The Puppies Got Escaped While I Was Driving!

Publicerades den 1 apr 2021
The puppies escaped while I was driving...ugh, so freaking stressful!
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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog SEnewss channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!


  • Name them after Harry potter characters!

  • Me be like the entire time how do you get them to not bite the wires

  • “Got escaped”?

  • Awww lol..

  • He’s the sweetest baby boy who needed cuddles

  • tiger is soooosweet and very adorable

  • You should film yourself at the dentist

  • I love wisteria. We had it growing in our yard growing up. It was gorgeous and smelled amazing

  • The puppies got escaped🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love that the title is still 'got escaped'😂

  • “the puppies got escaped” 👁 👄 👁 So that’s what English is?

  • I don't care what you are driving you should NOT be using a phone whilst driving.

  • Tiger looks most like his mommy

  • You mean it's just your immune system dying because of the bad chemicals trying to force it to work and actually weakens it. ;-;

  • Would they not have still been barking and yelling like that even in a crate?

  • I’m going to miss seeing blue eyes. They are all cute but blue eyes is just so cute.. could you keep us updated with pictures of babies????

    • Indweemdos im treamtos ooooh-nayyy

  • my cat try to sleep and me play this my cat be like:😭

  • Don't want to see the puppets leave. When they do Wagmore gets Joey another pregnant dog mom.

  • I actually teared up at the Tiger cuddling session

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • My lurcher is intensely listening and looking at my phone all confused xx

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • You should keep tiger because he is attached to you

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • :)

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • my dads dogs had puppies and there similar age as urs, and there so cute and fluffy I have one of the puppies as my profile 🥺💓💖💗💘💞💕

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • Why the puppies sound like seagulls 😂😂😂😂

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • I love when tiger cuddled you, how sweet!! 🪄🍉

  • Cute puppies with kids 😍

  • That puppy snuggling killed me. 🥺😩

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • pitbull, husky and german Shepard mix

  • Oh no they escaped I think they pooped to

  • Keep tiger plz

    • 😻🐵🐶


    • 😻🐵🐶

  • Wtf recording yourself while driving seriously #safe # idiot #dumb ass

  • In every puppy liter there is one pup who always is a little more relaxed, little more chill, wants more attention, more love, is more grown up. And that pup is always the one that gets close to Joey’s heart.

  • You seriously need to get more foster dogs to have puppy's, i have only been watching you for 2 days, i have already subscribed, but i love seeing how small they are, i have a puppy cocker spaniel who is almost 6 months, and i can't wait for her to have puppys. The first video i watched was Larck having her puppys, then all the following videos on their updates. I hated it when you said goodbye to Roo, can you do an update on Roo and her puppy's once they leave.

  • You have to adopt Tiger!😍😭😭

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • Joey is almost at 800k subscribers please get him there and I can’t stop watching this video so adorable and cute.

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • I just love your posts 💕 Hello from Finland, Europe 🤗

    • 😻🐵🐶

    • Follower over a year 😍

  • You should foster kittens next!!!

    • 😻🐵🐶


    • 😻🐵🐶

  • Tiger is so precious!! 🥰 I’m completely melted!! Omg!!

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • please DO NOT FILM when you're driving in such a chaotic situation again! we can live without the footage! filming while driving is bad enough but filming and driving with puppies loose in the car as you keep looking back??? it's irresponsible, you're better than this

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • *Joey gets into pool* "it feels like summer!" *me deathstaring because I live in Canada and have to wear a winter coat still* 😒

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • That one with blue eyes is everything.

  • Seriously joey, got escaped? WHY ARE YOU ADDING EXTRA WORDS?????? 😂

    • 😻🐵🐶

  • Release the craken

  • I want the blue eye one

  • It's crazy how much the puppies have grown up ❤️🐶

  • Who are the new parents to the pups??

  • Wolfie is the best 💙joey is such a good dad 💚

  • I love how at 2:55, Wolfie's face says "I don't care" while his tail says "YES! HELLO HUMAN! I LOVE YOU!"

  • the puppies got escaped omg

  • Omg Joey and Tiger. Cuteness overload. Sigh!

  • 7:20 OMG SO FRICKEN CUTE!!!!!!!

  • The one with the blue eyes is gorgeous.

  • The one with blue eyes is stunning ! I would love it 😍

  • You need a basket to make it easier to carry them inside and out easier

  • Joey I really want one of those puppies but I cant because I dont live in England

  • The puppies sound like a flock of seagulls 😂😂

  • The title is driving me insane.

  • Can you keep wone pls there so cute pls keep the whone with blue eyes pls

  • Omg no why what I hope there ook by

  • Wow the English in that title 😂

  • Oof

  • Tiger missed his mama

  • The fact he’s driving a Tesla, he could have had it on autopilot 😂😂

  • Happy early easter!🥰🥚

  • 0:58 Captions: 𝕸𝖚𝖘𝖎𝖈


  • hey I found your Minecraft skin but with a witch coven vibe link here

  • Bahaha, Joey I love you, but the sentence "the puppies got escaped" doesn't make any sense xD

  • I’m literally laughing so hard for the first few mins of the video because it looks like they’re like “help! Dads taking us to get shots!”

  • Will you invite me your show escape the night season 5

  • aww lol their a handful

  • 6:50 This is the most f**king wholesome thing I’ve seen all day, I’m crying now.


  • I just love Sakura! She is toooooo cute! 🥰

  • Keep tiger PRETTY PLZ ❤️

  • Joey what kind of puppies are those adorable Furbabies? I think they are gorgeous! Thank You!! 😍🐶😍🙏

  • Did Roo end up getting adopted?

  • Even tho the vaccine was proven to not work JOEYY 😭

  • OMG Joey and Tiger are the best thats so cute tiger want to cuddle with his dad

  • BE PATIENT they're just babies and you are the best daddy ever

  • 6:50 idkkk why it made me cry so much when the puppy rested his head on u 😭❤️MY HEART JUST MELTED

  • Tigers got separation and anxiety

  • I knew as soon as you showed the flowers they had to be a Mr. Preda creation 💗😁

  • Lol title boom

  • Tiger is Really Like you Joey

  • Yay good for you Joey I’m glad to hear that

  • Oh my god please keep hiiimm. The way he just cuddled you made me want to cry😭

  • They are all such cuties but that one with the blue eyes just stands out of the pack! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ah yes.. puppies escape lets pull out the camera WHILE DRIVING to film them and risk everyone elses lives

  • Omg I couldn’t tell if the puppies were crying or if it was my puppy downstairs while you were in the pool 😂

  • I want one

  • I want ine

  • I read the title like twenty times and thought I just couldn’t read until I checked the comments and everybody else was confused

  • The puppies got escaped. Me: that makes sence

  • All the video names are so dramatic. 'My puppies are sick' 'Puppies escaped'

  • JOEYYYY it would be so interesting if you did one of those doggie DNA tests on one of the pups each time you foster a litter just to see for fun!!

  • They really are a handful 😉😂

  • OMG I want your dogs I love 😍 your dogs