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Publicerades den 24 okt 2020
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Follow Player in this compilation of episodes 1-5 of Among Us Logic! Whether he's playing on The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Pollus, Player just can't seem to catch a break. Join him and his good friends Captain, The Gentleman, Veteran, and of course Mr. Cheese, as they try to win both as crewmates and impostors...
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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  • MumboJumbo is a Redstone master in minecraft



  • K

  • W O W what a twist

  • 4:45 How Sheriff got ejected into space while they are in MIRA HQ

  • Everyone: awww mr.cheese is SOOOO CUTE Mr.cheese: nobody suspects **pulls out knife** MR.CHEEEEESE

  • EGGszelent

  • How do you get ejected into space on Mira hq

  • I play among us

  • 7:15

  • I really wasn’t expecting Mr. Cheese to get revenge. What a plot twist.

  • The pink trus me💝

  • Omg the cute 💖

  • Ya hahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahha

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

  • Cool

  • What Whistle Series Do You Want To See Next? 👀

  • Me who is wondering why mira hq is in space:

  • Angel is trying to act soo innocent

  • I feel ninja is a mock.


  • Hi

  • That was good. Good job👏👏👏

  • "poor player" o_o"

  • Gegftrgo


  • Stoner be like ;Nah

  • Is so fun the animated

  • Me what you orange him I'm orange

  • 37:34 am I the only one that wanted too know about cub? am i the only one who noticed

  • Poor cheese


  • How did they have friends

  • I can watch this all day everyday 💕

  • angel and Purple ship

  • Ninja is like the boys during dodge ball

  • Very cute child, mother, baby, and sister

  • hehe

  • Thes viedos are really funny

  • the song tho

  • A video sorry

  • U shold do avideo on nija as imposter

  • Need need oil


  • Actually in the first episode when sherrif gets thrown off he's supposed to fall instead of fliyng in space and did u guys see the clouds when player went to Green House I think it was a mistake

  • What mother wants there child’s first word to be kill

  • Episodes 1-5

  • this is wierd

  • Mr. Cheeses' revenge plot is better than the last season of GoT.

  • wow i like it

  • the pirate is the voice of mr crabs

  • What is purple speaking?!!!!

  • great

  • Player is sus

  • In logic 10 I'm wondering what mr. Cheese and mr. Egg is going to do and player is bad at the game

  • this is fun


  • 12 lol 89 cool111

  • Yes mr cheese is back

  • That's just all of the series put into 1 video

  • I love mr. cheese and mr. egg

  • Its the gentleman vote him 🙏

  • I have played with them I acted Mr cheese

  • Is the Capain voice of Zap Brannigan?

  • I laughed so hard at 2:14 lol

  • I have no idea what ninja said


  • i LOVE among us logic!!!!!!!! its my favourite thing to watch!!!!

  • When Mr. Cheese 🧀 face slammed on the window in space, and said “ how’s it going player! Did you win yet?!” it got me in tears...LOL

  • I loves among us and i love your videos

  • "0:52" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • Ughhh just beileve player i saw when yollow was killed

  • yyyyyyyy

  • hi playr. i

  • MrCheese: OH HI PLAYER, DID WE WIN THE GAME AS IMPOSTORS YET? Me: That's breaking the laws of Among Us

  • i love among us and this

  • in the first among us logic they were in mira hq and the skeld i cant beilieve ive seen this mistake twice. the other same mistake was from the among us song by nerd out.

  • i feel so bad when veteren said i guess were not best freinds anymore and left crying awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i am going to cry

  • Omg that was so funny

  • I still can't believe Stoner ratted out his teammate

  • owieeee

  • MrChesee is my favorite

  • How did mr. Cheese and mr. Egg are both orange i mean one can be yellow but V E T E R A I N

  • on among us

  • my username is lily

  • I Love it

  • player is the best

  • Bruh they on the plane map and they got lunched of into space

  • Player: you took everything for me mr.egg: I don't even know who you are player:rips off suit Mr cheese:you will.

  • Player: O cone on

  • watching game toons is on my daily schedule.

  • Ninja sounds exactly like mah! Husbando❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️YEEEEEEEEEEE

  • The gentleman: stop it sir I won a game before Player: I have never see you win before dude MrEgg: I’m mr eEgg

  • Sssssssssssssssssissssssssssssssssss It’s me James Charles

  • *Mr. Cheeses' revenge plot is better than the last season of GoT.*

  • Why

  • I’ve been in a match with mr cheese and ninja before

  • Why player always lose?? That's unfair, player is poor she is only newbie, player wants to win