Biden already working to rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal: report

Publicerades den 17 jan 2021
Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst General Jack Keane argues the U.S. has ‘got to be tougher’ when negotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran.
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  • Well no kidding joe is- because hes dumber than a box of rocks!

  • when you continue to condone bad behavior, what should I say.

  • I watch for four years all the rubbish that came out of his mouth thinking it couldn't get worse but it did.

  • General jackass

  • Biden should return to his basement - it’s calling his name

  • Biden will load planes full of cash for Iran. So much for Trump's peace treaties.

  • What’s wrong with having a deal with Iran ? I’d love to hear why not? I’ll tell you why tho, because Israel feels threatened by big bad Iran. It’s Bc they support Lebanon who a Thorne in the Israelis eye. Lebanon gave Israel its first defeat in 2006. But for Americans the deal would be a good thing:

  • It didn't take long for Biden to drop to his knees and suck off our enemies (his friends).

  • This is Trumps TV station. Fox News is the fake news

  • Trump was the worst president!!!! Biden should go ASAP with deal with Iran!!!!

  • Oh let me guess let's go back to the old nuclear deal but if we do inspections we give you a month's notice then when we come there do the inspections you tell us where to go it was the worst deal we ever made in the Obama Administration why don't you just put a whole bunch of money on the tarmac like he did so they can Finance their nuclear program he is such an idiot

    • The military is so upset about the way Biden is treating them he took down military Flags in the Oval Office all the other countries know how weak Biden is. some countries have Biden in their back pocket with all the money they gave him and his family. the unity of the United States is being destroyed as we speak and the Democrats are doing a very good job at it

  • The Iranians didn’t abide by the agreement the first time around, why would they obey the terms of the second time? Maybe Hunter can make some more millions. Here’s another idea of the establishment making decisions that aren’t very well thought out. Foolish decisions are what this administration is all about.

  • Dizzy Joe Biden is a coward.

  • Find can't learn anything new he can't even remember what he used to know or think what he knew

  • The last time the U.S crossed Israel , we got hurricane Katrina.Sadam Hussein is gone because of firing scud missiles at Israel.The God of Israel bless America, if America does what right.If.

  • The last time the U.S crossed Israel , we got hurricane Katrina.Sadam Hussein is gone because of firing scud missiles at Israel.The God of Israel bless America, if America does what right.If.

  • Didn't know fox news serves israel

  • And they said Russia hacked the elections lol

  • I didn't vote for this man.

  • I wonder how much money we will be sending them this time?

  • Another Obama/Clinton in the making.

  • The swamp is back with a potato at the helm.

  • Biden is a pathetic loser

  • does this lil puny man know what hes getting himself into not only him but the world

  • I fear civil war is unavoidable... Biden or the people that pull his strings, will not stop.. Every American hast to stand up and keep this from happening!!!!!!

  • USS Liberty

  • President Trump arranged everything all he has to do is go with it . “ come on man ! “.

  • Biden's keen to visit Iran because they'll let him at their 12 year old girls.

  • Yeah, let Iran have nukes. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Biden a joke and history will and has showed it

  • Biden is a fool

  • How stupid can a person get

  • Zone is working biden is sleeping killing 45 thousands jobs.

  • Why is the USA so divided

  • REMEMBER 1773.....

  • Biden for war not peace the stupid old fool still thinks America is still at a cold war with Russia for bugger sake. His actions have proven that

  • This is nutz.

  • I'm Joe Biden and I'm here to say 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 damnit I forgot what I was going to say.

  • Why ???!!!

  • We've got to stop this guy

  • as usual dems resort back to failed obama policies

  • long live the first and the last country on earth great iran

  • He’s reversing everything Trump did out of spite. If anyone in any position changes something for the worse for political reasons, they’re just ignorant.

  • Iran wants us to bend over and Biden is holding our heads down.

  • Ha! Ha! We'll done American lefties

  • Creating more reasons to steal Americans money and give it to the elite.

  • Biden is a puppet ...Been paid off with the usual with many going missing .!!! USA is going down the pan under this communist !!!

  • biden sending troops in to syria as we speak. John Kerry has been talking to Iran before the election

  • Fox news doing China showdown smart move for Fox I'm finding more people who want to know more about are political standing on China

  • Is this the 4th reason why he should be impeach even Trump didn't pile up the reasons this fast Joe having supported the anarchist by simply saying that they do not exist we have Georgia asking for impeachment hearing for Biden for the boarder line illegal activity in the past Texas is suing for not allowing deportation of ! illegal ! immigrants now the sheer incompetence with the military no I do not include the scandals that are happening with election or other nations helping Joe win the election because this was already brought to the Court and they ignored it

  • Now that the insurrection is over I guess the comment section is back. Fox is a joke!

  • Israel: 😠😠😠😠

  • Good job dummycrats, no wonder you're a jackass

  • Dirty nukes in middle east blown up during Obama very reckless of new administration and Obama knew helped hide it.

  • This illegitimate government imposter group don't like Israel anyway and I'm fairly sure that God will frown upon that. I wouldn't want to be you. Oh my

  • I have a great idea!! Let's let Iran build a nuke.. Brilliant (sarcasm)

  • IT was our OWN Frozen money. Not ur money, but our OWN money. You Fox jokes should do your research. BTW We Iranians know exactly how to defend ourselfs politically and militarily. Trumpppppy ur out of office, here they come for u.

  • Iran is acting up because they know TRUMP isn’t pushing any buttons. The Democratic Party is a joke.

  • This stupid idiot better not sent our tax $ to iran again. If he want to send $ better use his n hunter dirty $

  • Under our weak senile biden as president .we are in big trouble with him opening up the country to our enemys..there will be attacks on america.

  • Of course he is. He is a money grubbing traitor

  • Biden did not win, and having Fake Media cheer-leading is not going to make people like the demented old fool

  • And in order to properly install any Communist regime in a country there is always a purge and this time it's going to be a conservative Purge

  • did Biden learn anything from the Trump administration they think everything he did was a massive failure including the peace deals so he's going to do the opposite of everything Trump did

  • North Korea is talking smack already and a new caravan is on its way up. The world is acting like the real teacher is off and a sub is filling in.

  • Playing w fire sleepy wake up consult w the advisors i hope u have and that they have more intellect than you do

  • host and guest good. Biden bad.

  • Don't worry guys they're going to "use" nuclear for peaceful purposes like in Tennessee...

  • Interested to see in the next spending bill how much will go to Iran and China

  • Return to the Iran deal that’s only flaw was Republicans trashing it- if it’s so flawed why is the rest of the world still in it? Because it’s working you whiners why not admit that

  • Wow tried watching a presidential news conference seems like a new way of answers to questions? That actually answer with coherent responses that make understandable sense - no need for the large 3 ring binder with distracting controversies that mean nothing to the American people

  • Liar Joe is disgusting!!

  • Cant listen to Fox news.....

  • Why not join Iran did nothing wrong Trump discontinued a deal that was going as it was supposed to Now Iran is closer to nuclear material trumps fault look it up it’s facts not fake news And he almost started a war with them when he murdered solimondi this are facts look it up for urself please

  • Israel is going to have to take out Iran nuclear facilities by itself and hope that Joe says we will help .

  • Oh, come off it. The money was blackmail. Fake Bin Laden assassination.

  • Biden is the president of Wall Street, Big Tech and the corporate elite which includes the military industrial complex! Where there is war and misery there is money to be made!

  • He's going to make sure that Iran gets the bomb as soon as he possibly can.

  • Dems are evil and stupid.

  • I wonder if all those dumb Democrat supporters are happy with this! I noticed that they aren't saying a word about this one any page, I wonder if they are kicking them self for voting for him?

  • We have a bunch of people in their 80s And 90s running our country It's plain to see their not 100 percent there.

  • Biden is wanting pallets of cash in the next stimulus package.

  • Iran will end up nuking Saudi Arabia in less than 3 yrs

  • Disgusting.

  • He is not working on anything, merely signing anything put under his nose ,without reading or understanding the contents , more opportunities for bungs

  • VOTING COMPROMISED + Media Brain washing + CENSORSHIP + ALTERING GOD given rights + promoting Racism + ENABLING our enemies = TYRANNY

  • This soft prick will waste time undoing everything Trump did. What he needs to do is think smart and do something new.

  • the 1.5 billion China paid Biden will probably be bought up also. China has free reigh of the USA for next 4 years min. All you stupid brain washed idiots who hated on Trump-i hope you cop the most pain as you deserve it.

  • If America has nuclear weapons it should be ok for iran to have nuclear weapons

  • So incompetent, Mr Biden... Where’s HUNTER??

  • I knew soon the democrats become the government war will follow in the middle east soon afterwards..I hope my country turn it's back on US government and not join you anymore with your wars The world is watching. We can all see you don't want peace

  • Biden is just Obama and his evil global ist puppet

  • Its the conservatives turn to be the instigators now. Distracting you from is ra el

  • its a sell out

  • If you didn’t vote for Biden then you ain’t crazy 😜

  • They have no fear now, good old Joe 😂

  • Empty Fort Knox and airlift it all to iran! Those Nukes are EXPENSIVE!

  • How did his eyes get open? Its not Biden...

  • That didn't surprise me.

  • Biden is a complete liar! Says he's christian, but goes against Israel by dealing with Iran, state sponsor of Al-Queda hell bent on nuking Israel.