RIP the AUG..

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
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RIP the AUG..
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  • do you flip your controlls

  • Did he just call me baby?

  • Yoo swagg do you think we could play some time and could you unban me from twitch stream

  • Rip the aug? You was shredding

  • Bullfrog and Amax u Ned to try but put blue Dot on Amax Corp combat hole sight

  • Even Tommey has been wrong about cheating accusations. He has apologized. Everyone forgave him. The person he was wrong about wasn’t a little bitch and didn’t press charges. Screw you swagg

  • what was that opening

  • can u make a video of your mixamp presets for wz?

  • I think m16 is better ngl

  • I want his lobbies... :/

  • Thank god it’s gone

  • What is the best Weapon to use with the kar98?

  • Title: rip aug Swagg: makes video about ffar plus aug Me : why not be called rip aug and ffar meta

  • Should push for a stun nerf! It is RIDICULOUS how long it lasts🤦🏽‍♂️. Nerfed C4 why not stuns 🤷🏽‍♂️.

  • Whoever swagg is playing with is whiney af

  • Stop cheating

  • Been watching subbed i got scammed for my account so maybe can you help

  • Missed a UAV at 7:26

  • Hey Swag you play Dynamic or Standard? Lol and what sensitivity? Just curious 🤨

  • WOW 😏

  • What are the attachments on your ffar and aug

  • D savage

  • We gonna talk about how he just walked past a free UAV or??

  • What’s meta?

  • You carried that whole game

  • By any chance do you think we can play warzone on my birthday or something, it would mean a lot, if so can you contact me in Instagram @ShawtyWithEli , my birthday is on april 30th but maybe we can plan it ahead of time, anyway peace and love baby! Have a good one!

  • Use the fal it’s broken

  • M4 and The AK SMG 🔥🔥🔥🤔🤔

  • Mac-10 is gonna be back now since ffar got nerfed

  • Yo swag still love your new intro bro, keep up the great content mate👍👍

  • The aug has been the most OP gun since warzone came out. I'm more than glad it got nerfed.

  • I tried the M16 in King Slayer and That thing 1-Bursted a dude with 2 shields I’m pretty sure

  • Nobody Roze skins when they see light: 😭😭😭

  • Round of applause for putting his team on.litterlly alot talk and say they would but being able to change the ones closest undesirably nothing like it we see you 702 to az. A young boss salute.. GET THE SILENT ASSIAN TO TALK AHH LIl more and with the way yall are matter of time stay blssed..

  • Strikepack

  • hdjd

  • Cw mp5 slaps

  • M4A1, monolithic suppressor, 60 round mag, VLK sight, high explosive grenade launcher, corvus custom marksman barrel.

  • R.I.P AUG Welcome Kali Sticks and Riot shield

  • What gaming chair do you have?

  • The comms are on point

  • Run the as Val and Mac 10

  • “It says WOW” 😂😂😂

  • !M16

  • do you ever have issues with the analog sticks on your scuf controllers? i got a brand new one and both sticks are having issues after a few days

  • 8:20 that guy was mad lmaoo

  • Lmao swagg I was waiting for this

  • Class?

  • Recoil seems the same as usual for your gameplay. When I use mine now the recoil shoots to the fuckin moon

  • kinda miss the old intro😒

  • finally

  • Aug and ffar meta has literally been the only meta that’s damn near made me uninstall

    • The dmr meta

  • Did the M16 get nerfed ?

  • Imagine swagg not using de aug and the ffar

  • Nahh dante did not say that in the intro😂😂😂😂

  • damn that intro clean af

  • If you want a faster ads time for the FFAR you should use Stangad 50 rnd instead of 50 round fast mag bc its just way faster

  • You the warzone top streamers think your untouchable nah your not anonymous will bring you all down

  • Rip the Aug, procceeds to use it

  • 7:24 UAV is on the ground but he didn't picked it up . That's make me so cringe

  • 2:48 add when you were abouta kill someone fr

  • I like how he said R.I.P FFAR and then kept using it. I wonder what he will do with the AUG 🤔

  • i’m mad that he left a whole uav then bought one

  • FFAR dont hit anymore

  • I'm running the m16 and ram7 I got my pr (15) and it destroyed.

  • Swagg can I 1v1 your bother

  • Why do you care about the recoil when you're using cronus or strike pack or whatever? :P

  • !DMR

  • Lately I've been using dmr and it been firing but aug is better but if you wanna try sum else then here is the dmr class:agency,field agent,task force, axial 3x,30 rnd

  • Love this intro. But i feel like you should land superstore since thats where you always go. Thats YOUR spot

  • Imagine metaphor and swagg

  • I still use the mp5 and the amax

    • Mp5 is weak bro it's only good for hip firing, they need to buff the mp5

  • Your teammate died like ten times

  • Literally use the m16

  • Get joewo in the nuke clan

  • Too easy with the cronus

  • gay thumbnail

  • I just have one question what that intro was

  • Swagg I call it the Ferrari the ff ar 1

  • Ive never known a guy to ask for likes and subs as much as this wanna be gangster

  • Prob not going to reply but I need help getting more wins and just tips

  • Swaggs lingo chill asf

  • im running ffar and dimatti trying something new

  • 7:26 you missed a UAV.

  • When they say nerf they mean buff

  • Man swagg you my favorite streamer I got this clip of metaphor tell me if he cheating I’ll send you the clip he called me a moron for callin him out on automatically putting plates on

    • And no he didn’t edit the video he was literally in fight w a dude chasin him and his plates automatically went on.

  • 8:20 😂😂😂

  • Followed you for a while but getting the lawyers in against somebody that is exposing reverse boosters and cheaters in the game is ridiculous. All this will do is make people hesitant of exposing cheaters of fear of being sued. Sorry bro I let it slide with your reverse boasting antics but 100% an unfollow from me. All the best with you career

  • bro they ain’t nerf it 😂 i got ps4 and i didn’t even notice they nerfed it lol

  • pls try the dmr 14

  • Didn't he make a video about the FFAR just like this?

  • Same with the ffar

  • The aug was barley touched

  • Gimme an M16 n a Bullfrog and I’m straight

  • Next Video: The X16 Is the new meta😱😱😱😱😱

  • at the end when swag got downed on top of fire he coulda told b to go tap him so that when he got sniped he could use his self

  • Wow😏😈

  • Walks right past a UAV on body.....2 seconds later...”I’m gonna buy UAV. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • That aug recoil is brutal now.

  • I been using the Amax and the cold war mp5 and its been so good

    • @Anouar agency suppressor, field agent foregrip, reinforced heavy barrel for range and damage, then i use the 50 drum and the sof target designator laser the mobility isnt the best but its ttk is real good

    • What's you're attachments for the mp5?