.

  • Lord, can we please not listen to that a**hole's voice anymore. Hundreds of thousands of people died because of him.

  • Jimmy KImmel SUCKS

  • 🤣 wow! This was a funny one!

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  • The pandemic is a scam and Caitlin Jenner is actually still Bruce and is a man, Change my Mind.

  • Guess what Trump - I'm drinking a Coke watching NASCAR.

  • Kimball still not impressed with you. Once a fan

  • Biden is doing so good. Question for you. Where is he doing good???

  • I’m convinced all these comments are bots no one could possibly think Biden’s doing a good job when the Mexican president just blamed him for the border crisis 😂😂😂

  • L

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  • Wow! Jimmy scored an interview with Nancy Pelosi.

  • Shimmy Shimmel!!!!!!!

  • Who tf says it's going well? 🤪

  • Delusional much? Ignorance is bliss. Reading these comments I wonder do y'all really think that our country's problems were created by the past president and that out current one is solving them. Put your personal preference to the side and be realistic. This political game isn't solving the very real problems of this country. It's turned into picking your team with only talk of solving with no real action for solutions. Time for a reset. We need a leader that can be for the people. Not some. Not one police side. One that has all Americans best interest at heart. If you can't see that then we are doomed

  • Denver CO The epicenter of the worlds best cannabis, concentrate's and edibles...

  • Whoever is running the country is doing a million times better than Trump

  • hey tRUMP......... of coarse others are "HELPING" to make the decisions: It IS something you could never grasp.......... it is called working as a "TEAM"

  • Isn't the Mask Shirt just a turtleneck in disguise?

  • classic democratic celeb who doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • SCAM demic

  • What about China Kimmel? Any opinions? I am afraid that we will all dance after their toons in 20 years.

  • I love Ken Burns long hair. I grew my hair out before the pandemic. He looks great. I live his documentaries and the last one I saw was on the National parks

  • Kids in cages

  • Jimmy Camel

  • It just all seems so silly to collude with China to drop a worldwide pandemic, then administer a vaccine that is being proven ineffective, all while printing trillions of dollars for distribution to unworthy people - all to get rid of Trump. Hillary would have just had him killed. It would have been a lot cheaper.

  • If tRuump was president, only who voted for him would get a vaccine. Or anyone who was black, Asian, Mexican . . .

  • I like his long hair!

  • Lol how about "Dirt". On the plate.

  • Going well? Gas at the pumps is up almost $1 since Biden killed the pipeline and oil exploration and drilling on federal land! And printing trillions in new money will only lead to inflation! Inflation is a tax! Prices on everything are already going up! THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL! IF THE STOCK MARKET TANKS SO DO OUR 401-Ks!

    • Gas is up because people are driving since Biden KO'd the pandemic with a swift upper cut. Highest approval ratings in recent history, it's almost unreal just how well Biden is doing.

  • Just wonderful,,,,

  • Glad to see Kimmel finally coming around about the virus being a joke

  • What has Biden done that has been so good? Name 1? Aside from being not Trump.

    • @Jesse Joseph Almost all of Biden's executive orders were just undoing Trump's executive orders. I actually think Biden's not doing enough EOs.

    • @Cifortio hahaha all he does is sign executive orders. That’s not how you’re supposed to govern, that’s why we have a democracy in the first place. To get things passed the right way...and btw all those things you listed don’t help our economy Or the average citizen at all. I guess thanks for the 1400 that paid my rent one month??

    • Stopped Withdrawal from the World Health Organization Installed a Coronavirus Response Coordinator Mandated Mask-Wearing Stopped Construction of the Border Wall Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord Revised Immigration Policies Covid-19 plan Masks and social distancing in the White House The Muslim ban is gone And so many more

    • Wait a sec i'll make a list

  • [I "think"other people are making most of the decisions, but I "may be" wrong about that. "I don't know."] I know you are a ♊ Trump, but you have no communication skills. You also don't sound confident with the "quoted" words. You think? Maybe? I don't know? You are just trying to instill doubt into people's minds based off of "assumptions". Prove your allegations! FACTS! Man, he is one ♊, who is NOT a "smooth talker". 🤷‍♀️

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  • Upside-down lol

  • LGBT governor, Liberals will love it.

  • Covid is on the Lysol can idiot. Jimmy likes little boys I heard

  • Then why hasn't Biden spent one day at the Whitehouse in DC? Nobody is getting the jab you idiot!!

  • Stop watching this EVIL puppet! He is a Satanist! Wake up you sheep!

  • He didn't kno anything. Just a wet dream. Dumbo trump!👎

  • I do not want the vaccine...

  • I'm tired of Bruce Jenner

  • Yup, but gloves kept us from getting the flu.

  • Take this dirt bag off the air

    • Or you can stop watching

  • Trumps just jealous of President Biden because he's accomplishing what he said he would and has been working at it since day one. And trump can't say the same about himself,unless it's more important to america to have a president that spends more time at the golf course then at the white house working,

    • @Jennifer Smith Are you joking? Biden's been president for less than 3 months and has already yanked back nearly all of Trump's moronic executive orders, passed an amazing stimulus bill that put money into the hands of working people, nearly distributed the vaccine to anyone who wants it and is currently setting the stage for a massive infrastructure package that's focused on everything from roads to water lines to healthcare. Biden's already done more than in Trump's entire 4 year term and Biden's approval rating is something Americans haven't seen since Ronald Reagan.

    • @Warmly Calculated what has Biden done?? Just look at the they're talking about building more wall. any HONEST observation will tell you Trump did a great job.

    • @Jennifer Smith Biden's doing an okay job undoing all of the awful garbage Trump did to almost destroy this country. I'm not really a fan of neolibs but he's surprisingly decent thus far, and not just because he's on the heels of the single worst president in American history.

    • what has Biden accomplished? ever? seriously. i'd really like to know. Biden's doing a great job at the border, right? he's a buffoon, face it.

  • Even a child can do better than the imbecile of mass destruction lol,

  • Trump was talking about himself.

  • The laughter and clapping of the audience get on nerves.

    • He's not funny. He needs laugh tracks like silly 90's TV Shows do.

  • Yeah, it's not you Donald Dump! A mask shirt or TURTLE NECK!

  • No one sux more b@lls than kimel

  • Ken Burns is a cool dude.

  • Trump: Somebody must be making decisions in there. Me: Yeah, Joe Biden. That's his job, it use to be your job so you must know how that wor-... oh, right.

  • Got my second vax jab today!!!!

  • Kimmel is a puppet for the Rothschild and other Satan worshipping elites. Research the RED SHOE CLUB for starters.

  • I can't believe California citizens would be so stupid as to vote for another spoiled karpacian fool like Caitlin Jenner

  • is that a 7, episode presentation, or the director's cut at 36, two-hour episodes? I'm sure it is riveting!! With intro by Ric Burns? I'd join prime to get that sooner :) Worth the price of admission alone: the dog @ 12:17. In honor of the Burns family, I'm naming my next son Phineas Cuthbert!

  • Omg that is the funniest thing since the Matt Damon feud.

  • Government removed Letterman and Leno and replaced with the Three late night puppets. Wakeup America

  • KB is aging like Paul McCartney, still looks young, just a little more wrinkly. ;)

  • nothing wrong with a proper democratic socialist state.

  • One thing I am thankful for from the Trump administration - I stopped believing in the deep state, because Trump's presidency was the perfect opportunity for so much to change, yet most of his presidency was a massive failure of undelivered claims. If there was a deep state, it was completely nonfunctional. Deep states are not nonfunctional.

  • Trump is projecting: "world leaders don't respect..." What a loser!!!

  • Bernie Sanders on steroids, is basically Canada

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  • "Truinternevationaldapressure" Joe Biden

  • where's the border jokes.........not so funny I guess.......

  • Shut up Jimmy you've sold your soul

  • So well for Biden? Gas is already up a dollar and 30,000 kids are in prison as the border. Quit reading and watching US media and get your news other countries.

  • "Things are going so well for Biden!" - Kimmel *Biden falls to 10% approval rating* "Truth has no power here!" - Kimmel

    • @Warmly Calculated And...MSNBC told you that. You're not very smart, that's why you believe what you're told w/o question.

    • Biden's approval rating is one of the highest in American history lol.

  • So good Jimmy, puts a smile on my face!

  • The man who golfed more than any other President and had more 'executive time' (watching TV) than any other President, screams that someone else is running the country under this new President? WOW. I am speechless, wish Trump was too.

  • things are going well for biden?! name 1 thing

    • @Cifortio he has literally made it worse. blocking off an oil line so the oil has to be transported by truck.

    • Climate change and so many more. I literally have a list of good things

  • Please stop giving that vile man/family publicity!!! Seeing him or hearing his voice makes me want to vomit!!!😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Trump is jealous

  • I don't mind you wanting to show controversy, but, Jimmy, belittling people really dries up fast. Matt Damon should guest host for the next year.

  • Your state has been plundered by rich people getting richer pretending to care about poor people. your show with fake background laughs will go down with it

  • So whens Kamala going down to the border to watch how great everything's going? Or how the inner cities are doing so well. We have so many great things going on under Biden. I cant wait for more.

  • Ernest Hemingway is a great writer but the most important writer is John Steinbeck.

  • Why isnt Bernie wearing his famous mittens when he lifts?

  • Trump sounds salty as hell. It's pitiful. The lunacy continues.

  • Never, ever voting for ANY rotten republican as long as i live

    • I am with you, John. No more shifty, whiney Republicans like Trumpy.

  • The Burns bowl cut.

  • Trump the sore loser is suffering from jealousy and envy