Tucker: McConnell reportedly preventing potential Assange pardon

Publicerades den 19 jan 2021
Tucker Carlson repeats call for Trump to pardon Julian Assange and John Kiriakou. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • The outrage grinders stir the pot with lies and obfuscation the purpose of this psyop is to manipulate the nation The manufacture of consent for plunders foreign and domestic the media serve the one percent they keep in line or get arrested They enrage so you'll engage pick a side, it's good for hating god forbid you disengage this dissent is good for ratings don't you want to say your piece tell them what you think at least your clever words will prove them wrong your takedown is a masterpiece the fourth estate is dead and gone it rots in Belmarsh with Assange the dark machine has grown too strong they sing the uniparty's song


  • Without the Snowden-Assange pardons it's hard to say where Trump's politics are. But we can say for sure he's not a true populist and we can say for sure he is a PROMOTER of the military industrial complex. That's more Democrat than Republican.

  • We should start a petition to pardon Jillian!! So many would sign it.

  • Mitch McConnell is a swamp monster.

  • Is it time to boycott Swanson foods?

  • Why because Trump doesn't want any trouble from the deep state, I mean look at Esptein. They feel threatened or might be called out, they'll do what they want.

  • Tucker Carlson = fake news

  • What rubbish! Since when Trump is afraid of Mitch McConnell?

  • I'm so shamed of my country for the 1st time

  • Good work! Thanks for being one of the only MSM voices using his platform for something as important as this!

  • McConnel is a blackmailer

  • OUTRAGEOUS BS Dems are doing in collusion with corrupt Big Tech & fake News Media!

  • The truth is irrelevant when you work for the government and you sign a national security non disclosure agreement.

  • Trump didnt pardon Assange. because hes gonna run again. McConnell better be careful because there is way more support for Trump than McConnell. Trump is the party

  • their only priority is to STAY IN POWER at your EXPENCE

  • Bernie supporter here, but after he sold us out twice, I am looking elsewhere

  • We want Mitch gone

  • Sounds like assange got some dirt on ol'e mitch.

  • Sounds like a quid pro quo tucker everyone can do it except trump renner biden laughing about holding aide from Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired investigating his son

  • McConnell will be pardoned during his next primary. Bye bye.

  • Trump used by the swamp.

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But Trump choose not to pardon any of these options and we have to at least consider why he failed us here. The only reasons left for his inaction are swamp-like in nature.

  • You are listening to an admitted liar. He knows he lies, Fox knows he lies, his lawyers know he lies...you are the only idiots who dont know he lies. LOL..enjoy sheep! "Just read U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil's opinion, leaning heavily on the arguments of Fox's lawyers: The "'general tenor' of the show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not 'stating actual facts' about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in 'exaggeration' and 'non-literal commentary.' "

    • @colorfulbleeding I dont watch any of that bullshit...I know it isnt news...It just makes you happy to be mad when you watch it. They are brainwashing you into anger on purpose and you come back for more like heroine.

    • so do CNN. So just watch TIm pool instead

  • Is it legal? Asking that means our country fell a long time ago. It's nothing less than blackmail.

  • They still going to convict trump

  • Its part of the plan, he will be released when the swamp gets drained

  • Mitch (I can legally blackmail the president) McDonald's

  • What can we do to remove Mitch? I am so tired of him and his actions

  • Does Tucker remember why Assange should be jailed? Tucker cool with releasing US military secrets?

  • Assange and snowden know way to much about the Corruption

  • The Turtle must go.

  • I don’t be in the matrix at all when it comes to the media but this dude plays a real good role for fox

  • Thank God for Biden and The American People and Pioneers like Obama and Karmala who defeated this murderous Wallstreet Swamp Tyrant and his sick Covid Infected Administration and corrupted Family that caused the worst catastrophic Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and Wrecked are Country from the inside out with lies bogus conspiracies bribery and insurrections against there own Country and making the USA a laughing stock to the World and getting us banned from it and blaming everybody else but Himself for being the biggest failure and national embarrassment in United States History in only a half year Trump has left Biden the biggest catastrophic mess ever seen in presidental history in this sad day and age Trump has created for us nowadays

    • @Slater K And Biden is taking millions from his drug addicted son shady deals.

    • @Slater K Yeah ok 🙄

    • Keep Lieing to yourselves Trump didn't care about any of you were fooled and he took off to Florida with your money after leaving another catastrophic Health Economic Housing Homeless mess behind in his wake of destruction to America and it's People

    • nice copy past iranian troll

    • 😂😂😂 thats a good one 👍🤪

  • With "friends' like Mandarin Mitch, who needs Antifa?

  • Our country is being run on corruption and coercion. Thank you Tucker we need so many more strong journalist with integrity.

  • We must get our election's protocols in place NOW! Photo ID, Proof of residence, and examinations by professional neutral forensic experts immediately. Obama shortens the sentence of the traitor and persecutes the messenger!

  • International journalist?? omg stop lying tuker youre from cali?? Millions of dollars bought your mouth?

  • McConnell and Pelosi are evil!!

  • Assange and Snowdon.

  • Tucker is a joke, I can't believe people still listen to this nut. Why was I listening you ask? I was curious what he was gonna say, according to the title.

  • i called it 2 days ago.

  • Perhaps the rare time i can agree with Tucker.

  • Tucker, tell me what they think. Duuuuuh

  • For good reason, you're brainwashed.

  • Who are you calling “low IQ thug?” Fetterman is a Harvard graduate. Dumbass.

  • Justice in this land has become a joke

  • Wow McConnel is a snake

  • Tucker did amazing here!

  • No pardon for defender of free speech just criminals

  • Can anyone answer my question as to why Trump didn't pardon his loyal followers arrested for rioting in the Capital? 🤔

  • Assange and Snowden are just tiny specks in the problems we are facing with the Global deep state. It is not just the American deep state.

  • When are the criminal trials starting

  • The president reject was involved in treasonous crimes

  • Trump whose coward followers have a problem wearing a little tiny mask. Yet their daddies had no problem wearing bed sheets and hoods. Thank goodness he is history. I guess you scumbags that support him will wait for the next tyrant to idolize.

  • I stoped watching fox because they turned on Trump and now Trump has turned on his voters .

  • I wonder what information Assange has about McConnell.

  • Free Assange

  • Lmao, it was Trump's DOJ who was trying to get Assange extradited to be prosecuted under the espionage act and any who believed Trump would pardon Assange and Snowden were and are fools. Assange helped Trump and Trump wanted to prosecute Assange as a spy folks and Tucker is not being honest as usual. .

  • So if he pardons Assange then we lose our ability to vote for him in 2024? Is that blackmail?

  • Mitch🤮

  • Convict trump without hearing the evidence there is no justice when elected senators can threaten the president so blatantly

  • The TRUTH matter ok. I guess it only matter when its the other party that lies and not your own. Clowns.

  • Julian Asang is a heroes God bless him and his family

  • "speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." -george orwell "The right of revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a natural right they enjoy to relieve themselves of the oppression, if they are strong enough, either by withdrawal from it, or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable. But any people or part of a people who resort to this remedy, stake their lives, their property, and every claim for protection given by citizenship - on the issue. Victory, or the conditions imposed by the conqueror - must be the result." - ulysses s grant

  • if that is the Case then the DOJ needs to arrest and convict the Democrats and Republicans responsible for collusion and violation of civil rights. My favorite issue right now is PA's incompetence there is no ETA on Federal Support of PUA compensation because they need to update their Computer systems due to new Federal Requirements, whatever that means, so people are starving and will probably lose their homes ect ect because the state is incompetent. PA, California, NJ, NY.......can someone clean up the corruption and BS occurring in these states, Officials from these states are wretched.

  • Best newscast you've had since you messed up with the election.

  • Trump Republicans' should expel this traitor immediately.

  • Thank you alway! 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • Trump pardoned Judge Jenean Pirros X husband instead. Pathetic!

  • Very disappointed that President Trump didn’t pardon Julian Assange. I’m a total supporter of Trump but this lack of action was spineless, sorry and I feel sick saying it.

  • He has a secret

  • They’re taking, what is very likely a TRUTHFUL majority regardless of polling numbers, of angry people that believe the election results were unfairly obtained, and making them even more angry with this behavior from McConnell.... they won’t forget. In my opinion “the people” will only remain peaceful as long as they feel as though their voice, or their vote matter. That’s being stripped away out in the open now...not a safe game to play, it can only go wrong....

  • Trump let me down not issuing a pardon for Assange.

  • Tucker reportedly had dinner with Shrub Jr. recently. Just shows that "Mr. Anti-War", "Mr. Anti-Elitist" is a big phony. Why would you trust "news" from a millionaire... owned by a billionaire?

  • hes very clearly afraid of what he has to say

  • Gen. Flynn in charge.

  • Vote those Republicans out at next election.

  • They're afraid he's got more to tell, and they want an example made out of him: so no one else has the nerve to stand up and tell the truth,!

  • Both Assange and Snowden will be pardoned when Trump comes back in a better form, not a Republican Keep Faith, Justice will prevail in the end!

  • You say truth matters, Tucker? Well the truth is Trump incited an insurrection. You can’t pressure McConnell at this convenient time to save your false god. Trump is going to be punished!

    • bahhahahahah oh man i needed that laugh.

  • Trump believes in censorship that is what Trump has said because of his failure in pardoning Assange

  • Sad

  • Fox News talking about truth. Good laugh.

  • Shouldv pardoned Ed Snowden

  • Mitch has cleared up any possible confusion, he’s a Rhino. Bye Bye Mitch

  • McConnell needs to go ... to jail!

  • Thank you Tucker i love you free them both.

  • The GOP is long dead. Dont even bother voting anymore folks. Just focus on yourself and your family, and if anyone violates you or yours, take care of it.

  • McConnell is worried that people are going to figure out that he is a Turkey.

  • Quid pro quo

  • The swamp is still deep

  • Anything but blaming our dear beloved leader Donald Trump said Tucker Carlson! It's all about deep state conspiring against our dear beloved leader; he's an innocent child!

  • This country is hopeless with having corrupted top leaders like Mitch who would only cover dirty shits no matter which party is.

  • The Swamp Creatures need to go. Assange probably could expose their crooked foreign connections.

  • Biden will work with Mitch to restore America the last 4 years has been a disaster .

  • The True America haters are TUCKER and his audience.Pretty sure most of the people here stormed the capitol , you guys are just followers with no ability to think for yourself , that is why they call you basket of deplorables.


  • McConnell has sold out, he no longer has the trust of Americans and needs to thrown out of office or at least thrown out of the GOP

  • Those who deny others Freedom, deserve it not for themselves. - Lincoln The people imprisoning other people for no reason are a bigger embarrassment for this country than the people they've imprisoned. If those men care for the future of their own children and grandchildren, they will free the other men who also care about their children and grandchildren.