AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)

Publicerades den 6 okt 2020
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  • Amazing ... good things never die ...

  • Brian Johnson's vocals are sooo strong!! Everyone sounds awesome !! AC/DC !!!!

  • Brian does it good. but miss Bonn Scot his voice is better........


  • awesome as also a gnr fan i've gotta see axl singing this, these guys simply never get old just get better man

  • Can you imagine if Bon Scott was singing that..!

  • it's only rocknroll but i like it

  • Sounds great!

  • Sounds like i shot the dog

  • Affengeil, das fetzt wie immer.😀😎

  • Thank God they got Brian back! Axl Rose was/is shite!

  • AC/DC rekease the same song again. This year it's called Shot In The Dark and I love it.

  • Turnê no BRASIL vocês estão devendo. A maior e melhor banda do planeta ⚡

  • 🤘⭐🎸🎶

  • I LOVE YOU AC/DC!!! Thank you for the music✌❤


  • It seems to me that Brians woice is litle higher then before🤔

  • Newer change the runing system

  • Can waith the christmas....maybe i get it under the christmas tree🥰

  • there back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Los 80s regresaron baby🤘🤙🎸🎸🎸

  • La vecchia Scuola non muore Mai!!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪


  • ACDC is a lot like sex. There are only so many moves, but you just can't get tired of them!


  • the covid vaccine is a shot in the dark

  • Awsome song morale to these times.

  • My god im in the best timline and that the proof. Good to see you guys back

  • This would be amazing for an opening to a Movie

  • People find Billie Eilish or BTS better than this awesome shit?

  • If this is just a pre release for an album and yet it sounds this good, then I wonder what the rest are gonna sound like!!! Respect!

  • Great Balls! Big Balls! Too many women With the Balls.

  • Is fantastic the song is my favorite song

  • AC/DC BEST EVER !!!!

  • Holy shit, this is epic

  • Una canción muy del estilo de ACDC con un Riff muy pegado, me encanta.

  • i am the only one who think that this song IS THE FUCKIN BEST OF ALL?

  • Thank you, AC/DC for making self-isolation more bearable!

  • Thanks AC⚡DC 😈🔥

  • Angus ..Angus.!!

  • охуенные!

  • OMG IT is perfect, A classic song, I'm feel flying high for god sake

  • i'm getting the feeling the leaked pics.. wasn't a leak

  • A timely comeback for AC-DC to save civilization

  • Me Happy Brian is Back 😊

  • AC/DC great you’re back!! Tour coming up?

  • Як я скучав по свіженькому від AC⚡ DC!😁😂😀

  • Amazing 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  • Who the hell dislike this perfect music? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

  • This music video is gonna make history.

  • I like that they kept the drums and singing sound from Black Ice

  • A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, baby.

  • Ahh cara... que alegria bixo 🤘

  • cant wait for album

  • Me encanta

  • They sound as amazing today as the first time I heard them. Impressive.

  • When I heard the first tones of this awesome song I had one worry who will sing it then I listened awesome Brian Johnson voice. Man this song's so f*cking awesome!!!!!!!

  • same style for all these years, awesome. if you don't like it, you can go away now

  • This is the same crap

  • I‘m a VERY BIG AC/DC Fan and the moment when i realized AC/DC is back was better than anything else in the World! AC/DC rocks again in 2020!

  • This is giving me Rock n’ Roll Train vibes

  • Why is it that I can't listen to this kind of music without BANGING MY HEAD ? Yes, there's a light at the end of the tunnel : and it is Shot In The Dark.

  • 😎

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time I've smiled during 2020. JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simple riff, but so dam effective, love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BOYS ARE BACK .

  • My energy drink....thanx AC/DC

  • Hit like if you wanna play airguitar and duck walk like Angus when you hear this.

  • Acdc forever


  • Phil drummer ever you know when it’s him drumming.

  • That Angus guitar solo is pure heaven! 2:05

  • Thank you gracias 🇦🇷 thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias thank you gracias

    • If someone told me that this was a long lost song from the 1980s, I would have believed them in a heartbeat


  • Perfeito

  • Guys you are the best. Waiting for the full-length album. Respect from Ukraine 🇺🇦 👏

  • Comme d'habitude ils sont fabuleux Ils ont traversé les décennies Beaucoup de jeunes artistes devraient en prendre de la graine AC/DC for ever

  • Viele Klassebands verändern unnötigerweise ihren Stil und ihren Sound "um sich anzupassen" ... ACDC tut das nicht und deshalb sind und bleiben sie (für mich) authentisch und Spitze. Genau das will ich von Ihnen hören und keine Musikexperimente !! Gut dass sie wieder da sind mit Brian Johnson ! Und über das Konzert in Buenos Aires müssen wir ohnehin nicht reden, für mich legendar !

  • My mission is to hit ignition!

  • Please stop comparing this to real music from 40 years ago. This is no different than most of the other mediocre recordings we've been fed for the last 20 years. Performed on a click track, copied and pasted music and vocals, audio correction software (especially on vocals, but everywhere else as well), you name it they've done it here. If you wanna pretend this is like the music of old then go ahead, but please don't tell me your little fantasies.

  • When I first saw the song Name I thought it Was ozzy osbourne Cover hahaha

  • Lo unico bueno de esros años de tanta musica de mierda🤘🎵......literal

  • So glad Brian is Back !👍💪

  • RIP Malcolm and George.

  • Did Lee Anderton write the riff ?

  • Sorry, i am a big fan, but it sounds like too similar to "Rock´n´Roll Train"

  • Brain's voice is aging like fine-wine... Gets better with time.. RESPECT

  • Old soul

  • If someone told me that this was a long lost song from the 1980s, I would have believed them in a heartbeat

  • Brian sure did sold his soul to devil to still be able to rock. Totally worth it.

  • WoOOW

  • Bien mieux qu'une promenade dans le parc

  • Legends never die!! Love AC/DC!

  • Wonderful to have the boys back!! love the delivery Mr Johnson gave to ACDC and still continues to! But I am just baffled by the drastic change in his voice after 86. Why??? I know touring 3 years straight was hard, but the thunderstruck voice just never sat right with me. Wouldn't there have been a way where he could have had a vocal cord surgery to restore his voice to 80s era for the 90s? I know he did have some sort of operation done to him sometime in 96. Sometimes I wonder if Bons voice would've rasped worse with age and time through the 80s era.

  • AC⚡DC Forever!

  • similar to ballbreaker?

  • Crank up this new album in the quarantine . Rock will power you through! Brian still hitting it hard at 73 and Angus at 65 .

  • Wait ...!? Did I see someone actually say thank the USA for AC/DC? Some of these youngins discovering something for the first time and think they know more about a band than those that grew up with the band an era when many artists and their classic songs are retaking the charts. It's a sign much of today's music is junk , youth is discovering music when it was actually music and saying "wait ?! what is this ? WOW " "So you don't have to actually curse every other word and people actually play instruments ?"

    • why would we thank the USA for a Scottish / Australian / British band???

  • I wanna say thanks to all who are working for AC/DC (I mean, not only the musicians). This band is really beyond the limits. I thought "rock or bust" will be their last release because of Brian's problems and all the other troubles. But AC/DC is here again, against oll odds! 2020 is really weird but it's good, because something good can still happen

  • This band will never quit

  • Peter Sellers is tapping his dead toes too this heavy groovy shit