DeVonta Smith’s parents react to son’s Heisman Trophy win | College Football on ESPN

Publicerades den 5 jan 2021
Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver DeVonta Smith's parents join Maria Taylor to react to their son becoming the first WR since Desmond Howard in 1991 to win the Heisman Trophy.
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  • Heisman trophy winners for Alabama Mark Ingram 2009 Derrick Henry 2015 Devonta Smith 2021 2009- 2015 = 6 2015- 2021= 6 2015- 2027 = 6 ? Who will it be next for Alabama? Proven system and it will happen.

  • You deserve this honor young man. Congratulations and I echo your sentiment, you don’t have to the biggest, however! you just have to be the best out there. Keep pressing and stay away from negativity.


  • Does she have on a bathrobe??

  • The heisman is a joke.

  • Clemson's Trevor Lawrence deserved that heisman.

    • @Quinton chapman I'm not a hater. “One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that you don’t worry about criticism from people you wouldn’t seek advice from." ~Dabo Swinney

    • @Quinton chapman no he's not average. He's good. As a Clemson fan, trevor lawrence is awesome.

    • Hater Trevor Lawrence is average

    • I’m not a Alabama fan but Smith deserves that Heisman

  • The slim reaper. Proud of u my guy and he’s from Louisiana, 100% there is some die hard LSU fans there but glad they support him

  • Wish this dude the best in the League. We'll have to see just how big of an impact he'll have on whichever team chooses him.

  • It's so great to be handed something because you're black

  • Don't thank the Quarterback who threw you all those TD'S,I'll say it for you (my husband said he can believe a receiver wouldn't even mention his quarterback,a Heisman candidate himself,sad,take for trophy and put in a safe place,are you for real,god bless Matt Jones,ROLL TIDE,SAD.

  • Even if your not a fan of Alabama, how could there be 11 people, who if we're real fans of football, could dislike the fact that this young man won the trophy. The voters got it right. Watch some of his videos and you'll see why he won it. Congratulations Devonta, you earned it and you deserve it!!!!🙏💪💯 Roll tide!!!!!!

  • Roll Tide... Saban 2024

  • Man this is the best thing I seen on ESPN in a while. Good to see both parents. Good men right here

  • Smitty is a class act!

  • Look at Devonte Smith do inspirational he’s my type of WR played just like him in the 3ed grade just didn’t have the cameras on

  • Fake !!!should of gave it to a punter

  • I live and die uga but young brother you are the epitome of how i pray my sons carry themselves on and off the field.. Congrats times 100

  • Congrats Job Well Done!! DeVonta

  • Well deserved. I was rooting for him since the candidates have been announced.

  • This guy is a generational person 1st. Believe it or not character is greater then talent.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Trevor Lawrence is over rated

  • They have every reason to be proud of their son and I am grateful for how they raised him in Gods plan.

  • Heisman winner, does not always translate into success at NFL level, can you say ca-ching.


  • Trask at 4th is straight disrespect, 4k passing yards 46 total TD’s both stats led the nation, Trask was putting up Burrow numbers and literally carried his team to the SEC championship game

  • Why does his dad look like a older Jayden Hurts

  • My question is how did TLaw get ahead of everybody else?

  • Congrats Devonta, Well Deserved🙏THE TIDE IS ROLLLLLLLLLLN 💪

  • Kool...

  • DeVonta Smith was absolutely the correct pick. He is going to have an amazing NFL career barring any injuries. Congratulations!!!!

  • winning the heisman is an nfl curse for most...good luck with that

  • Aaaaaaaaand go Buckeyes 😏, let the hate begin!

  • How did a guy that missed 2 games finish 2nd? I know he's a helluva QB but both Mac Jones & Kyle Trask had better seasons.

    • @Big Clout Bankroll funny you should say that as Trevor sits at home watching his mustache grow

    • Mac Jones and Kyle trash don’t come close to trevors talent. Never was and never will be.

  • It almost made me cried 😂

  • Wow finally a Wide receiver since 1991 go bama and go eagles

  • Devonta is a stud!

  • Heisman trophy is retarded. How we award only qbs when its such a major team sport

  • This is so sexist! Should’ve gone to Sarah Fuller🤣

    • @ben Free i know I'm just saying 😂 thought you was a feminist or sum 🤮.

    • @Jay Theboss You can relax Jay it was clearly a joke because everyone’s hyping up Sarah Fuller as if she’s actually done something😐SEnewss repliers are some bums frfr

    • Bro kickers NEVER win awards 😂 and shouldn't because its a easy thing compared to EVERY other position only QBS and WR get love because there the most important pieces on a team. Some people don't even consider kickers football players 😂😂

  • His Dad's reaction to his Mom is like stop touching me woman lmao

  • No wonder Da Vonta is such a classy young man, comes from an awesome family.

  • Davante is a testament for the best coach in college football Nick saban 3 Heisman trophy winners since Nick came to Alabama Roll Tide Roll Davante and Roll Nick saban wishing you a blessed new year

  • 3 rd pick Nfl draft Mr Smith go link back up with Tua. Roll tide congrats bro

    • I don’t think he’ll be the first wide receiver gone, it should be jamar chase

    • He is going in the 1st round.

  • I remember he scored the GW in the last championship Alabama won.

  • Yessirrrrr. Smith's a legend. Don't many WR win the heisman trophy. ROLL TIDE!!

    • @James Roberts Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Then the Buckeyes crept up to take it all away.

  • He motivates me to be someone great I’m not a big receiver and I live in Canada where making it D1 is almost impossible but I’ll keep trusting the process, y’all be great and follow your dreams👑

  • Social distance

  • Great young man seems like he comes from great family may god bless him in everything he does

  • Sarah fuller was robbed

    • 🤮🤮🤮 bro kickers are the lowest paid and the most weakest position most kickers get no respect and NEVER win awards 😂 some people don't even consider them football players cause all they do it kick 😂😂😂

  • Congratulations young man

  • We know why he got it

    • Because jamarr chase opt out, and waddle got injured. other than that he’d be the 3rd best receiver

    • Why do u think

    • Because he's a beast and had a record breaking season.


    • Tua is one good hit away from retiring in the nfl lol

    • Him and JALEN

    • @SuperOmnicron you said the right things and tua my boy he need to hit the weight room and study film I see him gaining about 10-15 pounds of muscle .

    • @SuperOmnicron the Bills are 13-3 and 1st in the AFC east. What are you talking about?

    • @SuperOmnicron don’t act like the Bills aren’t an incredible team this year

  • What's going on here? Shoulda been 1. Devante 2. Mac 3. Najee 4. Trask.

  • Chargers please pair him with Herbert

  • Inspirational to ALL the young kids that are told they aren’t the biggest or strongest. He is the definition of work hard.

    • @Kano True but he's more of the Randy Moss type WR

    • He is strong. And he's not big because he's a WR, WR are more fit and skinny instead of big like a RB etc.

  • If Waddle had not got hurt he would have never won .

    • @Big Clout Bankroll Chase made the smart move of opting out. His stats would of been down completely this year and his draft stock would drop due to the poor QB play at LSU this season.

    • Or if jamar chase didn’t opt out

  • The Slim Reaper!

  • Congratulations a great young man!

  • Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  • Congratulations

  • 100% deserved it. as a buckeye fan im excited to play him..

  • Well deserved. He was BEAST all season. Now the eagles or fins need to draft him so he can be reunited with TUA or Jalen 😎

  • The voter finally got it right.

    • @Kevron Harris 12 catches 215 yards 3 tds.. he's not playing the 2nd half.. and you still believe Trevor is the Heisman winner... ridiculous...

    • @It's Cypher kevron is feeling some type of way... he can't except it...

    • @Kevron Harris i get it.. you feeling some type of way... devonta deserve the Heisman...

    • @Emari Carter no

    • @Kevron Harris are you watching the game? Devonta has 3 touchdowns in the first half...

  • what WONDERFUL parents!!! what a great kid!!!

  • Congrats smitty you deserve it 👏

  • Devonte smith: wins the Heisman trophy as a WR, Me: so inspirational

  • Yes! We got it back with us.

  • The Heisman trophy need to be awarded to best player ,not just QB'S it's about the award went to a non QB

    • @Clorox Bleach nah i get that, just bringing up an o-lineman as an example to talk about players who just don't get talked about much. and yeah i think DBs need to be brought up more for the heisman but like you said, nobody could guard him this year. he definitely deserved it more than anyone.

    • Exactly

    • @first name last name true

    • how about an O-lineman? I mean those boys do work out there and never get recognized on a national level like this. A lot of QB's are so great because of there o-line doing the dirty work and having some gifted receivers out there (kind of joking about an o-line getting it but you get what I mean). Or like a DB or D-lineman who have to use their skill alone to make plays themselves while most qb's can rely off of a line or receivers to make plays for them. even running backs aren't really getting to much attention nowadays, where as back in the day, rb's literally were like the only ones who got this reward.

  • Trevor Lawrence should have won the heisman.

    • @Walter Savage no. The heisman is now a popularity contest. Trevor got unjustly put out of game.

    • @Big Clout Bankroll name those losses for Bama please. And winning the ACC 3 times in a row????!!!!??? Whoopee!!! Weakass argument

    • @Kevron Harris how does a qb get better numbers than a receiver?? I said Trevor will be #1 draft choice & he will, but Heisman??! Najee deserves it more than him.

    • @Big Clout Bankroll Lawrence has more losses as a starter than what Jones does.

    • @Big Clout Bankroll Jalen Hurts lost 5 total games in 4 years (3 in cfp) and till this day people scrutinize him from he cant throw to he got benched etc... BUT YALL DONT GIVE TREVOR THE SAME SMOKE. WHY? I ALREADY KNOW.

  • Louisiana boys!!!

  • I'm shocked it didn't go to Sarah Fuller 😂😆

    • @Reginald Hall No they are not underpaid its a good price, when your the less valuable player. Plus kickers don't even really practice and don't watch no film study etc. Because all they do is kick.

    • @Jay Theboss in my opinion FG kickers are severely under paid. Sure they only play a few plays per game but how many times have we seen a late kick or a missed FG be the difference in a game. A lot of Saban's losses can be directly attributed to missed FG's. But he finally has a good 1 that didn't miss a kick the entire year

    • @Big Clout Bankroll it's a joke bruh, I don't want the prestige prize like the heisman trophy to go to a player that literally shouldn't of been on a football field to begin with so chill out. I'm glad it went to a real football player

    • Snowflake

    • @John Brubaker 😂😂😂


  • 2021 looking good already

  • You so deserved it Mr Smitty lol !!!!! Keep praising the Lord and he will keep you my dude !!! Congrats brother !!!!

  • Best receiver to ever come through Alabama... yes even better than Julio and all the passes he would drop. Did Julio win a heisman? Nope didn’t think so.

    • @Jesse he will prove you wrong too

    • @Ga Coach Are you crazy he had a good season and had lots of yards his his QB job to find him in good position.

    • julio is overrated even now. He almost went an entire season without catching a TD. His QB equivalent is his own QB.

    • @Jesse 😂😂 a bust you must be on crack or meth this kid got game and its a beast.

    • Jones...3 year, $66,000,000 contract with the Atlanta Falcons, including a $25,000,000 signing bonus, $64,000,000 guaranteed. What you got?

  • Congratulations to that young man🤠

  • That isn’t the dad that shows up at the games. What’s going on?

    • @Jay Theboss Yeah you’re probably right. I saw on r/RollTide a few ppl say that the man that was there tonight didn’t look like the same man who showed up for smitty’s games so idk.

    • Who said that was his dad at the game you could of got it mixed up. This is his real dad

  • Roll tide

  • 1st