STIFFENING the Chassis and Installing ALL Electronics For the V4 RC CAR!

Publicerades den 15 feb 2020
Thermal camera:
Soldering iron:
3D printer:
Transmitter and receiver:
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  • Hello nice job i subscribe:)

  • Algum brasileiro assistindo?

  • All the high quality machining throughout and you opt for a cheap Amazon servo? You've heard of Savox, or Hitec? Love your work man 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • give me one

  • this rc car cost like a normal car?

  • You are the best ! You live my Dream

  • Do you make a little rc car when yes can i know what for a little rc karoserie do you wanna make cuz it looks like a little rc range rower

  • I think this has gone a little bit beyond a hobby 😄

  • 👍👍

  • 😃😃

  • Mad skills. Beautiful work

  • Great job I wish I had all your equipment! I could really build some amazing stuff for my rc’s! But the know how to use the stuff is a different story lol! Cant wait to see it run

  • I'd like to see you build a real car.

  • I wish i could've built upon my hobby of RC Cars when i was younger. But my budget would'nt allow it.

  • Will this engine fit widows xp?

  • Quarantine will never be boring

  • 4:15 That's my favorite sound!

  • BRAVO, je crois que même les fabricants risquent de copier tes idées 😉

  • As always, great video, and great Craftsmanship, You The Man> Johnny Q90.

  • Blown away by the amount of time, effort, and expertise is going into this! 3 JQ90 videos in, and I'm hooked.

  • Someone needs to get you a new bandsaw. That seems to be a tool you use quite a bit yet it seems to be the one you fight with the most.

  • Finally, a clean soldering iron.

  • Awesome work. Amazing skills. Thank you for sharing.

  • I think That You know all things about electronics🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐

  • I love watching the channel you review the car, I am also passionate about the car, can you give me a car as a souvenir 🙂

  • I've been watching a few of these videos. This guy is very skilled and creative.

  • Will you sell me a finished and working car?

  • This is wat called real engineering. Superbb

  • from where i can bay this kind of car?

  • This is so cool.

  • I think you can reduce the battery pack and have a generator for no extra weight. Turn on regen braking in the starter esc, add a few super caps, and let the V4 run the electronics.

  • Wait, the chassis was pink? It looks purple to me

  • I want one. How much lol

  • I'm just curious: why did you part the square bar with the lathe instead of cutting it on the band saw?

  • If I were to come over to his workshop and give him a hand, all I can do is using the heat gun to shrink the shrink wrap...

  • Lu orang mana bang

  • I was thinking the exaust color was rubbber till i saw you paint it

  • Another awesome video. Thanks for taking the time to show all the steps In your videos. You makes it look so easy.its truly a RC work of art.. @emodified_78_rc

  • Hey what is the tool called that looks like a mini drill press he is useing to tap the threads?

  • I LOVE your posts,Johnny. They're engineering-porn!!!!! ;)

  • Dudes got skills!

  • EnginemadedNaper theyLsomadeAw16fortrains wichwere 2wmounted togetheroneongopoftheother

  • hAwkerputtslevevalvenginesinthetyphoon?

  • wow Just love it❤️❤️👌

  • Can it drift?

  • 工具真是齐全!

  • Bro I want the car give me the car please bro please

  • This car cost more than a roadside civic

  • Can we see a video of all the equipment/tools you use?

  • How much money did this cost to make everything

  • love your work mate

  • Channels and vids like this proves why the U. S. is 37th in Math, Reading, Science and Engineering. Gotta lota catching up to do...

  • Which fuel does it require

    • Model airplane fuel. Nitromethane, synthetic oil, castor oil and alcohol. Various quantities mixed up...

  • you are amazing...that's all I can say.

  • This car better do 100mph. I also wanna see J90 place spark plugs and a electronic ignition system so it runs in petrol for more HP. AND I wanna see this car in the shell of a BMW

  • Bloody genius Arthur shellby well say

  • Test drive

  • but cool!

  • you coulda done sun gears... then you could do a reverse.

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  • Slt sava? Je voudrais te poser une question par à port a ton tourneur fraiseur de ta vidéo !!! Comme je suis débutant avec cette machine qui m'intérésserais pr mes Buggys, je voudrais toi qu'esque tu me conseillerais comme machine pour allaiser comme tu montre sur ta vidéo ? Car j'aimerais fabriquer comme toi des pièces pour mes Buggys stp? Merci bcp si tu voit mon message et que tu me répond ce serais super Top merci bcp et ho faites c pr des Buggys 1/10ème. Merci.

  • Dual exhaust is gunna be really tough to tune

  • This guy could have built and setup the F35 in one year 🙄

  • F.Y.I. The things Beautiful.

  • 5:29 it sounds like a airplane overhead

  • What's the Song name that comes at end of this video ?

  • I love my Ender 3!

  • Are you showing your wirksh and machiner in your youtube channel?

  • Very good bro

  • This is what I call Masterpiece

  • Nice fabrication. Seems heavy though.

  • I wish he could make the engine placement realistic but Ig it’s not practical on arc car

  • You are the best👍👍👍🥵🥵🥵 i am jalous

  • i love this rc car ....can i get this one plis??seriously want it

  • How did u make springs ?

  • Perfection

  • KW coilovers.

  • Im sure you got a very high skill and know what you are doing but, you made a mistake with your exaust. Maby you like the new one more and it looks more cool got a muffler on every side. Your engine will have more torque with the one befor. 4 on 2 on 1 give your engine more torque then the 2 on 1 you made. Im just saying. Maby you dont care about torque and also you can do what you like.

  • Make small turbos too 😍😍

  • Im parched this car

  • How much price sar johny brother

  • Price ka ha

  • Nice how much

  • The most awesome RC I've EVER seen. You should do a monster 4x4 truck next! With the same motor... maybe nitrous.

  • cant imagine how heavy that thing is

  • If you using Rotory engine, problem could easily solved.

  • Very clever indeed.

  • How much for the car?

  • Why does it reminds me of lightning McQueen's engine Lover your creativity BTW I know what I'm saying is very lame...

  • Amazing work bro i like it.....😘😘😘😘😘

  • What’s a project like this cost ? @JohnnyQ90

  • Hands down to the craftsmanship, but I think you have to add rubber seals or gaskets for parts such as your exhaust and intake manifold, to make sure that you have an airtight seal and get the most out of the parts you make. Can’t wait to see this get finished

  • Test

  • How much sempol small rc car? Please.

  • 8:41 ))

  • Johnny: *Tests the car* His dog: Fuck this shit i'm out

  • Why not using carbon fibre in most places? I mean CarbonF isnt much more durable and light than aluminium?

  • Im follow you,

  • damn so cool....I Have Nismo R34 GTR drift. came with light kit...but i cannot get the speed control working.....

  • This is so cool keep it up like the content