This is Rally 4 | The best scenes of Rallying (Pure sound)

Publicerades den 20 apr 2016
The best scenes and drivers of rallying with crashes, high speeds, flat outs, on the limits, jumps and on boards moments
Drivers in preview:
Miki Pianosi and Ely Pensilfine
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  • Samiiir: Shadap yah

  • 5:36 hit and run xd

  • these niggas toooo clean

  • always choose your scenic route home via country lanes with caution ( you never know WHAT, and how fast oncoming traffic may be moving !!! )

  • 0:54 i hope the car is okay.

  • The only sport where the spectators impress me more.

  • The biggest mystery around rally driving is how to read this route note when the entire world is shaking. I can't even read off my phone when I walk.

  • Imagine try to enjoy this, but some mf blows your eardrum out with these annoying horns.

  • whatching in 2x : STONKS

  • 0:53 lol when u have a slow reaction time lol, car be like ezzz

  • 5:40 maybe i have killed some people.but it does not matter

  • 2:50 my favorite scene😀

  • That crowd is the real "Suicide Squad"

  • "Best of rallying" *Shows spectators being ran over*

  • Rally seems really dangerous. Cars driving fast on thin curved roads with a crowd without sufficient protection right next to it.

  • Rally is the only time you can legally run over a crowd of people and keep going like nothing happened.

  • Spectators are as crazy as the drivers.

  • 2:26 Mom: Dont cry baby its rally

  • 1:30

  • safety has left the chat

  • 6:24 this guy actually crashed into a massive cement block and they were both fine.

  • 5:22 que no se note lo chileno

  • the thumbnail is the evergreen

  • Bruh I don't see what's so hard you just gotta hold shift

  • 4:30 the first time you play Dirt Rally 2.0

  • 0:52 what?

  • 3:11 *Shot on Iphone. By Linda H*

  • 1:32 just LOL 😂😂

  • Me driving to work late 0:49

  • Where is samer

  • ору с людей которые стоят там где их могут сбить. Еще есть додики фотографы которые выходят на дорогу и слепят вспышкой пилота

  • 0:52 Dude got checked by a car. Wtf

  • 1:33

  • Wait so nobody is gonna talk about 5:37?😬

  • Woooooooooot

  • This is the most European thing i’ve seen today

  • "You're breaking the car SAMIR!!"

  • Why you dont stand near a rally car

  • Sure, bring the kids. They love it. Irresponsible parents.

  • 2:50 I did a barrel roll but I must press the gas pedal because I'm in a video game not in real life.

  • 02:11 what a wanker

  • Takumi? is that you at 2:03 ?

  • 6:15 - - тормоза отказали 🤷‍♂️

  • 1:15 normal day in gta v

  • 😂imagine having an Irishman yelling at you while your trying not to slide off the road

  • 1:30 excuse me, wth

  • So is it goodluck if an onlooker gets hit?

  • 2:44-2:56 I need the outside

  • 7.11 I drive like this on GTAV

  • 2:45 Every time I play WRC on ps2

  • 05:57...👆😍✌

  • 2:22 why would you bring your kids to that spot?

  • Yo at 6:20 ish did his brakes fail or was he simply going too fast. Crazy air man

    • Brakes failed I think, you can see him stomping the pedal

  • Rally. Where the spectators have bigger balls then the drivers.

  • The 11th one be like when you think u did all ur homework but u still have to study for a test the next day

  • meanwhile USA: our cars can go straight REALLY well.

  • @ 2:11, I thought the "Jetsons" done entered the race.

  • 4:44 "Japierdole"

  • how is that "The best scenes" if someone litteraly get driven over?

  • Why are there so many people right next to the road? It seems like everyone involved in this is brain dead.

  • Rally race : F1 as street fighting : boxing ?

  • Should be called “why rally events needs audience to stand back”

  • I think rally is the only sport where spectators must be braver than the athletes.

  • 6:15 is the one I can't stop watching, absolutely insane how the brakes stop working and how much air they get after the initial impact

  • Yeah rally drivers are crazy. But have you seen the spectators?

  • 1:15 with that helicopter chasing the car that's like something you'd see during a car chase scene in an action movie.

  • Cars crashing and ramming into people are what's considered as the "best scenes of rallying"... Right

  • Some people were seriously injured in this

    • @Mr. M understandable, have a good day

    • No

  • Bro some of these clips are like an inch away from live leak

  • 1:15 is pure insanity

  • I hope all those people that was run over are okay

  • Rally: The sport that make you a real man or a real dead

    • @shingos shojiopoulos These days nothing is dangerous anymore, life is getting boring hahaha

    • Rally isn't very dangerous nowadays

  • These people stand at these guard rails like they're made out of Vibrainium coated Nokia phones with plot armor.

  • These guys aren't nothing. They. Are. Trash. You should see me in Need For Speed.

  • 2:26 it was at this moment the kid realized he was in danger and prolly never trusted his parents judgment again lol

  • the last one))

  • Дебилы по краям дорог: - Вау, я могу сдохнуть!

  • Ghetto gaming

  • The fans have way to much confidence in their saftey lol

  • vTinnitus

  • Did I actually just see a chick get hit by a car on SEnewss lmao that was pretty rough looking 0:51 edit: oh and 3:11 lol

  • 6:20 It was at that moment he knew, he fucked up.

    • It was not him that was the brakes that have fucked up

  • this sport must be banned. way too dangerous

    • It isn't dangerous. Rally cars are very safe and the spectators never get killed.

  • 5:37 He saw his ex in the crowd

  • People at rally race’s Yea I might die today, but dam this is going to be fun!

  • 2:55 *car rolls twice* *uses windshield wipers* “yeah we chillin”

  • this is madness... how are these people still alive. i mean the people watching it live

  • can it still be considered a "hit and run" if it happens during a race? 🤔

  • Franchement les mecs vous êtes graves... Allez faire du sport, ça vous changera.

  • I feel nothing for those “bystanders” that got hit, that’s just natural selection in my opinion

  • God damn I love rally. Those ultra clean drifts are so beautiful.

  • 1:29 Driver can do driving school.........

  • What cars do they use? Ik they are modified but are they made for that or they just really tuned whips

    • @shingos shojiopoulos ohh thanks for the info

    • They are modified. A car chasis built solely for rally hasn't existed for some decades now.

  • This looks like how I used to drive in gta either it would be epic, or total destruction. No in between

  • 6:07 the best moment 👍

  • Like everything else, Boomers ruined Group B for future generations.

  • 5:32 solo chilenos entenderán

  • That last one tho 😂

  • 2:21 why did he did that?

  • You don't listen to my calls, Samir!