Tulsa vs. Mississippi State ends with postgame brawl | College Football Highlights

Publicerades den 31 dec 2020
Watch highlights of the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl between the No. 24 Tulsa Golden Hurricane and Mississippi State Bulldogs, with a brawl erupting between the two teams (7:00) as time expired.
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  • Hola

  • At the 8:17 mark on the 21 yard line MSU jersey number 9, first stiff arm I have seen during a fight.

  • Miss St have some cowards on that team.

  • Africans destroyed sports 🏈 national anthem lol 😂

  • A embarrassment to football neither one of them deserve to play

  • Another pointless footbrawl

  • Sorry Children will be children...

  • Children will children😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why tf is a 3 win team in a bowl game to begin with 🤔 😒

  • What a shame !!! A disgrase !!

  • Idiots

  • Well, we got a rivalry now. It's going 2 b physical and brutal the next time these 2 teams meet.

  • The most disfunctional college bowl game I've ever watched. Neither team played well at all.

  • Disqualify every one of them.

  • number 40 is a impostor because he the one that might cause the fight to happen

  • Tulsa ranks 125th out of 130 D1 schools when it comes to penalties. They were flagged for 3 unsportsmanlike penalties in this game. 3! They were chirping at the Mississippi State linemen before the game. They played dirty throughout the game, media bias and whatever Kirk Herbstreit has to say does not change that fact. #40 Errol Thompson’s hit was legal, it was the taunting that drew the flag. Mississippi State definitely deserves punishment for their part. Malik Heath did not kick the Tulsa player in the face, it was his right shoulder. Post game- Mike Leach said that the whole event was “dumb” also said that he didn’t know what had started it because he was on the opposite side of the field when it happened. He also has received major scrutiny for that. Please realize that this game was in HORRIBLE weather, very far away from home for Mississippi State fans to have to travel, but they made the trip anyways and Mike Wanted to thank them and celebrate with them. Also post game- Tulsa’s coach said that his team is “family” and they will, quote: “stick up for each other” basically condoning his players role in the scuffle. Think what you want to think and say what you want to say but if you don’t know the facts, you can look really dumb, really quick. Don’t get caught up in popular opinion just because it’s popular.

    • Well said. And don't miss the breakdown at JOMBOY MEDIA on SEnewss.

  • They all wanted their participation trophies 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

  • You would think there will be a lot of sanctions

  • Miss st #4 is a little punk

  • Alabama never has this problem because we always win anyways Rolltide

  • T Martin #7 is a beast know one wanted to stand there and trade blows with that dude . They kick & run like little cowards. But he did drop 3 of them .

  • This is what is a) either going into today's workforce ie millennial or b) going back to the inner city streets where they were three or four years ago. Time has flown by and if they have not earned that degree in four years they are done.

  • Smh take there scholarships away to all involved and send them back to reality!!

  • Some of these players gave their opponents the Myles Garrett treatment take off their helmets and kick them in their head but most players will not be able to play the race card cause it was mostly BLACK players trying to injured other black players GOD HELP US ALL

  • How many World Stars were yelled and how much howling was there?

  • Why is a 3 and 7 team in any bowl game?

  • you gotta rewatch this like 100 times and watch a different fight everytime if yk what i mean

  • I went to a fight and a football game broke out.

  • Scumbags from Mississippi State

  • "madness is like gravity…all it takes is a little push.” This fight is a reflection of what our society has become. See the signs and prepare for what is coming. Some all out sh*t is about to take place.

    • Hope so. This country needs all out civil war. Maybe then I'll get a day off work.

  • *I'm sure BOTH their football programs will be suspended next season!!*

  • Heh, heh, heh...this was the best highlight of this bowl season. I liked it. Not easy to hurt anyone all padded up.

  • You call that a brawl 😂😂

  • Is number #9 a girl?

  • What a bunch of children Completely unprofessional

  • What happen to Black life matter?

  • Sure, they won...but how did a 3 win team get to a bowl in the first place?

  • #7 can be on my team any day !

  • So his team didnt help him glad Im in the house N#;! Role not arts in crafts

  • How about the coward from Mississippi state! He kicks the kid in the face while he’s down and then runs away when he gets up SEC SEC SEC

  • Africans.

  • What a bunch of coward little boys

  • I wish every game ended like this.

  • Number 7 really was out there jacking

  • i wonder if anyone of them are on roids? ................. lol...

  • Need more cowbell.

  • Needs more cowbell

  • mostly peaceful bowl game. 💁🏽‍♀️

  • That was me with the cowbell! Omg

  • Throwing punches at helmets. Geniuses.

  • Just punching ppl and running away

  • Why is 6 afraid of 7? Well about that lol

  • Needs more cowbell!

  • BLM cult members what is your excuse now?

    • @Pigs don’t Fly BLM doesn't wanna acknowledge black on black crime and only bring out pitchforks to blame other races. It's ok, you're part of the ignorance. Have a great new year

    • What does this have to do with race? There’s white people on the team too?🤣 we get it your just racist

  • GO TU

  • Looks like another peaceful BLM protest taking place...✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽

  • I know #7 dont fw his team no more😭

  • I know everybody is here because of the fight but the linebacker who got the pick at the 5 with nobody in front of him or directly behind him just decides to take a 90 and run across the entire field for no apparent reason. A real Forrest Gump moment.

  • Oook, . . . . oook

  • You'd never see something like this in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

  • This is what is graduating and going into the work force? This is what voted for President Harris? Most of those players have no business being on a college campus.

  • MS #4 👋

  • #4 is a kid with as much class as Coach Leach.

  • Always fun grabbing a popcorn and watching a gang of thugs going at it. Happy New Year!

  • Auu football training camp

  • When in a football fight never ever take off your helmet how many times have I got to tell you this

    • He didn’t take his helmet off it was ripped off

  • Mississippi State swore they upset Alabama by the way they celebrated LOL


  • Mostly peaceful celebration.

  • Suspensions, and if no suspensions, bowl bans. If that doesn't happen then just let them carry weapons next time. Classless.

  • Glad BLM showed up.

  • #40 cleaned his clock on that kickoff. Might have started it all

  • Ain't nothing like a bench clearing hockey brawl....

  • A Ren and Stimpy reference? You Eeediot!

  • Typical.

  • Jajajaja soccer rules

  • how ignurt

  • I’ve seen girls fight better than these people. I’m not too fond of the throw a punch and run tactic. Bunch of kids that should be kicked off the team!

    • Punch and run that's what their sisters taught them

  • best part of the game,if the nfl starts this after each game ,I might watch

  • #4 from State is done with football for sure. i doubt anyone will draft him and he can even be expeled from the college

  • Mississippi Statw won the wrestle mania bowl

  • Got beat by a 7 loss team, I would be ready to fight after that, lol

  • If u look at the video Miss state initiate the fight

  • Kick 40 of the team. He doesnt deserve to suit up to play football

  • Can’t wait to see number 7 and 4 try to make it to the nfl after this😂😂😂

  • Pendejos.....

  • Tulsa started 2 fights and lost 2 fights that day 😂😂

    • @Charles Fisher how about don’t let someone decleat you

    • @Luke Skyballer Nope

    • I didn't watch the game but the miss st guy started the fight on the onside kick.

    • @Charles Fisher No it’s not lmao. You didn’t watch it all from start to finish I can tell. Taunting is a penalty but if that made them Tulsa boys wild like that I can’t imagine how they felt after losing 2 times lol.

    • @Samson Buckner standing over him was what started it. And that’s not legal. That’s taunting.

  • Lifetime ban on all players!

  • I mean these coaches be tell to leave it all in the field🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ looks like both teams did just that 🤣🤣

  • Wow!! We the people are so divided. Riots in streets, now fighting over a football game, that suppose to be a Blessing. What example for the next generation to follow. The hate and divisiveness is so easy with no accountability. Lord forgive us the USA for We as a Nation have abandoned on what this Nation was found on in your way.

    • @yota 69 Sir I'd like to shake your hand, but seems like we're of the minority opinion here. I'm a few months shy of 60 bills myself, must be a generation thing. Sad.

    • @Mike Grazbo You might want to look up the definition of Sports. I'm almost 60 years of age, fighting after a football game is called unsportsmanlike. Defending this is just irresponsible.

    • How long have you been watching sports?

  • only bad news,, nobody got hurt

  • My respect for #7📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • they ruined sports long ago

  • This is one of the GREATEST moments in MS State football history! This is how you settle beefs... on the field on the spot. Strike first strike hard NO MERCY!

    • Nothing Great about fighting one another. Its a football game.

  • Classless M State players.

  • That’s what happens when different hoods meet each other.

    • Its what happens when people don't know how to regulate their emotions

    • Fr 😂

  • Wait a minute MS STATE is (4-7) they won the game 28-26 against Tulsa who are ranking is 24 and were (6-3) and MS STATE acting and BIG AND BAD cause of one game. They don't deserve to be in the bowl games. And number 4 is it coward for kicking and running away like a little girl. At least so some class

  • Those kids fight and act like girls.

  • Mississippi State was a highly respected 3-7 team prior to this bowl. Mississippi State deserves to be in the top 25 based on this powerful win.

  • What should be called is a forfeit of game. Both sides. They all lost!