I Played Beth Harmon 7 Times

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
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The Queens Gambit craze is wild in chess right now. So Chess.com put together a bot - the Elizabeth Harmon bot - which has 7 versions.
0:00 Introduction + Article
2:20 BETH AGE 8
4:55 BETH AGE 9
8:55 BETH AGE 10
13:07 BETH AGE 15
17:50 BETH AGE 17
21:30 BETH AGE 20
ARTICLE: www.chess.com/news/view/play-beth-harmon?ref_id=33945736
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  • You are clearly just a neurotic nerd, no class addressing a lady. Loser!

    • @niihil r/woosh

    • @Dead25m i was wondering the same thing


    • @linusya_365 It's a joke.

    • First of all she fictional, second of all there is a woman that is on the top 100 best chess player and I guarantee you she would beat you jealous clown

  • Hey gotham this isnt a chat bot lmao

  • Love his attitude, how expressive he is and I just adore how simply but effectively he explains

  • that’s a bad video i will punish

  • 40:52 почему он дамой не походил на B1?

  • Hi Twitch!

  • Why not let her checkmate in the last game? So lame

  • senewss.info/slow/mKSoaMhzpbmvfJU/video

  • Oh

  • Bruh levi was 1200 at 9!!!! I am 800 at 16

  • This is the first chess DLC in like 4000 years

  • my ranking is 3900 i invented the "barb wire " opening

  • The look on his face at 45:45 🤣

  • She cant' hear you... Edit: its a joke

  • 10:25, could you get the rook for a bishop maybe?

  • The queen’s gambit let pokimane know about chess. I can never forgive it for that.

  • The way bots are programmed is: 1. They will talk about the opening 2. They will say a predetermined line when a. You check them b. You take their queen c. They check you d. They take your queen 3. They will say a win/lose quote all situations only have one line. also a funny thing about the bots: they actually trashtalk their own openings. If they want to trashtalk your opening they will do it as soon as you do it.

  • How do you do the thing with the arrows without making a move?

    • have to aczivate it in the settings

  • Hello twitch

  • The 1880 rated Beth played like absolute garbage.

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  • “was that a mouse slip” had me ficking dying

  • I like how the picture changes aswell 😂

  • The second I click on this chess video, what do I get? A MasterClass ad for chess.

  • you are good

  • Hi chat

  • Borgov was played by Polish Actor Marcin Dorociński

  • shes a tough goose

  • "Do you think this check leads to something?" "Do you think this check leads to something?" "Do you think this check leads to something?" *beepboop*

  • If you turn off your subtitles, people could see the chess board better.

    • he doesnt have subtitles turned on, you have them turned on lol

  • I love how he makes this look easy when I can't even beat Beth at age 9

    • I just barely beat beth at 9 but then got absolutely destroyed by her at age 10

  • @kronomuzik

  • Why is Sicilian better than Dutch?

  • Me: watching this long video and thinking damn.. chess is hard like 5 min in my man here: hits me with the “Chess is hard” line at 50:41 me again: Welp, didn’t need to watch an hour long video for that conclusion lol I already knew that

  • *loses to beth harmon at 8* Bruh *5 move checkmate next game*

  • Wow.. This is exciting brother :)

  • Clearly, Beth Harmon is trying to help Gotham win

  • 51:03

  • 15:29 bishop c3?

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  • lmao the first got said "this looks bad" after her first move

  • 17:02 if you gave a check, couldn't beth just have taken back with the rook?

  • his brain works so fast

  • I didnt like how you played 18-22 Beth. I think you could do better but instead i felt you made it more complicated. There are times you missed checkmates and you made the game longer.. that annoyed me.

    • he did not miss checkmates.

  • Beth: hi Ghotem? : you are trash talking Beach

  • im new at chess but at 21.15 couldnt the king be safe by going C6 I dont see what is able to hit the king at C6 unless you move other pawns first.

  • At 42:56, why not Bd4? I’m not an expert by any stretch (1150 rating), so if there’s an obvious reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed it.

  • 850 at 8yo when she just started playing chess !?!? That’s very unrealistic. That rating is false i’m sure. Actually 800 real players who play online are really good so 850 is not little at all

  • 11:40 😂😂 yeah nice

  • 20:36 - Rg3 would be checkmate, why Levy didn't play it?

  • 27:35 take bishop?

  • "the real beth harmen" whos gonna tell him?

  • 46:30 Nf3?

  • hello

  • actually 14 times

  • His glasses remind me of harry potter cleanly shaven.. Huh, another dimension potter

  • At 6 minutes, why didnt you capture the knight with the bishop and then fork the king and queen after white recaptures?

  • Gotham: "look how excited chat is" Chat: hi youtube!!!!!

  • "she asked so i answered"

  • Damn, that first version of Beth seems more like a 300 elo than a 900

  • That Qf2! was brutal... And beautiful

  • Explaining a bot why it lost.

  • I love the fact you keep addressing a fictional character as "the real" beth harmon.

  • Is The Best 👍

  • What is Beth's Chess size ;-)

  • This guy sounds like a Spanish to english translator on a telemundo movie.

  • I saw Nc1. HA!

  • I personally prefer to play Martin 😅

  • you played shit

  • "How does she even know the idea? A 1600?" Well obviously, she's been watching your 10-minute opening videos.

  • Don’t listen to that guy that called you a looser keep playing

  • Gotham: This sus Me: Can I play among us with you

  • 20:39 missed check mate just had to move his rook one space

  • Am i stupid? *2 seconds later* DoNt AnSwEr ThAt


  • Beth Harmon winning is canon.

  • i just started playing chess 3 days ago and am floating aroun 650-700

  • You could have done a check right away if u moved your bishop to b5

  • me who has maybe played 3 games of chess in my life: hmmmm interesting

  • I just started playing chess like 2 days ago, I beat the first beth but the second one beat my ass lmao

  • only if u have premium

  • Beth is brutal.

  • I’m 500 elo and i have trouble playing Nelson, 1200 bots and below are winnable though...

  • I was waiting for: Do you think this mate leads to something?

  • 11:43 why not Ne6?

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  • 31:27 What is that? I can't find that anywhere?

  • 17:32 "Am I going for mate, or just trying to provoke a weakness? Um... I don't know.... Checkmate though." :'D

  • 15:47 bishop takes c3 and the knight on r6 is empty. Did i miss something?

  • 12:30 i love his mating technique

  • No way 17-year old Beth plays that bad

  • “At my level, most people are generally resigning” 😏

    • Me 2. I resign right away when I know I'm losing 😆

  • Wow

  • Im currently 850 and won beth 1200 so i don't think these ratings are representative

  • Am I the only one confused on how he placed is queen over his rook?

  • Hi my friend I believe made a mistake before you resigned, you had a winning position You should have played Nf3, if she takes with pawn you have Qd3+ and her rook falls, did you see that ?

  • Yeesh. This guy ( jwest164ne) said, "unsubscribe".

  • I just now signed up, could not find Beth bot, do you have to have premium membership to play Beth?

  • need to pit gothambot against bethbot

  • Why is there a rook on the ceiling now?!?