Will Steve Sarkisian be a home run for Texas? | College Football on ESPN

Publicerades den 2 jan 2021
Matt Barrie, Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer react to Texas hiring Steve Sarkisian to replace Tom Herman as Longhorns head football coach and discuss if he can return Texas to the level they were at under Mack Brown.
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  • If he can't beat Oklahoma he won't be there long

  • Charlie Strong lost to Kansas. Hello, he lost to Kansas. Texas had not lost to Kansas since the 1930's or something like that. Literally every player on Texas roster was a higher rated prospect that what Kansas had. If you can't beat Kansas in your 3rd year at a major program you need to be gone and that is what happened.

  • I don’t think so... hope he proves me wrong

  • Sark the Shark, as long as you beat the Aggies I'm happy.

  • TEXAS has 1 .......That's 1 ONE 10 win season since they PAID OFF Mack Brown. Not exactly a BLUE BLOOD PROGRAM.

  • 47-35....CUTTY SARK.

  • Hopefully not, but at least if he is then maybe Texas will play A&M again

  • No, Texas's problem is it's brand as an university, in general, not whether or not they have a good football team. Most of us in Texas, don't think that the University of Texas is anything special.

  • Conn's Rent-to-Own wants their money for the jumbotron screen at DKR Stadium, but we we had to pay the Herm some $$!!!

  • Still won’t beat Oklahoma!! Boomer!

  • Based off these guys you would think Texas has been a 3-9 team for the past few years. It's not a complete rebuild this team is built to win now and can content at the top I would assume by next year.

  • How many OCs at Bama have gotten head coaching jobs? How many have had better then moderate success? Also, I have to look at his time in Atlanta......He was the worst OC they ever had...they still haven't recovered...Good luck to Texas....I think they will need it

  • USC is my team (after UCLA lol). We were average at best when he there. I'm sorry but Sark is not head coaching material. A really good offensive play caller but not a head coach. Texas might be 0-3 in coaching hires since Mack Brown left. But hey, we'll see...

  • Herman shouldn't have been fired. I like Sarkisian but idk if this is the right fit for UT.

  • Couldn't do much worse. UT has taken a top 5 recruiting class for the last 20 years and won 1 title and like 2 or 3 conference championships. Masters of underachievement.

  • A program that delusional fans believe to be an "elite blue blood program" doesn't hire a coordinator as their coach. That's just laughable, especially since it's Sark after dark.

  • This man had 3 Hiesman players on his offense recruited by NOT HIM but Nick Saban... anyone could’ve looked good as an offensive coordinator

  • Texas needs to stop programs like Alabama coming into their state stealing their players. That’s first and foremost


  • This is a HUGE gamble for Texas and Chris DelConte (Texas AD) better know what he's doing. Sure, Sarkisian has a great offensive mind and has developed great QB's, no doubt about it. He's not from Texas and does not know the "lay of the land" and it's questionable how well he can recruit in-state. Tom Hermann was 8-3 in his last year and two of the losses were in OT. Besides he won every single bowl game as a head coach ! If Sarkisian goes 8-3 AND wins his first bowl game at Texas, he's where Tom Herman was this year. No progress and it costs Texas over $ 25 Million in a year where the athletic department has laid off 35 people and cut salaries. That is NOT setting well in Austin and besides, it does NOT include what they are going to have to pay Sarkisian and his staff. As a die hard Longhorn fan and ex-student, this is, at best, a risky move.

  • Well he didn't work out at Washington or USC some coaches are Better coordinators instead of head coaches

    • Best comment yet and right on. Look at WIll Muschamp. A GREAT Def. Coordinator at LSU and Texas. One of the best in the past several decades but not a head coach (South Carolina after Florida) . Look at Buddy Ryan with the 1985 Chicago Bears. Best defensive team ever put on the field in the NFL and Super Bowl Champs...but not a great or even good head coach.

  • Hire and fire some clip board holder for Urban Meyer just to hire Nich Saban clip holder with no real coaching and recruiting experience... here goes another 4 year experimental exercise with big contract and fake promises to parents only to get fire again because of unrealistic expectations thanks to Boosters.

  • Texas is not that great a job anymore. They think they are special and the bottom line is they are not. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State has been consistently better for a long time. They are the Tennessee of the SEC. Everybody’s getting the better recruits out of the state. You will get better when you get the recruits. Look at Alabama. Sarkisian 3 years tops. How long was Herman their. The coach before that. Mack Brown their for long time and most of his years were 8 win seasons. To many booster clubs to visit.

  • Texas should have held out for Venables or Meyer. This is a lateral hire.

    • Urban Myers was never going to Austin or anywhere else. He makes too much money now and can control his life. Also, health issues.

  • The problem is the Texas Boosters. They are too controlling and expect miracles too soon

  • If Board of Regents and all the Donors get out of the Way Steve will be Successful. But I am not sure they will do that. That is way Texas has not had Long Term Success. That is Why Saban would not consider the Job when they went after him. Too Man Chiefs and not enough Indians..

  • Joey Galloway isn't educated. Were the 4th most talented roster in the nation and losing to unranked teams every year. Our junior and sophomore classes were both top 3 in the country. Its isn't THAT Herman lost games, its why. Last year was supposed to be our year. Drew Mehringer was a wideout coach who basically stirred mutiny under Herman and wasn't dealt with until the end of the season and was a major reason our offense fell apart in 19. He wiped the slate clean. Started over. The Eyes Of Texas controversy split the team and Tom didn't do his job to lead the team. He let the team be divided. Week 1 Sam Ehlinger stood on the field alone to celebrate the tradition. Week 2 the defensive captain stood with him while the other 6 captains and 51 players went to the locker room. CDC stepped in October on our bye week and said Enough is enough. You should be 1-3 losing to massively undertalented teams including what was an absolute miracle to beat TT who lost to, I'll say louder for the people in the back, HOUSTON BAPTIST the week before. CDC takes control of the situation, Texas comes out and beats Baylor and gets traction and then topples the #6 team in the country and only lose 1 game for the rest of the season. You don't get to make that mistake twice. You run the locker room or get out of the way. Even with some of those wins it was honestly despite bad decisions. Herman was the issue. The talent was there but 6 starters opting out before the Alamo bowl and some of whom have no chance of being drafted tells you all you need to know. That locker room was a cancer and Sam Ehlinger was the real leader and come together point.

  • Normally when everyone says sell that’s the time you buy. Everyone seems to be saying Sark isn’t going to workout....just like everyone said Herman was the second coming of DKR 4 years ago and were wrong. If the herd mentality says one thing, do the opposite...probably a good hire here!

  • Not sure about this one. IMHO I would have gone after the current head coach at Iowa State, Matt Campbell, who has built that program up from scratch and WON without the mega star recruits flooding into Austin. If you are going to give second chances, isn't Gus Malzahn available? How many times did he beat Saban? Or how about Luke Fickell at Cincinnati? What about current NFL OC's like Joe Brady at the Carolina Panthers by way of LSU. Which reminds me, wasn't it Brady's passing passing scheme at LSU that walked into Austin and ripped "DBU" to shreds?? I could go on but I think you get my point. Not a big Texas fan but football is better when Texas is relevant. I hope Sarc is the answer but only time will tell. He may want to call Mac Brown for some advice. BTW, how is Mac doing at North Carolina these days??

  • Can any Texas fan really say they are excited about this hire? This is not an upgrade from Herman by any stretch. Gus Malzhan or Bob Stoops would have made more sense.

    • I like it a lot. Anything to get Tom Herman out of Austin.

  • As a University of Washington Alumni I was glad to see Sark leave, he is a mediocre head coach and did not do anything in 6 years at UW. Peterson came in and took us 1 game away from the National title game. He is a great assistant coach and recruiter, but not a proven head coach. I give him 3 years and he will be gone just like Herman and Strong.

    • @NamelessRider Firing Herman was literally the most obvious decision in the history of college football. He lost the locker room so bad he had his own players negative recruiting against him to potential recruits. People that just look at the W-L record are a special kind of dumb

    • How can you say he did nothing while at Washington when he took over a program that went 0-12 the year before he arrived and builds it up to have the talent to reach the playoffs by right after he leaves, how is that equivalent to "did not do anything"?

    • Charlie Strong may have been the worst hire Texas ever made. Letting Tom Herman go may well be the second biggest mistake after hiring Charlie Strong. To be fair, a different AD in each case.

  • He failed at Washington and usc as a head coach. Big mistake texas

    • Did not fail at Washington. Took team that was 0-12 to a winning record and bowl games. Don’t think usc would have chosen him if he was a failure.

  • No, it’s not a home run hire... If hiring a coach with 8 or 9 win seasons is a home run hire, then 75% of hire will be a home run hire. I’d say it’s a single or double but no RBI... Better than striking out though. We can only wait and see...

  • The University of Texas should of hired Huge Freeze to restore order in Austin ...Hook’em 🤘

  • Sark is a weird hire for Texas

  • Who is the Ohio St QB Palmer is talking about? Ohio St has not had an NFL quality starter since Hoyer

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  • I still would've chose Meyers over Sarkisian.

  • Don’t like hiring a guy that’s been fired twice.

  • As soon as he loses 1 game in his 2nd season he automatically goes strait to he hot seat. Tx takes a lot of pride in their hot seat and its the only thing they do well.

  • Dark be gone and good riddance. Saban pulls you out of the woods and pays well and off you go for Texas where you or anyone else will flop. Just like Auburn beating one specific team to survive is not the coach's only responsibility. Maybe the AD and boasters should save the time trouble and money and coach the team themselves. Between Saban and Sweeny how many coach firings are these 2 responsible for??

  • You too can gain success under the Nick Saban Rehabilitation Clinic

  • How does Jesse mention Ohio State and Clemson with QB play but not the school with 3 straight heisman finalists and 2 winners?

  • ESPN: "Hey Joey, what do you think about this hire?" Joey:"Well, I was spot on about Jimbo going to Texas A&M, so it's a good thing you're asking me...."😐

  • It must be nice to be a white man. He failed at USC and now he’s at Texas lol. Wow.

    • What does Race have to do with this...?


  • Let's hope so

  • This’ll work depending on who he hires for his staff

  • I think a lot of people are going to be surprised. Forget his mixed track record. He's an offensive guru, and that is exactly what Texas needs right now. While I believe that the Herman firing is a bit rash, Sark will provide some spark to a good returning group of Longhorn players. Look for the Horns to provide a serious challenge to OU in the coming years.

    • Not a rash firing at all when you screw up the off field problems like he did with the Eyes of Tx

    • Lol

  • Don’t know how good they will be as a team but by year 2 sark will have his offense going crazy on the big 12 teams

    • Let’s hope he finds a good quarterback. That and building a respectable defense will help the transition process.

    • What? He runs a big 12 offense.

  • Just imagine when Texas wins the natty next year under Sark!! Absolutely no excuse now that Herman is no longer holding the program back....BOOM or BUST!!!!!

    • Yeah no. Oklahoma has too much talent and experience coming back for Texas to beat them once let alone twice.

  • No

  • Bro being kinda disrespectful to Joey Galloway

  • What a great image rehab job he has done. Guy had one year at USC before he got wasted at a work event. Good job, Longhorns.

  • He'll lose control of this team by 3rd year.

  • Alabama set the bar so now school want quick fixes year in year out not sure its a home run hire but dam it takes time

  • i’m sorry but until tua who looked at an alabama qb and thought that was a great college qb

  • I hope the pro-blm players at Alabama follow him out to Austin.

    • Nope. We've already got several dozen in Austin. They would NOT stand and sing the school song after a win and wanted to rename the stadium. Texas has more problems than you can shake a stick at and it WILL get worse. I'm a former student and an Austin native.

  • The Saban reboot head coaches academy!

  • Heh, the big UT donors had to throw $25 million at Herman when they fired him, he can retire in the carribbean sipping Mai Tai's now

  • Done in 4 yrs

    • He'll never last 4 years. Maybe 2 and 1/2 and gone.

  • I don’t think Joey Galloway does homework. The recruiting has been great. Top 10 recruiting classes many times this decade. The talent is there. The problem has been coaching. Texas has been getting beat by less talent. How does Joey Galloway have a job at ESPN. He should be doing local radio.

  • Coaches with stellar and unblemished pasts cant even get a decent coaching job while alcoholic sarky gets ANOTHER crack at a major program...smfh

  • downgrade

  • Tom Herman ran off the fan base over the summer with his support for BLM and the cancel culture he brought to Texas. This is the paying fan base, the ones that buy merchandise and tickets. And Tom was not beating OU and contending for BIG 12 titles. Tom Herman is a disappointment.

  • No he will leave them in a couple of years like he did us twice

  • Tito’s is made in Austin. Never gets COVID on Tito’s

  • I really wish we would have just offered Meyer more money or to buy his home or give him East Texas something but stark isn’t what we were looking for and as someone who helps fund I’m pretty pissed. Should have stolen Brian Kelly or mark dantonio.

    • @Raymond Gabe Terrell I honestly believe it’s because we wouldn’t give up all the power he wanted and deserves. Texas has a way of letting outside forces with deep pockets have input on decisions and Meyer isn’t gona go for that. Also I don’t think we offered enough money because it looks like 12 million is his asking price and I’m sure we didn’t go that high... idiots.

    • francios dominique why couldn't y'all get Urban!?

  • All the big money alums and fans that forced out Herman better start saving up their nickels and dimes to buy out Sarkisian as well in three or four seasons. The AD should go as well. Just an aside, Texas is cursed. Until Texas and A&M schedule the rivalry game on Thanksgiving day again Texas will never be big time again...........

  • Tom Herman was TERRIBLE in recruiting in the best state for young talent he failed as they went to OU,Bama,A&M etc. When we lost Quin Ewers who’s from right outside of Austin that was the last straw.We also struggled against OU and only won 1/4 in the time he was their.Not sure if he’s the guy I think that he gets Tom Herman which is what Texas fans were wanting.

    • @Mike C I was thinking WestLake

    • Ewers is from Southlake Carroll outside of Dallas. Nowhere near Austin.

  • Nah

  • This was a huge mistake for Texas. Coaching at Alabama is like coaching the men’s Olympic basketball teams. Dude is going to come in an be another waste of 25 million.

  • Nope!!

  • Dude failed at USC!! Saban overrated ,What coach couldn't win with all the players that sign at alabama?

  • Texas is back baby! (Narrator: Texas is probably not "back".....again.)

  • Black players dont goto texas they hate black coaches, and they are just a terrible school. Goto a HBCU,

    • @Aidan Crowell No great football team is great unless they have black athletes

    • No great athlete is going to a HBCU for football lmao

  • I don’t know if I’d want to touch him if I was the Texas AD. Sark got fired for being drunk multiple times on the job. That isn’t the man I want leading my program, especially in Texas

    • @Elijah Alesana that was a few years ago, that’s not an eternity.

    • That was a long time ago dude...you’re making it sound like it was a couple months ago or something

  • I'll say no because of the impatience factor in big time college football and not because of his abilities. Texas is desperate for a winning program which places unrealistic expectations on any coach who goes there.

  • As an OU fan, I'm thrilled with this hire. Whatever scandal runs him out of town is going to set Texas back for years.

  • Wow!!!! This is not a good hire. He has bad character and no self discipline.

  • Never no black coaches

    • Who do you think Herman replaced? Strong was a complete deer in the headlights at TX.

  • Won't matter. The University of Texas can't win the recruiting war in the state. A&M, OU, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State win that war every year.

    • Texas tech?😂🤣😂 Oklahoma State?😂🤣😂 My guy look at the class rankings each year before posting nonsense? OU and A@M yes because they are consistently are in the top 20 each cycle along with Texas.

  • Home run? I thought he was hired to be the football coach?

  • in two to three years he would have been Alabama's coach.

  • Another disaster of longhorn football for this season Sorry longhorn fans and UT studnets. Sarksian messed up at USC 6years ago, and also messed up at ATL falcons The OU Sooners will be the big12 champion this season

  • $24 mil to go home lol

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  • The day Texas stop thinking they're still the powerhouse they were in the Jim Crow era and actually allow a program to built instead of wanting instant success, they may actually start winning. Recruits of today see Texas as what they've always been in their lifetime: an average program that just so happens to have a lot of resources

    • @Sarah McCoy one title after 35 years with an amazing talent at quarterback and been downhill for the last 10 plus. Don't come for me if you don't know football fr, Texas a power in name only cause they haven't been a power on the field since the 60's. Not my fault that facts don't care about your feelings

    • I did not realize that Jim Crow extended to 2006. Vince Young played for that national championship team. Austin is one of the most liberal communities in the state of Texas.

  • what happens when he doesn't have nfl talent at ever position at Texas like he has at Bama? will his offense be effective?

    • @Joseph Williamson you aint wrong man. this is a lateral move. on the surface, it doesnt make texas better

    • Funny enough Texas be having nfl talent that UT does absolutely nothing with. Half the stars sit on the sideline. They can’t develop.

    • That’s the million dollar question... or more like the $30 million question. Had elite talent when he was at USC and at Bama. We know how his post USC stints went. I don’t like this hire for Texas but maybe I’m wrong.

  • No....

  • Lincoln Reilly should send Sark the most expensive bottle of liquor he can find as a congratulatory gift 😂

    • I would opt for a case but you're right.

    • Lol

    • LOL. Wait until early season next year. Right before the RR Shootout.

  • Short answer. No. OU will continue to dominate the big 12.

  • Freeze should have that job.

  • It's not that hard to be the OC at Alabama.

    • Says the guy typing from his moms basement.🙄

  • Gonna be USC all over again 🙄

  • I wonder how distracting this will be for Sark as Bama prepares for the national title game.



  • Should we accept Joey Galloway’s opinion over Urban Myer’s? He criticized Herman for not developing the players fast enough. We welcome Coach Sarkisian. Hook ‘em

  • He needs to stay off the bottle