Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Publicerades den 14 okt 2020
Produced by Vogue with Lancôme

Lily Collins walks us through her skin care routine and shares a simple, clean day-to-night look with a nod to Parisian glamour. Lily also talks about her obsession with essential oils and how she deals with dry skin.

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Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  • Shop this beauty routine:

    • Please guys check this make up out

    • Just use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser . You're welcome!

    • Such a natural beauty ❤️❤️❤️ Her in Emily in Paris 😍 such amazing hair & eyebrows 😘🌈💚

    • @lemonflower

    • @🤍

  • Was surprised how her face was spotless and perfect before washing face turned out makeup got me lol

  • Love this ❤️❤️❤️

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • After she's done with the foundation I think she's all set up❤️ so pretty❤️

  • 😍😍😍

  • Porque tiene la cara manchada ???

  • Lily seems like she's been preparing for a vogue beauty secrets vide her whole life

  • She will always remind me of Rosie Dunne ♥️♥️ esp at 7:06 😌

  • if i had never searched her age, i'd really thought that she's still in 20s! She really looks young and gorgeous and beautiful. 😩😻

  • Well, we should believe everything she says is good because she still looks like a teenager in her 30's.

  • Astaga... Itu alis neng? Tebel banget kek sinchan😆

  • I don’t think she uses Lancôme. This is a advertisement video

  • She’s so annoying... also she uses like 100 products on face but yet says she doesn’t like to use much on her face?!??

  • If Lily can have this bad skin and still be confident & happy, then I should be ok with a few acne spots. Huhu

  • she's so gorgerous

  • check it out please


  • Vogue being Vogue 🙄... This vídeo has so much filter or photoshop, that’s unnecessary!

  • I love you Lily Collins! Beautiful woman! Love you!

  • Fantastic Lily

  • Parecidíssima com a bonequinha de luxo ❣️

  • Does anyone know what color of L'Absolu Rouge lipstick she’s wearing here??

  • and she's 31, gorg!!!

  • The new brushes you need.

  • So bad for the skin, the way she cleans it :(

  • Love her movies and she is so good amazing actress and rolemodel ❤❤❤

  • Hi

  • Omg yes I love la vie eat belle 😍😍😍smells AMAZING

  • Eh I remember days when Lancome had really good products full of gooddies in lie Vinefit or Impactive Lines, but now you will find so much silicone and PEGs that it is not possible for me to use it anymore. :( RIP Lancome.

  • How can you start with propolis throat spary in video that is called French girl look ? Is is Lily or Emily doing this video ? Gosh... :/

  • These are BOOM! Eyebrows!

  • use the essencisl oil then wash face? May i know why?

  • you are so sos ososososososos BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She is so down to earth, love her!

  • Es hermosa!! 😻

  • she’s the first famous person i’ve seen that uses cetaphil and not some luxury face wash

  • i thought this shawty was british 🤔🤔🤔

  • Emily Cooper is really good at impersonating Lily Collins here

  • Why on earth would you believe that this is Lily Collins true personality? This is a vogue video produced with Lancôme sponsoring for christ's sake, not a biographical movie

  • Madison beer next ❤️

  • big Top

  • she's not french tho


  • I would also love to see Emma Roberts skin care routine🥰 Please Vogue😘

  • Embajadora de Lancome! pues claro, pero es que ella con lo que sea es hermosa

  • Es mi perfume favorito también 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • what LIPSTICK did she use i cant spell it right

  • que banheiro em

  • Maravilhosaaaaaa🥰

  • Bjjhzjzxhxhx Hjjññ por

  • perfect eyes and lashes

  • my head as i watch this: I Believe I believe I believe I believe I believe I believe I believe in love love lololove😅😅

  • Kylie jenner'ın bile makyaj videosu daha kısa. Ayrıca çok erken yaşta cilt bakımına başladığını söylemiş ama cildi videoda bence biraz kötü. Umarım cildi için zamanlama kötüdür. Yoksa bu kadar güzellik sırrının bir anlamı yok ayrıca o fondötene o kadar para verdikten sonra üzerine ekstra bir şey sürmeme gerek kalmazdı

  • Es mi computadora, su luz o yo le veo algo manchada la cara ?? aun asi es preciosa

  • In love

  • Has anyone noticed her brows look so different than they did in past years

  • Please can i know name of song in the end? The one with piano? pleaseeee! 🙏🏻❤️

  • Ahora se quien es la actriz favorita de V

  • Loved this video and subscribed. Thank you so much

  • i love emily style but not her attitude having an affair with a friend's boyfriend, but love her anyway in real life😂

  • What?You are Emily in Paris?I just saw the movie series.And I ....say....nothing

  • Lily Collins!!!!!!!!😍😍

  • Es hermosa !

  • She really is selling the product, the marketing expert on screen and off

  • such a beauty~~~ i love Lancome and Cetaphil :)

  • I use the same lip balm as u did Lily! 😍😍😍

  • You Looked Beautiful Than Night. You Look Beautiful.

  • so how does it feel to be one of god's favorites miss collins?

  • (V ideal type🤭)💜 Lilly Collins💗

  • Lily Collins never experience being uglyyy 😩

  • i screamed when i saw the toner

  • she said "I'm obsessed with essential oil" and I could hear Hyram gasping !

  • Cetaphil userrr!!!!

  • Omg 💯💯 her lip and eyebrows stunning..

  • Gosh! I like the way she looks after applying the liquid foundation😍

  • ⬆️ new 📞 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli1

  • Lily: My favorite parts of my beauty routine, it's all about the brows. Me: my brows is a nightmare!!!!!!!!

  • Lily Collins is my favorite actress

  • So prettyyyyyy

  • i really love the way she talks ❤️ you make my heart meltt uwu

  • Omg! She so cute ❤

  • Am I the only one who thinks the contour is a little bit off

  • Anybody, does anybody count how many type of make up she used ?

  • Is she acting or being herself?

  • i love her!!

  • This felt like a 13 minute promo video for Lancôme

  • Let's talk about how beautiful she is with and without make up. 😭


  • Atualizando minhas ideias pra fingir que estou em um video da Vogue para treinar my english

  • Só me bastava as sobrancelhas iguais à da Lily, que eu já ficava satisfeita.

  • Y’all stop wasting your money, skincare is such a hoax

  • anyone else getting weird vibes here

  • Beautiful like me. 😍😍😍

  • #boycottfrance

  • I’m literally obsessed with her eyebrows 😍😍😍

  • ugh I love her so much it makes me sick

  • I am a Lancome lass but my make up looks are more dramatic than Lily's natural make up. Obviously I go for the femme fatale look because I am 40 +.😁 Nice make up, anyway. Big brow girls are rocking!

  • This is sO Américain, mdr

  • I will if I can get some support