Reacting to Logan Paul Boxing Rob Gronkowski's brothers!!

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
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Logan Paul Speaks On David Dobrik, Masked Singer Reveal & Jake Paul VS. Ben Askren - IMPAULSIVE
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  • Your like the old Logan bro

  • Smh saying Logan is coming for Floyd after Jake again is boxing someone with no boxing experience. This is getting annoying already. Floyd is driving a NASCAR and Jake is riding a bike that just graduated from taking off training wheels.Thats the gap that there is.All said I hope Logan knocks him out

  • Wanna see that fight footage after mayweather

  • Watch a Daniel tosh stand up

  • Luckiest people caught on camera!!!

  • 5:06 did even say the n word?

  • George is probably one of the most underrated creators on the platform.

  • Gerorge says best friend Logan never claims him😂😂😂😂

  • UNSOLVED MURDERS!!!! Will be fun in under your wings😂😂🔥

  • All I was thinking when Bieber was on stage at the fight is that Janko’s so much better..

  • Driving fails

  • What was the best part of the vlog? Me - Everything

  • Anyone who gives a thumb down to family hanging out has no idea what true value of family is. God bless you guys.

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  • Coffee Coffee Coffee Go to treasure island Or call the bad girls club

  • Tampa is lit 🔥

  • Mike regretting that podcast

  • Thanks for showing the fight

  • FBI

  • Did nobody here Evan say the N word

  • Does anyone know where to find the Logan Paul's boxing footage

  • Bro shave

  • 5:06 did Evan say the n-word

  • id say try not to laugh

  • 5 darkest murder unsolved

  • "and four inches is a lot" My confidence:📈📈📈

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  • Why didn’t he show the footage of Logan fighting?

  • Are they going to release footage of them fighting

  • 5 darkest unsolved mysteries pls or maybe some paranormal shizz

  • dwarf mamba said the n word at 5:06

  • 20 hilarious moments on camera

  • When was this recorded?!! Just saw it and automatically clicked it

  • Such cap Logan couldn’t beat him don’t even show the fight wow

  • Sorry George, evan is the best

  • I would love to meet Evan. You're cool too George. Following since 2600.

  • I dont get it evan is always filming but hardly ever uploads???!

  • woulda been sick to actually see the fights lol

  • Mamba looking like a fight manager

  • I love how Logan just lets people come and go at his crib as they please😂😂

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  • Logan, I get you’re vibe with you’re dad and boys lol. Took me a while hahaha. Enjoy banging that good coke son and continue you doing you’re impulsive on a comedown lol 😆 Party when the camera ain’t there get in there dude hahaha clever :)

  • George why didn't you put Mark in the vlog? I watched Pierson's vlog. Why???? Like this coment so george can see it.

  • Daamn I really miss those travel moments

  • So refreshing seeing Logan with the og homies, not the clout chasers...

  • So a try not to laugh but make sure Mo picks the videos‼️

  • Don't like bdays but gys a private jet Should of bought some meth instead

  • Can u release the video of Logan fighting

  • Police chase

  • george looks like the missing muppet hes a great guy but he has that muppet look

  • 10 fbi

  • things dani did:THAT

  • the glasses are a must lmao

  • Simpsons disaster

  • Logan drops his phone *RIGHT HAND FAILS AGAIN*

  • and im here to have a good time

  • i am pewdipie

  • You ever notice both the brothers ONLY "box" guys that NEVER took a boxing class. Why not box someone that has actually boxed for the same amount of time. See what happens and then maybe you can then talk shit if you win

  • Dude stfu. Stop using your friends to grow your channel. Anyone with a brain can see that’s your whole gimmick. “Ahhhhh hahhahahaha” without making a joke people actually laugh like that at. “Look at me. I have famous friends for no reason”

  • Glad no Mike in this vlog

  • No matter what you think of Logan’s abilities, he still couldn’t beat KSI on two separate occasions while having height & size advantage. Most likely a strength advantage and most likely an athleticism advantage too.

  • 2 girls 1 cup

  • Nice seeing this

  • 1:52 damnnn George you’re one lucky man

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  • This is the best thing to Logans Vlogs. who misses Logans vlogs?

  • Anyone hear Evan say the n word? 5:06

  • Way to title this n not show it

  • whens the fight

  • So logan beat 4 guys?

  • George I think we could be good friends hmu bro p.s I’m on my gfs SEnewss lol that’s why it’s a girls name

  • My name 😂

  • Try not to laugh!

  • Do luckiest people caught on camera

  • Videos getting are more and more funny yessssssddd

  • Evan said the n word at 5:08

  • Bruh i forgot Evan existed

  • Anyone else notice josie at 3:18 😳

    • It's not her

  • Happy birthday Logan

  • I was the one with that pretty girl and I’m the culture shirt asking to get a picture 😭.

  • New crazy streetfight compelation

  • Dude you are the only real human this logan kid chills with I seen his video with Ryan Garcia and he was trying to be real with him stating the truth and Logan was getting pissed you can see it he doesn’t like being told to do something it’s his way or no way he’s a bitch Facts! George your the only real one

  • 2:12 my new wallpaper

  • George keep on going what u already do , love the content and love ur videos

  • I love how George always cuts Dave off when he starts talking😂😂😂. Fuckin HILARIOUS LOL

  • Ok. I went and subscribed. I expected to see the first video up. And to my surprise, NOTHING! Empty channel! Come on George, don’t do us like that!

  • Honestly George bro idc what the topic is I just subbed to the new channel n ready to laugh my ass off! Thanks buddy🤙🏼

  • Show Logan sparring

  • 5:05 ... Am I hearing something wrong or.... 😳

  • When are we going to be able to see the flights?

  • 10:17 did Evan say this n word so nervous or am I trippin

  • Why did Evan say the N word at 5:05 I swear he said it

  • George laugh sounds like ksi's

  • React to luckiest people

  • why can’t we see him fight ?

  • The cody ko route

  • Its like I don't know if I can get over the fact George's girlfriend is so beautiful or the fact she's not out of his league

  • How the fuck did you get a girlfriend like that? 😳🤯

  • Where are we gonna see logan fighting

  • So Evan can say nigga 4:55

  • Did even say “this n*gga so nervous”at 5:10?😂

  • But YOU KNOW that

  • You are highly favoured x x (and blessed)

  • Better than night shift videos though! :)