What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
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What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries
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  • Mate in Australia yous could get a sidemen men house with Al 7 of yous and Ur girlfriends for like 1.5 -. 2 mill

  • 6:25 Gta v franklin

  • Happy they put switzerland in but i mean wtf why this house lol

  • Bro, my house is way bigger than these and costs 500k lol. You guys are getting scammed.

  • gauteng South Africa view is wrong. Its in the middle of South Africa lol. Im from Cape Town South Africa there is a beach

  • Hahaha the big ball-like building in Vancouver is our Science World building.

  • can i still buy a hotel with 5 cents in bratislava?

  • NICE.. Made me happy made me smile. .. Nice :)

  • Don't go NY it's pointless, Australia is the best bet for the sidemen.

  • I'm staying home in south Africa, Gauteng

  • Sidemen move to south africa🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • flip you vicstar how dear you make tommy criy you sicko

  • 14:19 eh yo why Harry moving in slowmotion

  • 99.9% stock footage

  • do it with different states in the us because there are drastic differnces depending on what state ur in

  • I love this vid so much keep it going guys

  • Up the Aussies

  • Lol I have a double storey house In Australia and it’s worth $1.5 million I don’t think that “house” is $1,000,000

  • I live in Singapore, so 1 mil can get you a car or 800 square feet apartment. Mine cost 4 mil and its 2600 square feet.

  • Switzerland no question

  • Some video idea: they all go to viks cousins house and play hide and seek

  • Bloody oath Australia is the best love my country

  • Harry: " it would be sick to own a mountain house" lol fam like you cannot afford it

  • if you see this God wants you to know that He loves you and will always be there with you. He wants a relationship with you and wants to be in Heaven with you. He will return for His PEOPLE one day and Not every day is promised. Remember that when God is silent He is testing your faith He hears your prayers and His TIMING is PERFECT. God bless you and your family.

  • The London Pub apartment is The Ram Quarter Complex in Wandsworth. Most expensive apartment is £2.5m

  • I can tell Australia is BORING

  • i just know us south africans are having the times of our lives rn

  • I would go to a bombing shelter that’s my final choice

  • as an Australian I approve this video

  • The Australian house is a rent for 1 week 1 mil

  • Queensland!!

  • WHY NOT INDIA ?!!!!

  • pls give timestamp for india

  • As an Australian that was above standard for what u can normally buy here but i would love sideman being in australia

  • Yohh since when does gauteng have a beach

  • lol one of the backgrounds was san fransisco

  • Anyone talking about south Africa's Villa?

  • Then there is Texas where ya can buy a Mansion for $1 mill

  • I dont think you're ever going to see this but please like this and push it the london one was woolwich riverside it was a museum converted into houses the flats hav just been finished being built pictured behind

  • 1 million dollars (CAD) can get you a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath in Canada. Not the city. But the suburbs of Toronto

  • Its funny because they could literally buy any of those houses and use it as a holiday home, i know i would if i had money

  • I’m looking at all these shaking my head. If you only have $1mil, why put all of it in one place? Maybe i’m just different😅.

  • so technically this vid is sidemen house recommendations.

  • man he didnt say algeria you can buy it all with a million oof

  • Australia all day long!

  • 6:28 looks like a cod map

  • Hate to disappoint but your not getting a 3 bed and 3 bath apartment in Vancouver for 1 million usd which equals to roughly 1.2 million cad

  • No one trying to live in NY now lol

  • Viks family be living good you know

  • This is the sidemen looking for their new places

  • India has some of the nicest, richest, and most expensive spots in the world while like 45 mins away still in India there’s extreme poverty where no one has clean water or ac or other luxuries. It’s crazy

  • bro like you guys can buy the house in thailand and make it your holiday house

  • Bring it to lebanon

  • Expect more from india ya you can't get a house for a million dollars

  • I would go to ur moms condo

  • Edinburgh

  • Vote Niko omilana for London mayor!!!!

  • In my country for 1 mill you can buy a whole village near the sea with a fucking 20 000 square feet house no cap

  • Idk the thing in Switzerland is kinda fake. it costs a lot more.

  • Think the sidemen need to travel more around uk... Sorry mate but your country is beautiful.

  • THAILANDDD look at that

  • The Australian one or south African wowowowo

  • When you found your architect in minecraft 7:20

  • Bruh y’all flexing here , I live in Monaco, you can’t buy anything for less than 3 million

  • New York and switzerland were bangers imo

  • If u leave uk cone to South africa because its much cheaper 1 pound is 20 rand for example

  • At 5:22 vik turned Japanese

  • much love to the Tropics...they really adore the beach.

  • Meanwhile me judging houses thinking I've got a mil to spend 😂

  • I from Australia I rather buy a house in Melbourne it’s to hot in Queensland and they got trash wifi there

  • Yes move to Australia! 😂

  • senewss.info/slow/q6S1e9KCf7vbsbY/video

  • u say a clip or where i lived malaysia

  • Come to Australia boys

  • Ye ermm you wanna go to India rn? Bruh they have no oxygen

  • New video ideer split in teams and male an hollyday for like 10.000 paunds and then randomisse it and mak som tings special ting that they shout do on the hollyday

  • that london apartment is only £480,000

  • no fucking way you would get such a house in switzerland for only one mil...thats at least 2.5+ millions. you can barely get "normal" flats (without any fancy stuff such as pool, extra bed- & bathrooms...) for under one million.🙄😪


  • The Canadian one isn’t very accurate

  • Harry starts taking notes...

  • 5:45 now that is peng would love to live in that👀

  • Whos gonna tell them that a literal shed in Toronto sold for 1 mil

  • As an Australian this makes me happy😂

  • Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  • As an Australian, the Queenslander i am, i was very surprised about the fact this good of a house existed for a million.

  • You can get a great place for 1 mil in India but not in major cities. 1 mil dollar is approximately 6.5 crore rs. Our house is worth 10 crore + and is in Delhi so not as big as many of the houses on this list

  • He said ‘Delhi’ but showed the Golden temple in Amritsar.

  • In Cyprus you could get a 1100m2 Sea front villa with private pool 4 bedrooms 5 bathrooms and a Cyprus passport.

  • Yeah South Africa is dog water... I live here wanna swap?

  • i swear this video is a reupload....? they've definitely reacted to this before

  • wait, i swear theyve reacted to something like this before...

  • Fun fact that house you guys saw that was in Queensland Aus that's my uncle's house he recently sold it for well over 1 mil

  • Living on the coast of Australia a 1 million dollad mansion with beach views in sunshine beach i call cap. Try 10 mill plus!!

  • 4:52 these guys don't know about brandon estate or haygate in london a lot of houses are ctrl c ctrl v

  • Mate the Queensland house is nice but you go to the city anywhere and it’s 1mil for a tiny apartment if you want something like that it’s 5mil at the minimum

  • bahamas

  • And Once a week your South African mansion will be broken into and your children will be stolen to create the feeling of safe living

  • In india you can buy a big big big mansion for 1 million dollars

  • Can't even get a 1 mill house where I live (NZ)