The Mike Tyson Interview - IMPAULSIVE EP. 247

Publicerades den 29 dec 2020
Former Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson, joins the boys in today’s episode to reveal his brutally honest opinion of Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul, describe his life-altering experience with DMT, frog venom, and psychedelic drugs (including a live ingestion), who the greatest boxer of all-time is, what 2Pac was like, how he got arrested 40 times before he turned 12, his thoughts after fighting Roy Jones Jr., why he’s not afraid of death, his biggest regret in boxing & more…
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


  • so savage

  • I sip water every time mike speaks.

  • you just made history

  • I cleared my throat 40 times throughout this whole podcast

  • 4:45 is so fucking funny bro

  • Who is jake paul?

  • Guy scares the living shit out of me

  • He inspirational

  • Yo I bet everyone in that room felt his presence that if you fuck with him, them everybody getting knocked out lmao

  • Fuck this is the 4th comment dude Tyson is making me sick fuckin swallow that shit wtf

  • I love how Tyson says iron mike is dead he is not the same person totally a better person spiritually but please just swallow the fucking shrooms

  • Dude swallow the shrooms Tyson damn

  • I always thought mushrooms taste simular to sunflower seeds but to train on shrooms thats nuts

  • The sturdy quiet regrettably challenge because pasta yearly plan lest a capricious net. closed, general gentle nic

  • Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnn that camera switch at 15:06 is f@ck#ng gold😂😂

  • I think I watched this podcast over 10 times and every time I watch it I feel different Every time and makes me change on how the way I think on things I really think that this is one of the best video I ever watched on SEnewss

  • 13:07 probably shat his pants

  • Happiness is a handful of shrooms

  • flying cars are all over the place mate, the things is that they don't have wheels and they are called helicopters, everyone and their mom has one.

  • There are few humans i like better than Mike Tyson but this is a hard listen. Drink the water or eat the shrooms before podcast.

  • Interesting, I swear Tyson used to say Jack Dempsey was his favourite fighter back in the day.

  • 26:40 I love Mike so much 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mike (Logans mate) makes this show what it is. He can relate to every guest and that was some funny shit at the end there, hahaha! Great watch!!!

  • Listening to Tyson talk makes me want to clear my throat

  • This was painful to watch having Tyson chew mushrooms into the mic

  • I was sitting here waiting for Logan to stand up and bitch slap Mike!

  • I gotta ? all invited Ben Askren out back to box, why not this 54 year old guy?:)

  • No matter what you take you will never ever be God or close to it!! I pray to God that he forgives you.

  • When he says you become god it’s more that he’s saying you find the god in you.

  • you weigh lighter because of gases escaping out of your lungs.....

  • For anyone with misophonia watching this, I genuinely feel for you. Haven't been more annoyed during watching an interview in my life

  • Lmao when he asked Mike Tyson his reaction to having himself like his own music_ _

  • I truly hope this message reaches Mike Tyson Eyes. You are one of the most realist human beings that walk this planet. Real talk. 💯🙏

  • Mike is a Savage

  • 28:47 Tyson Ben All of them say pual gonna get it xD

  • I can’t believe it’s him

  • @ hey come check out my beet go ahead and rate it in the comments. but if your gonna be a troll go ahead but if you honestly care about your hate towards me so much ... its time for therapy my friend(: plus if u dont like it tell me whats up cuz i need opinions that can help.

  • The balls to refuse weed from mike

  • I drank a whole gallon of water just watching this interview

  • 14:30 so the reason mike Tyson fought recently was cause he smoked a toad then it called him a bitch and said go fight somebody..... interesting

  • just listened to the ben podcast now onto this man i high key hated logans guts but man after all he is ur average bloke on the grind daily mad respect bro

  • Bruh even remembering the chewing taste of mushroom makes me gag yuuuck Mike is a monster man .

  • First time I've watched a full podcast without skipping it

  • co host is annoying sorry

  • Oh my gosh mike, I'm 20 min into the video, pleeeeease swallow that stuff down now!! I love you but I literally have to puke 🤢🤢🤢

  • Don't knock me out Tyson, but plzzz drink some water lol!!

  • Legend has it mike is still chewing the same mouth full of mushrooms

  • Dmt fun

  • Mike Tyson is the most intimidating man I’ve never met

  • Mike visit me. Under 16 th street bridge on Embarcadero across from motel 6 in Oakland. I need blankets, Coleman propane, dog food food, and a jacket .. it’s cold as f$@@!!! I love your style. Being homeless is hard

  • Best Tyson interview ever lol 20:13 Mike meant real real old time fighters that were already dead I think. His hero's that he watched over and over again in the basement with Cuss. I think when he was said and done he wanted to be placed in the same circle as them which he is no question about it. This dude is a wealth of knowledge and he gives it to the youth in a way they understand and most importantly respect. Can't wait to see the stuff he does in the future.

  • Mike puff puff Tyson, I want to get hi and i believe i can fly

  • love george, he’s a good guy but he’s so corny

  • Who eats during an interview let alone talk to others lol 🤦🏽‍♂️☠

  • 1:20:02

  • Howard stern would of made this a master piece. These guys were a little out of there league. Still a great episode

  • Philospher Mike

  • I swear people think Mike is super smart or insightful or something because they fear and respect him (and I do respect him), but he's really just saying whatever the fuck comes to his head, most of the shit he says is logically inconsistent, and whenever someone asks him something like "What do you mean by X" he replies with "What is X" as if he's some fucking guru. Like he asks Logan "What's your concept of death" as if there's more to it than just fucking dying as we all know it. He's an interesting dude for sure, given his history, but people give too much credit to the shit he says. He is an amazing fighter with a killer mentality, but he's certainly not a good man, and he is neither a smart nor a particularly insightful man, just a druggie with a fucked up history.

  • if they werre to allow people acess to shroooms legaly the country will become one big lost cartoon character in a comic book unaware of the difference between 1 minute and 1 hour. shrooms are seriously no joke and anyone who thinks its somethin mellow and easy to take and for everyone then you fking tripping as we speak. the speak about all the positives but havnt said anything about the negatives and how someone can easily have a bad trip so easily, anything negative will turn a indaviduals trip into a bad trip. this drug is no joke and not something to play with

  • My favourite Mike Tyson right there

  • mike has much deeper waters and much more braincells than most people think. mike has done and seen it all and he says it like it is. he is a living legend. respect mike. we love you.

  • I'm gonna throw up

  • The way Mike switched up on Mike after he said he was dealing with recovery. Tyson really changed his energy after that, what a great dude

  • this podcast is sick

  • toad is goated

  • Bro, mike just fuckin eat the mushrooms like it was some doritos lol

  • Always hates Logan but after this interview, man. You can see him really sit and listen and take in what Mike is saying.

  • this interview makes me want to try shrooms

  • if mie passes u a joinnnnnnt u smoke it

  • 20:54 "Oh, shit. Mike Tyson is laughing, we have to laugh!"

  • Kids.. This a true warrior, with REAL battle scars physically and emotionally, who is spitting true wisdom from his heart..... Listen to him...

  • Impaulsive has arrived at the summit with this episode! Well done!

  • I watched this while on shrooms

  • Did anyone noticed that he chewed for about 20+min

  • I’m not high enough for this video

  • Asmr

  • the defination of delusional

  • Did People laugh at you? at Least not on my face... fair deal lol

  • 45:21 I thought those were going to be Logan's final words, definitively thought he was going to die lmao

  • whats the name of the drug they are talking about? toe or something?

  • Drink this water please

  • Ayo i can listen to mike tyson talk for hoursss😂😂❤️💪🏼

  • Mike Tyson highhhh afk😹😹😹😹

  • "You are god" he is not wrong

  • What in the actually fuck was mike saying, Someone put a towel in his mouth.

  • Mike tyson is THE GOAT 🐐

  • Everyone starts laughing Tyson: No! I am serious Everyone stops laughing

  • Mike Tyson stares people down, insults people, does mushrooms and plays with a pigeon How have I just now found out about this podcast

  • I thought I could not love this man anymore. WTF!

  • "We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves." -Bill Hicks

  • Is his son on set while he’s taking shrooms and talking about all this shit lmao

  • 1:19:57 😂😂😂😂

  • he had a joint in his hand the whole time

  • 35:29 look at George flinch when mike yells. Lol

  • The kangaroo was hugging the dog not holding him in a headlock

  • If Logan did this by hisself or w different people w a broader mindset this show woulda been dope

  • Mike Tyson clearly doesn’t like when people bring up his past and it’s kinda sad

  • Mike is vibrating on a much higher frequency than everyone else in the room

  • Damn! I loved this!

  • "happyness is a choice"